Neat & Tangled-Celebrate

Hi there! Today I’m sharing this project over on the Neat & Tangled blog featuring the Celebrate stamp & die sets as well as the Pentagon stencil.Neat & Tangled-CelebrateI created this fun pattern on pattern background design by masking “rays” with post-it tape over top of the Pentagon stencil.
Neat & Tangled-CelebrateHere’s a quick video to show you how I made this card.
Check out the Neat & Tangled blog to see more! Thanks so much for stopping by!


21 thoughts on “Neat & Tangled-Celebrate

  1. Just getting started with ink blending so I appreciate all your tips! By the way, you are too young for
    stray hairs on your face🤔.

  2. OH Laura you make me laugh out loud!!! Yes, unfortunately, us ladies, get to a certain age and all of a sudden strange things start to appear…like an inch long hair on our face! Been there..done the tweezers!

  3. I was in need of a good Laura Bassen video. You delivered girl. Thanks for the laugh, the reality and the card ideas. Thank you.

  4. Awesome card!! Love the rays with the stencil!! I get a hair on the side of the bridge of my nose, and only notice it when it pokes me in the eye. lol

  5. Laura, just want to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I’m always excited when i see that you’re participating in an Online Card Class.

  6. Gorgeous! As for the hairs, every now and then I spot one long hair on my upper arm. And yes, I do get stray hairs in my face where I don’t want them. Got the tweezers and a small mirror…
    Marianne x

  7. Love your card! This video made me laugh out loud!! And stray hairs…check your neck. You can’t always see them but you can feel them! 😂

  8. Hahaha!! I hear ya on those stray hairs!! It’s always a mystery that I don’t notice it until it looks like it could use some combing!! Thanks for the laugh!! Always love your cards and your videos!!

  9. Laura, At least your hubby got your back ( well check, face .. What ever .. My husband doesn’t even look.. Ok …The other day on the way to do some grocery shopping my husband was driving ,and I was feeling the side of my face and I thought wow this hair is thick and I start playing with it and I noticed it felt really wiry and thick and I looked in the mirror and it was blonde like I’m a blonde in my Swedish and German ancestry and I start pulling out it and it got longer and longer and longer and I just yank the sucker out of the side of my face and it was probably about an inch 1/2 long It was like barbed wire !!!it was white .. Growing old stinks .. Yeah our eldest daughters an esthetician ,a month or two ago ,she gave me a facial ,how did she not see that !!!??? she would’ve been all over that big dog.. Lol .. I love hearing your real life stories .. Yours in Christ and ink Anne

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Thanks for keeping it real!! Thanks for the blending techniques and another great card!! This is a good one for the guys!

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