SSS-Fun with Embossing Folders

Hello! Just popping in to share a little sneak of one of my three project that are over on the Simon Says Stamp blog using some fun Richard Garay Embossing folders & the new Painted Friend die.SSS-Painted FriendYou can see the full post & video over on the Simon Says Stamp blog. Thanks so much for looking!


15 thoughts on “SSS-Fun with Embossing Folders

  1. Left ya some love on SSS, but had to come leave ya some personally, lol. I get that from my husband, are you making anything goooood for dinner???? So happy that your tittles are crooked….oh my that sounds a bit risque! Thanks for the giggles

  2. Just finished watching the video. I bet you picked those embossing folders because of their colourful packaging, right? Have to admit they are awesome, though, just like your cards.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with your stories. I could certainly use some relief after working my butt off for the last few days trying to turn someone else’s translation mess into something decent. I had better get back to work to finish it…
    Marianne x

  3. Laura, I absolutely am in love with the pinwheel folder as well as your stories. Have fun with your babies.

  4. Oh my goodness – I love your stories as much as I love your cards! Love, love, love the one with rosettes! I am sure your summers are exciting with your kiddos home – enjoy!!

  5. PS My very first thought when I saw your card was of rosette party decorations…I’ve made a ton from small to huge, and I love that the folder creates the same look. I smiled when you mentioned them on your video. Loved all three cards by the way.

  6. This is such a fun project…I love it! Your cards look so pretty with all that great color, Laura! Thank you so much for another great video! I’ll bet Charlie wasn’t the only ‘boy’ who didn’t know his teachers’ favorite color…Bless his little heart!

  7. OMG! I was in the groove of your video and was so sorry to see it END!!! Like watching a terrific movie and getting to the end of it….and wanting more…more….MORE!!! LOL! I love your creations and YOU! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your family and life with all of us.

  8. Great job all the way. I laughed and laughed not at you but feel the same. Almost need a small grocery store in the backyard when schools out.

  9. Laura, I saw your other cards that your made with this one, but this one is hands down my favorite! You always ROCK such great colors! You inspire me to do more! AWESOME!!

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