WOW Melt It Powder

Hi there! Today I have a fun project to share that combines a few Simon Says Stamp exclusives with some really cool WOW products.SSS-Stepping StonesI used the WOW Melt It Powder & Bluetiful embossing powder to create these delicious colored droplets. I used the Stepping Stones stamp for the background and the Big U stamps & dies for the sentiment.SSS-Stepping StonesThis is something that I’ve been wanting to try ever since I did a make and take at CHA at the WOW booth. The wonderful Marion Emberson was working the booth and that is where I fell in love after she taught me how to make one of these gorgeous rings. She has some great tutorials on the WOW youtube channel as well.WOW Melt ItHere’s a video showing how I created these embellishments with WOW Melt It Powder.Thanks so much for stopping by!


41 thoughts on “WOW Melt It Powder

  1. Ok…that’s amazing. Wonder if you made them clear could you color them with Copics? or Alcohol inks….humm You got my gears turning…thanks. BTW, if you ever need to adhere vellum and you don’t have something to cover up the adhesive, Scotch Brand makes a double sided vellum tape that really works well. The trick is to burnish it down really well and it’s invisible beneath the vellum. It’s the only product I’ve found that works as it says it will.

    Great video….thanks for always having fun ideas for us to try.

  2. Wow is the right name for it! What amazing little embellishment dots you created Laura! They are gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful 🙂 Love your ring and your experiments, and your card is gorgeous! I have used silicone moulds that I got from Etsy and sculpty clay but this looks so much easier and quicker – yay!!

  4. Went to order it all right away and the heart mold is sold out…poop! Don’t you hate when that happens!

  5. I have the Ranger Melting Pot which works basically the same way only your base powder is UTEE. You can either add colored embossing powders or colored dyes that are designed for high heat applications. You cannot add reinkers or alcohol inks though as they are unsafe for the high heat of either of these techniques. You can make clear items and color them with Copics, but you can get streaks with larger pieces; works better on dew drops. Ranger sells putty to make your own silicone molds, which is cool! And you can find so many on Etsy for cheap if you don’t want to make your own. It can be addicting, and nothing goes to waste!

  6. Great video! Thanks so much for sharing. I love making my own enamel dots, so finding new things to make them with is always a bonus. LOVE the ring you made! I think I need one in purple. ^_^ 💗💗💗

  7. Love these!! I think I will have to make me some too and I think I will be over the moon with them too!

  8. Ohh my goodness, this is amazing, so in love with this design and those wonderful dots. Now to wait for the products to come back into stock.

  9. Well, that sure was a fun video! What a cool product. I love how excited you sounded, Laura. So fun to hear your enthusiasm! Bluetiful card! ♥

  10. Laura – you are da bomb! I agree with all the comments above – WOW! is the only word for this! Can’t wait to try it – my granddaughter is just turning 4 – she is gonna LOVE one of these rings. Among my other colors, I have some WOW! Glow in the Dark powder – can’t wait to try it with this technique! Love that you can re-do it if it doesn’t come out right, too.

  11. I can just sat WOW! I saw this powder before but never thought it can be used to create awesome embellishments.
    These hearts and dots are amazing! Will definitely try those. Your card is so stylish and lovely!
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. WOW! Thanks Laura for showing this great product. Did not know about it, but now I’m thinking it would be fun to try.

  13. Love it. I just have a question.
    While I love the look I’m wondering how much weight they add to the card.
    Are the dots in this card, for example light weight or do they end up more like glass beads? I send tons (TONS) of cards in the mail, would a card like this one up the postage cost?

  14. WOW! (pun intended!) You’re an enabler, girlfriend! Can’t wait to play with this stuff. Oh, and your card is adorbs! 🙂

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