SSS-August Card Kit

August-2016-Card-Kit-600x487 (1)Hello there! Today I have a project featuring the awesome new August Card Kit by Simon Says Stamp. I love how this kit includes so many fun things to work with: a die, a mini stencil, motif resist papers, mini ink cubes….so many options for one kit!SSS-August Card KitFor my background I used one of the coolest little Motif resist papers by Tim Holtz that come in the kit. I blended in Chipped Sapphire, which also comes in the kit, Mermaid Lagoon and Cracked Pistachio to create this fun hexagon pattern. I also flicked some water using my Mini Mister.
SSS-August Card KitFor the star, I blended Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade & Picked Raspberry onto some Neenah Solar White cardstock. Then I die cut the fun Vented Star die and fussy cut the outer star shape. The embossed sentiment is from the Seeing Stars stamp set, included in the kit as well. You can see more about this month’s kit over on the Simon Says Stamp blog.
There’s always a couple of little goodies that come in the kit that I already have, and I just can’t bare to let them go to waste. I have a Vented Star die & the Festive Berries ink cube that’s waiting for a loving home:) Leave me a comment for your chance to win…please answer me this one question for your comment: What word die would you love to see out there in the card making world? Example: hello, love, just because….it can be anything under the sun that you would love to use…What do you think would make a great word die? I would LOVE to make a pie chart with your results, ha!


100 thoughts on “SSS-August Card Kit

  1. Laura, there may already be a die but the word I would use is BLESSED in a painter’s style font.

  2. I would love to have s word die that simply says “peace.”
    And I have to tell you that I love your card! The colors are great together, and the star really makes a statement. I would be so delighted to win the die since I cannot get the kit this month.
    Thank you for offering a giveaway!

  3. So many more words seem to have made it to pretty dies lately….
    Awesome, Thanks, Hello, Love, Hugs, Kindness, Gratitude, Fabulous
    Hugz would be fun; Thankful seems like it would be useful.

  4. I would love to see a word die that says “Paradise”.

    Your card is stunning!!! The shaded colors in the background truly highlight the gorgeous star and sentiment. I love all the stars in Simon’s new card kit!

  5. Your card is awesome and very inviting for anyone. Love the coloring on the background and the sentiment. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Your card is beautiful! Love the star! I think I’d like a die that says grateful or peace. There may already be dies like this and I just haven’t searched for them yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I would love a word die that says, “Missing You.” Our children, grandson, and all my siblings live at least 8 hours away. This would be great for cards for them.

    Your card is so pretty. You make awesome look so easy!

  8. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your extra goodies! I would like to see “belated” in a word die.
    It would need to be small and written in a cursive font. (No quotations on it tho🤗).

  9. Love your card. As usual, your ink blending is impeccable. Can you come to my house for a private lesson? I need help. I think I worry about getting it on my hands too much.

    Are there any words left to put on a die? Maybe a script Hi.

  10. Even though it’s two words, just have to suggest, “heaven sent”. Would be great for baby cards, baby announcement, as an addition to blessings, love, etc.

  11. Love your card & the way you always seem to color so beautifully. How about a word die for JUST SAYING.

  12. My first thought was SURPRISE I can think of several ways to use it. Can’t believe you aren’t keeping festive berries it is such a pretty color

  13. Thanks for the giveaway Laura! There are so many word dies that I’d like to see manufactured. Plus I would like to see most of the currently manufactured sentiments in smaller, classic fonts.

  14. Love your adaptation to the slotted star die! As for a word die, I thought “Hi there” or “Well hello” but a previous comment swayed my choice to “Just saying” which suits you perfectly!

  15. I would love to have the word “WOW” Like WOW it’s your birthday! Or WOW you did it! Or WOW you’re how old? I guess it could be turned upside down to be MOM too lol

  16. Super cute card! I love that vented star die. As far as a desired sentiment die, I’d love to see a “cherished” or “spectacular” die. Thank you for the chance to win such fun goodies.

  17. What a great card kit!! Always LOVE your blog posts and inspiration:) I have a habit of calling people sweetie so it would be fun if there was a die out there That said that:)

  18. I would love to see a die I could use as a background for grandparent cards. Maybe the words sweet, or loving.

  19. Love, love, love your ink blending, Laura! Sentiment dies are my very favorite. I would love to see a die that says ‘Scatter kindness.’ Our world needs so much more kindness! ♡

  20. Beautiful card, Laura! Inking just a portion of the resist paper is such a great idea! I would love a small lower case die: xoxoxo My kids and I always put this at the end of our texts to each other.

  21. What a beautiful card! It’s so colorful. I can’t believe you fussy cut the star, it looks perfect! Did you trace the die to get it so perfect? Truly a fun card and I admire your talent/creativity. TFS

  22. Such a sweet card. I so love your coloring. Your work is always so beautiful. I just love word dies and I think my fav is Believe. For inspirational cards saying believe in yourself.

  23. Another great card, Laura! I’d like to see Beauty as a word die. Uses such as “is all around you”, “Life is full of”, etc. Thanks for the chance to win the die and inkpad.

  24. Love your card!!! This star die is my favorite from the kit!! “Fantastic” in a brush font!!! Thanks Laura!!

  25. You created a wonderful card as usual with your impeccable coloring. I thinkI would like to see BECAUSE OF YOU but that is more than one word.

  26. May have to steal your idea here…cute card! I would like word dies “hey” and “girlfriend” since I make alot of friends cards. It could be a set like hey and there, hey dude, hey baby, etc…

  27. I would love to see a “YOU’RE” word die. If there already is one, please let me know! It can be paired with so many other word dies already out there….

  28. I haven’t seen a die word that says OOOPS! More often than not we need to let someone that we screwed up or belated birthday. Now BELATED is another one. Do I get 2 chances at winning? Lol

  29. Gorgeous card…this kit is amazing. I especially love how it has many masculine elements. I would like to see the word “Grateful” or “blessed” as a word die.

  30. Your card is amazing. Love all your creations. I live in Hawaii so would love to have a Aloha word die.

  31. Thanks for the chance to win your extra goodies. If I could choose a word die, I would pick “Hello, Sunshine” for a nice cheery greeting.

  32. Such a great kit! And your card is amazing!!!
    Your question is so hard. As there are so many amazing dies..
    I think I will go with belated. Have to admit, I have a need in this sentiment too often

  33. As there are many hello dies out there already, but that could be used for many occasions. Hooray would also make a great die.

  34. This is such a pretty card!! I LOVE the star die cut and the shading that you did!! As for a die? Hmmm, “hope” or on the fun side-Chill with a mini stamp set of words to go with it.

  35. Love your inspirational card; and you managed to incorporate a rainbow…I see it, anyway!
    I’d like to see the word HOME.In big chunky letters that you could put a roof and chimney on. Many possibilities for use in scrapbooking as well as card-making. Is where your heart is; is wherever you are; for the holidays; no place like; -run…

  36. Your talent and inspiration are so appreciated. I would love to see a stamp that says: You are my CHILD although you are GROWN. My wish for you is to live some, if not all your DREAMS in your lifetime. The capitalized words would be dies. Thanks for asking.

  37. Gorgeous card, Laura! The bright and vivid contrast between the star and the awesome background is stunning.

    I would love to see a word die that says “sweet” as it could be extremely versatile. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  38. I’m not sure if they may already be out there, but I’d like to see dies for Grandma and Grandpa, in a really cute font. Guess why, ha ha! Laura, can you help make this happen? 🙂

  39. Love your card and your videos! I look forward to checking out you blog every day. Word dies? Maybe “coffee”.

  40. Laura, I always had a ritual, at bedtime, with my kids, when they were little, I would say Love you more, they would say Love you more and on and on until we laughed. They are grown now and it warms my heart when one of them says Mom, Love you more!!!, So I guess a Love You More stamp would be nice.

  41. You are such a generous soul….thank you for the chance at your goodies. I would love to see DUDE as a word die cut….I live in a nearly all male world and would use that quite a bit on my projects and cards and I do not believe I have seen it out there at all.

  42. Always love your cards. I think maybe my ink blending is getting a bit better….I adore word dies and would like to see “Just sayin'” and “Feel better” since sometimes Get well isn’t appropriate. I’m sure that once I post this I’ll think of others that I’d like!

  43. I would like a word die that says “you got this girl” to encourage a friend. Love your cards. Thanks

  44. Gorgeous card, I love the resist effect you did! I would like any of the following: Peace, Blessed, Moments, Travel, Destination, Spooky, Heart, Baby.

  45. I have been wanting a die that has Father’s and Mother’s with the apostrophe attached. Nobody has them.

  46. hmm….. that’s tough since so many great word dies are already out there. a DUDE! might be cute since my son says that all the time…. 🙂

  47. hm…there are too many words to choose from! i kinda like the idea of something a little less kosher and a little more playful. like “spunky” or “funnest.” things like that

  48. I would like a die with the danish word: yndlings (loosely(?) translated to:favorite). It could be useful for so many cards: favorite boyfriend/husband/sister/mum/day/baby etc

  49. I think this star vent die is so fun! I would love to win. I have a lot of word dies and I use them ALOT but I would love to own one that says “Just Because.” So many ways to use that one.

  50. I would love a word die that says: SUNNY. Maybe there already is one. I would put it together on cards with sentiments like “You make my day….” and “Sending……..wishes for a beautiful day” and things like that. Thanks for the chance to win that wonderful vented star and the ink pad!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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  52. Love your card! I love one word dies. Now that I’ve said that i’d love “just saying”. I know two words!! ;). I’d also like a big “hi” in a brush stroke font! Thanks for chance to win.

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