Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints Christmas

Hello there! Today I have a colorful & festive project featuring the Scandinavian Prints Christmas by Neat & Tangled.Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints ChristmasThis set is fantastic! I am loving the geometric images that can be used in a million in one ways and not just for Christmas, but all year long to create awesome patterns and designs.
Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints ChristmasI created a rainbow of trees…are you surprised, ha ha! I just can’t stop!!! I used the MISTI and multi-inked each triangle with two colors. A lighter color on top and a darker color on bottom for a gradient look.
Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints ChristmasI love being able to combine my pigment and my dye inks together to get exactly what I want! I also added some sequins from the Frosted Pine sequin pack.
Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints ChristmasHere’s a video to show you how I made this card.
Check out the Neat & Tangled blog for inspiration! Thanks so much for stopping by!

19 thoughts on “Neat & Tangled-Scandinavian Prints Christmas

  1. Love all the bright colors on this card and the sentiment is one of my favorites this season, it is cold here in Colorado 🙂 Happy holidays.

  2. Laura, i LOVE your cards and videos! You make me smile every morning. I share your love for geometric shapes (I am a quilter) and the last couple of cards remind me so much of the modern quilts; they are beautiful!

    As for the kids 😆, I give mine two options: go outside or go clean my baseboards with a toothbrush! It’s amazing how quickly they disappear. 😀

  3. Love those rainbow trees/isosceles triangles 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family, bored children and all!

  4. I LOVE this simple yet elegant rainbow holiday card! I’m a rainbow girl, too! And I sooo get the “piles of presents” in your attic. I do the same thing only I don’t have an attic. Mine get shoved in various places all over the house and, yes, I occasionally forget one–LOL! Happy holidays!

  5. Love your card! I have a few gifts left to wrap and some baking to do. If I bake to early my boys, 21 and 19, will eat it all before Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄🎅🏼

  6. Just adorable ! I love rainbows and I love your rainbows cards. I really have to complete my pigment and dye ink collection to create some myself.
    Merry Christmas to you and to your family !

  7. Your video’s are not long enough. I could sit and listen to you all day.
    Merry Christmas, love Karla-la-la-la-la-la-la

  8. Triangles + Rainbow + Laura = A match made in Christmas heaven! Only ‘you’ would know what kind of triangles they are, too 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!!

  9. What a sweet card! Love all your card designs. I could listen to you all day with your stories! Tell those kids to go out and populate the front lawn with snow people. (You probably don’t have snow do you?)

  10. I love what you did with that stamp set on this card! Fabulous card. Thanks for sharing the video and Merry Christmas!!

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