Neat & Tangled-Itty Bitty Welcoming Committee

Hello! I’m back again with Neat & Tangled showcasing the adorable new Itty Bitty Welcoming Committee stamp set designed by Elena.<a data-flickr-embed="true"  href="" title="Neat &amp; Tangled-Purrfect"><img src="" width="611" height="640" alt="Neat &aElena designed another cutie patootie set right here. I just LOVE it when a stamp set comes with bow ties & party hats, don’t you? I kept this card pretty simple with soft, subtle Copic colors.
Neat & Tangled-Itty Bitty Welcoming CommitteeCheck out the Neat & Tangled blog to see more projects featuring this new stamp set. All new products will be available on Friday, March 11th at 8am EST. Thanks so much for looking!

52 thoughts on “Neat & Tangled-Itty Bitty Welcoming Committee

  1. Darling card! Love that the stamp set has a coordinating die too! It looks fabulous cut out and with the fun details of party hats and bow ties!

  2. Those itty bitties are incredibly darling, especially sporting their party attire! I’m crushing all over your showcase, Laura! Thank you…

  3. Awww…such cutie patooties! OMG…and they are offering up their precious blankie for the welcome. So clever and creative and wonderfully colored!

  4. Hi, Laura! Cure card! I hope that you read this: I know that you gets tons of comments on your blog so you may not remember our chat about how to glue vellum without the glue/adhesive showing through. Well, I made a card for a friend of mine and, funny how accidents turn into “wow” moments, and I was hesitant about gluing vellum on my card. I goofed on my positioning and had to re-glue the whole thing. I GOT NO GLUE SHOW THROUGH, LAURA! (Bad English) Say what? I was proud of my accident. Anyway, I just wanted to share my good fortune. ha-ha I love your card. Too cute. Have a great day.

  5. Yes all the cute little additional images like the bows and hats are really sweet in this set. Such a cute card.

  6. oh my stars!! this set is INCREDIBLE!! i loooooooove those little critters!! and the different hats!! that bird with the crown – i die!! amazing amazing! love it all! ❤

  7. Too DARN SWEET!! SQUEAL!! =) My baby sister is expecting (she’s trying to keep him in as she went into labor at 29 weeks) She’s at 34 weeks now and they are hoping she can keep him in for SEVERAL more~ Anyway, I think this set would be PERFECT for her Baby Shower Invites!!?? THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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