SSS-“My Favorite” Blog Hop

MY-FAVORTIE-HopHello, hello! Today I’m excited to be joining Simon Says Stamp for their My Favorite release blog hop.SSS-Birthday Wishes Frame & Cuddly CrittersMy project features the fun new Birthday Wishes Frame die, Cuddly Critters & Cuddly Critters Accessories.
SSS-Birthday Wishes Frame & Cuddly CrittersI ink blended the background using Blueprint Sketch, Mermaid Lagoon, Cracked Pistachio and Twisted Citron. Look at that sweet panda with his birthday get up!!
SSS-Birthday Wishes Frame & Cuddly CrittersHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.

Simon Says Stamp will be giving away a Simon Goody bag on every stop of the hop. Leave me a comment for your chance to win! Winners will be chosen on Monday, April 25.

Your next stop on the hop is the amazing Wanda Guess.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

What I used:

Shop the entire My Favorite release:

756 thoughts on “SSS-“My Favorite” Blog Hop

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  2. Oh, I LOVE this card! The dimension added to the sentiment and the offset layering really make this card top notch! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Laura, your cards are always stunning and this one is no exception. Cheerful and simple, i love the colours. Thanks so much for the inspiration! hugs from budapest, zsofi

  4. Laura, remember (Ok you might not be old enough) when they used to dye pistachio shells red! We had red fingers from cracking them open.

  5. Ok first of all…you cracked me up with your video…so funny! Then back to the card…thank you SO much for all the smart tips! Love the colours of the background and…bow ties ARE COOL!
    PS…Pistacchio’s ice cream IS yummy…just saying…

  6. Love the card and love your voice overs as always. Subscribed to your channel only because of your bubbly and talkative voiceovers. They always make my day 🙂

  7. That’s such a cute card, that little panda is adorable and I love the ink blending offset behind the frame.

  8. This die is one of my favourite products from the release, so it’s a treat to see how you used it on your lovely card!

  9. Very cute anyone would love to receive this on their Birthday. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am loving the videos

  10. Love the card but especially the color blending. Been working on that. Thanks for sharing and I love your rambling…hahaha! Stay blessed!

  11. Such an stinkin’ cute critter and love how you offset the colorful background from the frame! You rock Laura! My daughters and I adore all the commentary in the video, you are so funny!
    ~God bless~

  12. Those cuddly critters are so sweet! I love the way you used the frame, I need all the inspiration I can get.

  13. It’s hard to swagger when you’re sitting, but I do see what you mean. That panda is definitely ready to party!

  14. Fantabulous darling! You rock! Your videos are not only informative but they also brighten my day. Love what you have done with this card, super cute. Bravo!

  15. Very cute card ! I love the the way how you use the “negative” part of your frame to color the background. Thanks for sharing.

  16. As always, your card is awesome. And yes, so are the colors you chose. Pistachios always remind me of my childhood years…way back when they had them in red. Yum

  17. Ok, so, I’ll admit it… have the ability to always crack me up, but what I love the most is your “style” of cards (we just click)! Wait, ok, changed my mind, it’s a tie between your sunny disposition and your style….I mean, “I can’t even” LOL!

    Thanks so much Laura for all your contribution to our wonderful craft community!

  18. I love this card – AND look forward to seeing more of your designs (a new subscriber – also new to card making – soaking it all in)

  19. Thats such a beauty and yes I also like the thought of living and creating on the edge. Awesome card, beautifully blended background…

  20. Love that blended background. Talenti makes a great Pistachio gelato. The rich pistachio flavor comes through ( other brands not so much). But the containers are tiny so you may not want to share. LOL

  21. Laura, beautiful! you are always thinking out side the box, love the ink blending background, makes the happy birthday really stand out. Thanks for all your amazing ideas!

  22. Loved your video and your card! Pistachios are popular at our house too–I use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas and they have even found their way in a few Easter baskets through the years!

  23. Your videos are such a treat. I love pistachios too. My favorite pistachio ice cream is Haagen Daz. Oh yeah, love the cute ready to party panda.

  24. Love this card. It’s totally adorable. Birthday hats should always be atilt! Your videos always crack me up…no pun intended…… Love pistachios, too!

  25. love the card. you are the best. someone needs to create you a monkey stamp and die…just saying you deserve a monkey. always happy to see what you are up to and when theres a video oh my goodness it rocks my world.

  26. Super, super card and great video, love the way you off set the colored background, it really pops.

  27. Need that panda and polaroid…especially, after seeing this awesome card. The balloon color is perfect against your blended background.

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  29. Lol..panda has swag! Love the dimension! Very cute card and will bring a smile to someone! Try pistachio pudding too, yum!

  30. Oh My Gosh!! Now I ask you, just how cute is this card? I’m in love and those Cuddly Critters are my fav new stamp from SSS. So cool to see you’re like me in that I am a very asymmetrical person. I adore angles of all sorts and circles. Thanks for a wonderful video and great inspiration!

  31. Love the little Panda. Like what you did with the background and offsetting the frame…cool design!
    Paper Hugs,

  32. 1/ it’s ice cream so it has to be good anyway right? right???
    2/ way to rock the recycling for earth day 😀 using that frame and then using the other part for the inking! (if you finished inking it up you could havd used that for a sentiment on another card! 😀
    3/ I often wonder if we are related somehow….I often will say been there done that got the T shirt! LOL
    Thanks for the fabulous card and for being inspiring as always Laura!
    You rock girl!

  33. wonderful swagger to your whole card! Love your cheerful videos, always bring a smile to my lips and creative thoughts to my brain!

  34. As usual, a fabulous and colorful card, I love it (and yes, it made me smile, and guess what, I just had a pistachio ice-cream 1 hour ago….. so delicious !)

  35. I go so far back that pistachios were white. Coated in salt. The BEST!! Just like your card. So cute and I love those colors together. I can always count on you for great color combinations. Thanks for the fun video.

  36. So glad I found you on this hop. Loved your cards. Love a stamp set with an accessory set! We all love accessories! The best bonus though was you made me laugh! Swagger! Lol!

  37. I love your video and they card is soooooo cute! I have to have that frame die. Now, off to find some pistachio ice cream, yum 🙂

  38. Especially like the Panda since I’m fond of Pandas. Like the coloring & framing. Recently enjoyed a mini vacation in Washington DC where I saw the Panda cub Bei Bei. Have a BEE-utiful day!
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  39. You are a hoot! I love listening to you be real during your videos. You are uber talented with the copics… I have yet to try those, but I LOVE the distress inks and the water droplets. I get sucked in to ANY talented artist playing with distress inks! Thank you!!

  40. Love the card and the new stamps! Your ramblings and narration of your videos is truly what keeps me coming back! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Oh my gosh, Laura, this card is absolutely delightful!!! I love how you’ve coupled one of my top faves from this release, the birthday frame die with that super cute cuddley critter to make this super special card!!! It’s just wonderful and I love every happy detail!! thanks for sharing for the hop today-I’m enjoying it so much!

  42. Love your cards…but absolutely love your videos!! You have a great sense of humor and love watching them. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  43. Hi Laura, your rambling is priceless. I enjoy them as much as your cards. You are the queen of color and your panda has definite swagger! Thank you.

  44. I ALWAYS look forward to you posting a video…with or without a blog hop. 🙂 I love your style, all the way around!

  45. Love your card and video, this is such a cute stamp set and the Happy Birthday die is really cool like it alot.

  46. Such a cute card. I love the design. (Tittles? Do you think that’s where the slang term….never mind) I love your videos. Always enjoyable and always inspiring. Thanks so much.

  47. Your card is just darling! I love this new die. (And my niece just told me she loves Pandas – used to be dolphins – so I think I’ll have to get both). lol

  48. Cute cute panda perfect party hat angle! Love your card Laura. Always look forward to your videos. It’s like having a giggle with a good friend.

  49. I love your enthusiasm. I love pistachios, too. I Live in Canada and there is a Bulk Barn, that’s where I get my pistachios. They are cheaper there than the grocery store.

  50. This is the first I’ve been to your site, and I love it. I just bought some distress inks and I’m looking forward to trying them out the way you’ve used them. But I MUST buy that birthday frame…it’s so darn cute. Thanks.

  51. Oh My Gosh Girlfriend !! Fabulous card and so cute little panda bear. I always love your work and wish I could come spend a week at your house to be taught all your tricks, and to help jazz up my mojo !! 😉

  52. Pistachios ARE expensive! Love ’em though.
    Your color pops are great, but when you color your balloon to pop, it makes me nervous for the little panda guy… That balloon popping could be a surprise.

  53. What a cute card! These critters are freaking adorable! (and you must try the pistachio ice cream!)

  54. LOVE the way you have used this die cut with the shaded rectangle behind it. Really pops it perfectly! Thanks for a great idea!

  55. Such a cute card! Like the way you offset the polaroid style die cut from the colored background. Really adds a lot of interest. You were right. The panda with a party hat and balloon made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Pistachio is my favourite ice cream flavour! That gorgeous summery cool green. Yum! Love your card. What a great idea to use the scrap as a stencil!

  57. oooo how cute! my name is Amanda and I once received a card from a dear friend saying A PANDA FOR AMANDA so this completely takes me back to that time. What an exciting feeling you have brought to me through your creativity. Thank you!

  58. This card is soooo cute. Love the colors of your background. Thanks a lot for the great video and your comments :):)

  59. Another great Simon release and another great card from you! I love your videos and the little tangents sharing your family!

  60. Love your card. It’s just so cute. You’re right, nothing says “party” like a party hat & balloons! By the way, Ben & Jerry’s has the best pistachio ice cream according to my husband & he’s tried them all!

  61. Very cute card, although I always like your creations and I get such a kick out watching your videos. They make me laugh every time.

  62. Super adorable, cute little panda bear!!! Great for a toddler’s birthday or really anybody’s birthday!!

  63. Awesomeness….sorry that’s the only word that came into my head when I saw your card..hmmmm is that even a word?? Everything in this release is so adorable. Love…love love!

  64. WHAT????? You didn’t find all those tittles and glue them together too? Love this fun card and that you totally get it that it’s supposed to be fun. You rocked it! Keep the color flying. Thanks.

  65. Cute panda, however I bet he started out with a nice straight up and down centred hat… before it slipped.

  66. I love your videos and pistachio and you are just so much fun. Love your card too and I learned something new today at the age of 74. I did not know those little dots were called “tittles”. Thank you!

  67. Love your card, it is to cute. I need that birthday wishes die and like the idea of how you layered them and using spray glue. Thank you for sharing

  68. Laura you are a hoot girl! Thank you for always making me lol! I love your card and the hat on an angle rocks it!

  69. Birthday Wishes is a really useful stitched die. Luv what you did with it; makes the card more memorable with the skewed design.

  70. So so cute! Love the colors, the frame die, and how you put it all together…. and love your rambling too 😉

  71. Total cuteness with the tilted party hat lol. Yes we are a pistachio loving family too – if only they weren’t so darn expensive huh.

  72. Cute card Laura….as always I can count on you to make me feel as though I can create cards too. I finally mastered the circle rings die shaker card. Ok…with this birthday wishes frame die…I think I can….I think I can.. Gonna buy it.

  73. Hello,
    Your panda card is so cute! Can’t wait to try it.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Cathy Jordison

  74. Supercute card. And pistachio ice cream has chopped pistachio’s in it. So I guess it tastes pistachio-y.

  75. Always a bonus to get a good dose of laughter along with the fantastic techniques and ideas. Keep the stories coming 😉

  76. So your card is just adorable!! Love your inking and the way you “cocked” your card a little. You are so much fun to listen to & you are so creatively talented!!

  77. I love love love your color combos and it just brought out the “Birthday Wishes Poloroid”. “Pop it and lock it”? “got the t-shirt for it”? I’m ROTFL!!! I do love the tip for dimension with the spray adhesive. “Cock it to the side!” I so subscribed!!!! I’m ROTFL… I have no clue if pistachio ice cream tastes like pistachios… Have Charlie make a video taste test and let us know!!!!

  78. Such a lovely design!! A new video from you is always exciting! Listening to you is just pure joy 🙂

  79. I love your videos! I know I say it every time but you don’t remember me so I’ll keep on saying it! This card is adorable! I love the colors and the cocked hat (hehe) and even the tiddles! So toodles!

  80. Adorable card, Laura, and such a fun video! Love the ink blending at an angle “kitty wompas” to the birthday frame. You’ve convinced me I need spray adhesive with a box to spray into. 😀

  81. Love your card… Love that you make it look easy enough for me to try it… Love your personality that makes watching you create so much fun… Thanks for sharing and have a great day! 🙂

  82. Laura, just listened to your Crafty Chat over at OCC and I loved it!! Your cards are just one reason I watch your videos, your sense of humor and chatter are another reason. You’re in central IL, I’m in the NW burbs of Chicago. Would be fun to stamp together! I’m assuming you use your spray adhesive indoors? I bought some and I’ve tried it and it’s great, but I feel like I should take it outside, but I’m too lazy!! LOL!

  83. What a sweet card! I love the contrast of your sweet panda with the bright colors behind your “Polaroid” birthday greeting! Thanks for sharing!

  84. Love your card as always! Great colors and the panda is sooooo cute! I need to work on the ink blending technique, you make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  85. First off my finger is tired from scrolling down to leave my comment… You really make the process of card making funny with your chatter , but your creations are all so super .
    Thing is you make it look so darn easy … Which shows your level of talent 👍🏻🌟

  86. I have not once seen a panda wear his party hat straight on… I had assumed they all preferred to wear them cocked!!! See, you learn something new every day 😉 Pistachios don’t last long in my house either and I only have 1 kid… but he gets a little help from Mom & Dad making them disappear. Super cute card!!!

  87. I wanted that Birthday Wishes Frame die so bad but it is all gone!! I’ll have to wait, as usual?? They never seem to have enough. Oh well! Your work is great keeping helping us out with your inspiring work. Thanks, Denise

  88. As soon as I see your name listed on a blog hop, I can’t wait to stop by and see what you have created! Your projects and videos always put a smile on my face!

  89. Your panda really stands out against your colorful background. He really is ready for a party. I love your card. Jil

  90. The pistachio problem is real…
    Love them, don’t love the shell trail left behind by my little people.
    Your panda wears his party hat well! Beautiful card as per usual. Thanks for sharing!

  91. OMG! I love this card…everything about it…the colors, the ink blending and of course the panda’s party hat! WOWZA! Thanks so much for sharing.

  92. But Laura your rambling is you at your bestest !!! That’s what I love about listening to your voice in your videos – you’re at your funniest when it’s not even scripted, it’s just you being your unique and hilarious self! Gonna hafta get me some o’ that spray adhesive for sure!!!!!!!

    Your ADORABLE panda card and video are FANTABULOUS and make me SMILE 🙂
    THANK YOU for sharing with us Laura!!!
    PS – I’ve never tried pistachio icecream, hope it tastes delicious

  94. Love your video commentary style 😉 Deceptively simple card! Great colour combos and composition made to look as easy as pie 🙂 Keep up the awesome work

  95. Great video and awesome card. I like how you slanted the photo frame…I guess I like to live on the edge :o)

  96. Love pistachios. Never tasted the ice cream though. And your Panda is looking like he’s ready to party. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card and your story. 🙂

  97. Here’s the thing: although I always love your cards and this one is darling, I really love listening to you on your videos!!! What a treat! You offer great tips, inspiration, and lots of daily life. Thank you!

  98. What a fun card! Love watching your video and am so excited about the cute new SSS release.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  99. Fantastic card. This blog hop is making it very difficult for me to stick to my budget this month. I need it all!

  100. HA! You’re so funny and yes pistachio ice cream does taste like pistachio especially the expensive brands it’s delicious they won’t b disappointed I promise but that card, it is awesome a birthday panda with swagger, love it!

  101. Very cute!

    I have a question……..when you were done ink blending the background, you pulled out a little tube of something and flicked it on with a brush. What was that?

  102. Once again, you’ve created such a beautifully blended card. I’m definitely going to purchase this birthday die. Thanks for the video, Laura 🙂

  103. The card is adorable! Absolutely love watching your videos. They always make me feel like we are hanging out in the kitchen crafting together!

  104. Laura, I just love your “swaggering” panda, with his jaunty party hat! Great job on the ink blending–as always–love your color choices. Thanks for the video, too–always a great thing for me! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  105. Beautiful blending as ever! Love the colours! And I too love pistachios Why oh why are they so expensive??? 🙂

  106. This card is adorable! However I don’t have a die cutter so I can’t do a lot of this card but I love how you did it. The birthday person will love this card when they get it. I know I would because I just celebrated a birthday on Thurs. the 21st. I’m already 4 days older then I was on the 20th! LOL

  107. What a FABULOUS release! Can I say it’s “my favorite”?! LOL! That pandy is so cute and cuddly. I love how you cut the die from foam! Thanks for sharing! – Suzanne

  108. Your videos make me smile. My husband even likes to here your comments. Thank you for sharing. Adorable card.

  109. Your card is cheery as always! And you are the queen of ink blending! Thanks for the inspiration and the fun video. Off to grab some pistachios!

  110. I love how you put your card together–this is an amazing die–the Happy Birthday die! It is going to be a must!

  111. I think pistachio ice cream is too cold to taste like pistachios – it has a great colour though! Love your card too!

  112. What a great card! My daughter loves pandas. I’m going to have to get this set and make it for her. Thanks for the inspiration.

  113. Laura, Laura, Laura !! Great card. Fun, Cute, Colorful and so enjoyable to watch video. You are the best in my book.

  114. My first time to your blog and I loved watching you make your card and hearing you talk to us. Loved those pearls too they are new to me!

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