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STAMPtember 600x264 Blog HopHi there! So excited to be a part of the STAMPtember® Blog Hop!
SSS-You MatterI have a couple of projects featuring the You Matter products. For this first one I used my favorite “smoothing” technique on the background.
SSS-You MatterFor this second card I die cut the “You“right into the front of the card.
SSS-You Matter
This is a fantastic way to show off both sides of double-sided pattern paper.
SSS-You MatterHere’s a video showing how I made both cards.Simon Says Stamp is having a HUGE dream craft room giveaway!!! You can register to win HERE!dreamcraftroom
Here is the full blog hop order:
Simon Says Stamp Blog
Kristina Werner
Jennifer McGuire
Shari Carroll
Nina-Marie Trapani
Laura Bassen←you are here!
Debby Hughes
Yoonsun Hur
Wanda Guess
Suzy Plantamura
Yana Smakula
Amy Rysavy
Lorraine Aquilina
Kathy Racoosin
Kelly Latevola
Sarah Moerman
Heather Ruwe
Heather Hoffman
Nichol Spohrs
Thanks so much for stopping by!

353 thoughts on “STAMPtember® Blog Hop

  1. As always, you’ve created two fabulous cards! I can’t even decide which one I like better; they are both wonderfully encouraging, cheerful cards! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Oh, I just love the technique you did for the BG of the first card. What a beautiful card! Love the colors, too. I also like the idea of the 2nd card, using front & back of double sided paper.

  3. I always struggle making birthday cards for men and the styles and colors of your cards would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  4. First HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! you’re such an inspiration and you always brighten my day with your vids… and rainbow cards!
    Second, I fell in love with this set first, the moment I laid eyes on it… I saw it I loved it, I shared the release with a friend and she agreed…she LOVED this set too! The BG is soooo fabulous and the stamp and die…well it says it all!! I always make my little girl inspirational cards for her lunch especially on test days and these are PERRRFECT! Thank you so much for the inspiration and designing this fab set and again…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! 😀

  5. “You Matter” will be in my cart shortly. Love the font and the sentiments! Happy Birthday to you and Heidi, what a fun video to watch.

  6. Happy Birthday Laura!! Will never be able to have enough videos to watch from you…you are just hilarious…keep them coming always!! Beautiful cards..especially love your smooshing card!

  7. Happy Birthday Laura! Love your cards as usual. But the distress watercolor background is stunning. Love it and you!

  8. Love the smooshing! The smooshing looks too beautiful to be that easy! And the smooshing gives an awesome finished result! There…more smooshing! Also, the struggle is real! Get so bored making the same things for supper! I think my daughter is going to turn into a chicken nugget! And don’t let any food touch any other food. The world might come to an end! Just eat already!! Loved the video

  9. Happiest Birthday, dear Laura! I just love the smooshed watercolors over the You Matter background. Congratulations on designing these heartwarming You Matter products. I need them!! Have a great weekend, Laura!! ♡

  10. I was going to try to resist buying anything, (since I’ve had packages coming left and right for the past month!) but you just ruined it for me! I LOVE the whole YOU shebang, background, stamp set and die cuts; gotta have them! Happy, Happy Birthday Laura and thank you for all YOU do for us!

  11. Wow I really like your first card the best, so pretty. I ordered the whole set after I saw your first card, I think you did an awesome job designing the set. I can not wait to get them so I can start creating awesome cards!!

  12. HAPPY Birthday Laura!!
    it is my eldest son’s B-day today too..he has become 29…
    LOVE your first card …my colors too and love the design and the set you it!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Laura! Love your videos and your blog, and these cards – gorgeous! This is a pretty cool Stamptember release for sure!

  14. I LOVE your background stamp. Great job on that one. Always love your videos as well. You ooze enthusiasm and joy and make me laugh. Have a fantastic Birthday!!

  15. Laura, your cards are SO very lovely … especially love the watercolor one … and thank you for taking time to make the how to video … so appreciate that!

  16. WhooHoo! Wow you’ve done it again – hit it out of the park! Great cards, you are one of my favorite Design Artist! Please keep up the inspiration. Thank, Denise

  17. Happy Birthday Laura!! Love your videos and Love your cards! You are a true joy to watch and listen too! I am in love with the color combination you used for your ‘smooshing’. Will be using it on my next card for sure. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration to pull out some of that patterned paper I am hoarding. 😀

  18. Happy Birthday! ! Love! Love these cards! Love the smooshing technique! What is the spray you used ? Just water ? Now I want this set !!! Thank you for sharing ! !

  19. Happy Birthday, Laura! You are the best! Love your cards and the brightness that you do. Loved this new set the first moment I saw it. Thanks for making a sharing such a goodie!

  20. Well, you’ve, once again, rocked the cards. And here’s your gold star for trying to break out of the dinner doldrums. Sorry, it didn’t work out. Happy Birthday…hope this day and this year are everything you hope for.

  21. What a wonderful video, not only for showcasing the new Simon Says Stamp products (and making me want to try the smooching technique..Laura style..again ), but also for the great use of the printed card stock! And finally the fun Happy Birthday to Heidi. BTW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 🙂

  22. Love your smooshing card and diecut card! Happy Birthday! How cool to have the same birthday as Heidi! Enjoy your day sweet lady.

  23. Happy Birthday Laura. Loved your cards and the You Matter stamp & die set and the background stamp. Thank you for making the video, sharing your ideas & techniques, and being part of this awesome stamptember blog hop giveaway.

  24. Laura, I could listen to you all day. Love the laugh, it really brightens my day. Happy Birthday to you and Heidi. Thanks for sharing with us.

  25. Aw, I knew you would make me laugh! Thank you! PS Heidi doesn’t look like a monkey — so funny!!! Your family’s great! Love the video and techniques. Really want to try them out 😀

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  27. Love your card and those colors! I can’t wait to get this background stamp. I’m sending you Happy Birthdays wishes and I have to say I love your family – what fun they are!

  28. Happy Birthday Laura and Heidi!!!!!! You both deserve the Best Day Ever!!! Love your cards Laura!! Already ordered my You Matter set!!!

  29. Love your choice of smooshing colors — and all you do. Especially loved the warmth and sweetness of your family birthday wishes to Heidi. Too sweet. . .

  30. Happy birthday, Laura! Love your stamps and die cut! Great design! Your cards are inspirational. Can’t wait try both techniques. Thanks!

  31. You outdid yourself again, Laura! Love the use of the patterned paper, gives me inspiration to stretch my existing supplies 🙂

  32. Wishing you the happiest Happy Birthday, Laura … may you be blessed with love and laughter always! Thanks for another wonderful video … and for all your enthusiasm and energy … it’s a joy to visit you! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  33. First of all : happy birthday to you ! Then, of course, your cards are awesome. Your birthday did not change your creativity…. ;-))

  34. Happy Birthday Miss Laura! What fun that it’s your day and we are having an awesome hop. Love both versions but I agree, what a great way to show off your double side papers. Thanks so much and party on!!!!

  35. Laura, I love both your cards! I love your food stories, too. I must say, I’m with your family on casserole-type dishes. I have a definition for a casserole, but I won’t share it here. 😉 May you have a very happy birthday, and many MANY more to come! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  36. Happy Birthday it’s also our granddaughter’s 8th birthday and in 2 days our son’s birthday humm 35 I believe. Anyways I did count like 12 smushings mentioned throughout the video but who’s counting right lol. Thanks for a wonderful video.

  37. Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you have a happy monkey day! lol
    Love your cards. Obviously, I love your first card, because it’s a Laura card, but I also love your quick peek-a-boo card. Such a great idea to used up some of those pretty but neglected papers. And finally: congratulations on your first stamp and die desigs. Well done!
    Marianne x

  38. OMG the funniest rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever seen…….. your whole family is as cooky as you are. Lol. Happiest of Birthdays to you and Thank you for all you humor, cards and video.

  39. I like the little video at the end. Fabulous cards especially the one where you used the pattern paper. I also love your ink smooshing.

  40. Happy Birthday Laura!!! I so enjoy your tutorials, I learn so much from you and you have such a great, down to earth personality, you really are a so much fun to listen too and learn from . Also congratulations on your Awesome YOU background stamp, stamp and die set, I love what you have said on it and I can only imagine what a fantastic feeling it must be to have your own thoughts and design made into stamps and a die, woo whoo for you :)!!!

  41. Laura, Love your cards, they’re so coooool. Great colors & layout. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. 😊

  42. I have never smooshed, but after watching you smoosh & seeing the beautiful results, my next project will be a smooshing one. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  43. Happy Birthday Laura !! have a great day !! I’m in love with your first card. The colors of the background are amazing.

  44. Happy Birthday – and we got the gift – what great tips on both card – off to put some more things in my SSS cart thanks to you!

  45. Hi LautaFedora,
    Your cards are always amazing and these are no different!!! May I buy some of your creativity???? I think you have way more than you need!! LOL !! Thanks for sharing!

  46. Happy Birthday Laura, hope you had a fabulous day!! Your cards are beautiful and you always make it so much fun, thank you.

  47. Really love that Distress color combo for the ink smooshing! Happy birthday to you and Heidi! And A+ for your family’s performance 😀🎶

  48. Happy happy birthday, Laura!! I haven’t smooshed ink in a while, I should do that soon! Thanks for inspiring as always.

  49. Beautiful cards! I love everything the Watercolor card and colors. Great video and amazing creativity. And a very Happy Birthday to you!

  50. Just love, love this triple package. Fantastic cards. My favorite is the first card & my favorite of the September release is the the set you helped design & showcase today. Great job.

  51. Happy happy birthday Laura! My birthday was Tuesday. I love this stamp and die set — it was the first thing in my shopping card! Both cards are wonderful — I always enjoy your smushing technique and the background, sentiment and dies are great!

  52. Love this stamp set, Laura. First release= huge success! These cards are terrific. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of double sided card stock for a card- simple genius. And SSS- thanks for Stamptember.

  53. Smooshing is a favorite of mine and so is this You release!!! I gotta have it for all the cool ways to send messages of love and that we matter in this world! Happy Birthday girlie!

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  55. You make creating FUN! Your videos are a hoot plus informative! First I love this encouraging set you designed! It’s a big hit! Second, love how you used the double sided papers! That helped with the anxiety of choosing! And, third, I’ve never made a recipe from Pinterest that I liked!! Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday!!

  56. Love, Love watching your videos. They always put a smile on my face, you are so down to earth! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!!

  57. Only day three and already I want so much. The You Matter background stamp will be one for my stash. Thank you for sharing your lovely cards!

  58. Love the watercolor! This stamp/die set is at the top of my list. I see everyone is wishing you a happy birthday, so…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just celebrated the 19th anniversary of my 39th birthday on the first. LOL

  59. Oh Laura, you crack me up when I watch your videos. My kids are grown now but I too use to try new recipes and the flops well they too definitely let me know. I had to throw those left overs away. Haha. Anyways, congratulations on designing your new stamps and dies. This set is a must have for me. TFS.

  60. Love the smooshing over the embossed background! Great technique. I’m learning so many new background ideas it’s fabulous. Great cards Laura!

  61. Laura, I somehow never heard of you (new to the world of blogging) but am now in the know and am subscribed to follow you. You have great talent and a great personality! Your cards were fun. Who doesn’t have double sided paper with both sides loved? Now a solution of how to use! And I love your smushing technique! I can’t wait to try that technique, too! How exciting that you designed that stamp and die set! Congrats. Before I even saw your blog, I had added it to my cart. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Happy Birthday! I’m sure you had fun with a “back up group” like you have in the video! Oh, how I love smooshing, and you did it beautifully. What a lovely combo of colors. Interesting technique on the 2nd card, too, though I may have put them the other way. Very fresh and fun, though. How nice to see your handwriting available for us all to share in. It’s beautiful.

  63. Leah,
    I love the look of both cards!
    But my favorite is the beautiful water color card.
    I also love the idea of using double sided paper like you did on your second card.
    Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  64. Awesome video…especially the end, HB to Laura and Heidi. Love your cards and enjoyed watching the smooching technique, a technique I really will need to try.

  65. Happy Birthday to you too and congratulations on your design. It’s my most favorite. I haven’t tried smooshing yet, but I might have to figure out a way to do it when I get this set!!! Thanks for all you do. PS–I would love to try your new recipe!!!

  66. I really love the first card of you
    the background is stunning
    I really love the black sentiement and the BIG WHITE YOU
    I wish I can get a card from you one day…
    could we SWAP Card miss lady..
    my mail addy is monik1973 at yahoo dot com

  67. I truly love your first card design where you did the smooching of colors, whch the choices of colors were perfect.

  68. YOU are SO TALENTED and FUN Laura!!!
    LOVE your cards, the sentiment window is COOL and your inky panel a DELIGHT, BOTH INSPIRE!!! THANK YOU for sharing 🙂

  69. Oh, Laura-I have learned to expect the unexpected while watching your videos, they always, always put a smile on my face! Happy belated birthday! Oh ya- great cards too!

  70. I like KW’s smooshing technique too. And happy birthday.
    BTW – I always like the unexpectedness of your videos. 🙂

  71. Good to be able to use both sides of double-sided paper.
    Sometimes it’s hard to decide which to make the main side –
    now you can use both.
    thanks for sharing a wonderful card.

  72. I have said this before and I will say it again, I LOVE when you do videos!! I can’t help but smile and laugh when I am watching them! You make the most amazing cards AND we never know what you are going to say next! I love that about you!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  73. Happy Birthday! I love both your cards and this background stamp is my favorite of the entire Stamptember release – thanks for creating it!

  74. First, I have to say thank you so much for the You Matter background stamp. I read it when the release went live and just had to buy the set because it is so amazing. Love the way you smoosh and the new way to look at my patterned paper. Both cards are beautiful and I always love watching your videos. Hope you had a fun Happy Birthday!

  75. So glad I visited today, when I’m in much need of a spirit boost! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you (belated)! Your family’s singing: too precious! Your video: engaging, as always; your cards, gorgeous! Feeling much sunnier and smiley-er for having dropped in. Thank you!

  76. So many great ideas in your video – can’t wait to try “smooshing!” I love the You Matter products; congratulations on your contribution. And Happy Birthday!

  77. Congratulations on your new stamp and die set! They look great! Very creative cards, and the audio is always interesting. The happy birthday video clip from you and your family to Heidi was hysterical!

  78. I really love that first card, especially the color but also the second card with a new way to use that 2 sided paper.

  79. Very beautiful cards ! I especially love the first one, those colors are so gorgeous and I love the ink resist text on the background. Thanks so much for sharing and for the chance to win.

  80. First off HIPPO BIRDIE TWO EWES!!!! Laura, you slay me … LOve your cards, your MIDWEST sense of fun … we just do NOT care who thinks we’re goofy, right? … and cannot wait for you to come redesign my craft-room when I win this make-over prize!!!!! WAit. you are doing that, aren’t you? xx

  81. Happy Birthday, Laura and Congratulations on your designed handwriting die! LOVE that You Matter background and regular stamp set, with the die! Those are my fav’ and LOVE your gorgeous cards with the inspiring designs!! Thanks for your DI color ideas, too!!

  82. Happy birthday. So cool to see your happy family. Wonderful ink smoothed card. The background stamp is sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  83. Happy belated birthday! Every time I visit your blog I leave with a big smile! Thank for that and for all the inspiration and happiness that you spread ! And congrats on your fabulous staps.

  84. First, Happy belated Birthday… I’m sure it was a great day shared with your loving family.
    Just love your style and what you bring to those sets of stamps. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. xx

  85. Happy Birthday Laura! Thanks so much for sharing the smoothing technique – the first card you shared is just so striking – love the colors!

  86. First of all, happy birthday! Second, I have to tell you that your videos always cheer me up and make me laugh. I’m usually watching craft videos while I’m out walking so people probably think I’m nuts for literally laughing out while walking!
    I love both of your cards, especially the smooching one!

  87. Laura, Happiest of birthdays and to Heidi too I love you ladies ,you rock my crafting world …. yours in Christ and ink Anne Sent from my iPhone


  88. Laura, you did a great job on the stamp set and I love the “You” stamp w/ coordinating die. Love it a lot. Can’t wait to get it. Love the colors you use and the cards you made is beautiful. Thanks for your labor of love! TFS 🙂

  89. Both cards are really gorgeous!!!
    I especially love the first one… maybe the colours and watercolor effect on the white embossed background, so beautiful! 🙂

  90. Beautiful cards, Laura! Love the watercolor technique and embossed background! These new stamps and dies are totally amazing! I can’t wait to give them a try! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! 🙂

  91. A belated happy birthday to you! I love your cards, Laura – both so fun. But that patterned paper – ugh, how gorgeous is it. I’m still mad at Basic Grey for quitting.

  92. Love the new ‘You Matter’ stamp and dies set, and love the cards you’ve made with them, especially the first one – the water color/smooshed background is so pretty. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration!

  93. Wow! Beautiful cards, as always! I love your use of color in the first one and the die in the second one. Double-sided card stock finally as a purpose!!

  94. I absolutely love your videos!! They lift me up and make me smile every time. Your cards are wonderful also, I still haven’t tried the “smooshing” technique yet but I want to. Thank you so much for sharing your passions with us!

  95. I too really love your cards and your fun and cheerful videos so often make me laugh! I have now finally taken the plunge into Distress inks – loving blending and smooshing 🙂 – and adore the script and sentiment of your stamp and die bundle. Thanks so much for all the fun and inspiration 🙂

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