Mama Elephant-Rowdy Raccoons

Hi there! Today I’m sharing this project over on the Mama Elephant blog featuring the adorable new Rowdy Raccoons stamp set.Mama Elephant-Rowdy RaccoonsThese raccoons are so darn cute and I am not even remotely close to being a raccoon fan, but man oh man, when you put one on a red wagon and a flag in his Β hand…I’m a goner:)
Mama Elephant-Rowdy RaccoonsI used that same flag image that the raccoon is holding to create my fun party banner in the top left corner.
Mama Elephant-Rowdy RaccoonsHere’s a video to show how I made this card. Emma helped me out a little bit on the voice over:)
Thanks so much for stopping by!


32 thoughts on “Mama Elephant-Rowdy Raccoons

  1. Emma was absolutely adorable!!!! She did a fantastic job!!! Adorable card too!!!!

    One of the things about where we live in Northern Illinois is we don’t see the raccoons around our house much. Everything is so built up. Occasionally we’ll have one roam the neighborhood at night, but it’s a lot different up here than where I grew up. All my family is about 45 minutes from you and the raccoons were abundant, along with the possums too!

  2. Emma evens sounds like you! Fun video with her helping – she definitely has a future in the industry!
    Darling card. Thank you, Laura.

  3. Hearing that little voice just made my day! I have 4 kids but the youngest is 15 so I miss those sweet days of childhood! Thank you so much for taking me back. Oh and yeah your card is da bomb.

  4. Love your videos…….they put a smile on my face!!!!!! Love your talent and cheery personality!!!!

  5. Great card usual! And Emma did such a great job! Do we have a future card maker? I live in Northern Maine and we have pretty much every animal there is including Raccoons . My sister-in-law names them and feeds them! Not me-I don’t want them hanging around.

  6. What a cute card. It is nice you let your daughter assist in you card making it teaches her a lot. Love the raccoons.

  7. Such a CUTE card, Laura! Love your Copic coloring, and ink blending so much…WOW! Thanks again for another great video…it was really fun hearing Emma’s sweet voice πŸ™‚

  8. Laura – I think you have a professional narrator in the works there! Nice job, Emma!
    But the Mama Elephant raccoons are the star of the show – naturally. Gotta have ’em. My last name sounds a little like “raccoon” to my grandkids’ ears, so I’m officially “Granny Raccoon” in our family… well, how can I NOT buy every raccoon stamp set ever sold?! Thanks for showcasing these rowdy guys!
    P.S. Emma was right – you really are a good colorer!

  9. Laura, I love your card, I love your assistant she is very professional, Great job Emma!!! I just finished watching you video and I run to buy this stamp set. You are amazing good I love all your cards and I love when you are making them all your talking is always fun and always makes me smile and sometime laugh. Thank you for being and awesome and kind person the world need more Laura . Have an awesome day Leticia Seaman

  10. Emma just warms my second-grade-teacher heart!! β™₯ She is a wonderful storyteller, just like her mom. It’s easy to see that she has grown up watching you create, Laura! What a great team! πŸ™‚ Your card is adorable. The rainbow banner was the perfect touch of happy, rainbow colors! β™‘

  11. I don’t know what is cuter – your card or Emma’s voiceover! We don’t have racoons in New Zealand so I think they’re cute – from a distance πŸ™‚

  12. Hahaha! Such a fun card!
    Great inking and coloring as usual!
    I’m a huge racoon fan! Wish I could have one as a pet πŸ™‚

  13. Could Emma possibly be more adorable? I don’t think so! We love watching the antics of the raccoons that come to our yard every night to eat the bird seed that has fallen to the ground from our 5 feeding stations. Raccoons really ARE rowdy. πŸ™‚

  14. As cute and adorable as your card is, Emma was even more so. My, she made my laugh! Thank you Emma and Laura!

  15. Great job, Miss Emma! You are a great storyteller, just like your mom! The raccoons at my house always empty the liquid from my hummingbird feeder. My 5 year old niece made a sign to hang on the feeder that said “No Raccoons allowed,” but apparently they don’t know how to read because they came and emptied it again!

  16. Both you and Emma are totally adorable – what a cutie – she had me giggling. Love the colourful banner – it does make the card I think.

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