18 thoughts on “SSS-Hydrangea Petals

  1. Love!

    And thank you so much for the birthday card. I loved it when I saw it on your blog and love it even more now that it is part of my collection of cards from you. I treasure them all. And our friendship. Thank you


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  3. Beautiful – and great video ;-P I have these “less energetic” tendencies at times (errrr, lots of times actually – lol)!

  4. Love these, want these, gonna get me some these!!! Awesome florals! Love your blending, but also your choice of colors! Mine blending needs work! Either I use incorrect pressure, fail due to using “cubes” instead of ink pads or just inept, this is something that you keep inspiring me to work on!

  5. Be still, my heart! Anytime you blend your inks, I just swoon, Laura! Off I go to check out this beauty!

  6. Laura, I love your videos! I can’t decide what I like most … the cards, the jokes or your wonderful voice. Keep up the inspiring work!

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