Neat & Tangled-Punchinella

Hi there! Today I have a project featuring the new Punchinella die by Neat & Tangled.Neat & Tangled-PunchinellaI created a colorful, dimensional background with the Punchinella die by blending Blue Jay, High Dive, Jellybean & Duckling ink onto a piece of white cardstock and then attaching it to fun foam before running it through my Big Shot.
Neat & Tangled-Punchinella
I love this colorful, dotted look. The sentiment is from Better Together. I embossed it in white onto black cardstock and fussy cut it out.
Neat & Tangled-PunchinellaHere’s a video to show you how I created these cards.
Before I go…I want to announce the three winners from my Clear & Sheer Online Card Class giveaway. Congrats to: Fran Smith, Jane Sirak & LRHP!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

44 thoughts on “Neat & Tangled-Punchinella

  1. Your cards are always just absolutely fabulous and so beautiful!!!! I also just love your Italian accent I always love how you inform us of little tidbits of information!! Like the tittle over the i. Gotta love that one!!

  2. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Your videos always make me laugh but what a bonus that I learned some trivia, a HUGE time-saving technique, and got to watch ink blending. Love your ink blending.

  3. OH my…my first thought..she did it again..I remember that you glued many other items in place…which must have taken forever…
    But now you went the easy way..LOVE it!
    so you these cards..LOVE your style…
    and go on with that Italian accent…..sounds so nice…wink!

  4. Thank you for using the word “gradient” instead of ombré. It is grossly misused in crafting and I applaud you for bringing us back to the basics. And I love this card, by the way. I can’t wait to make something I. It’s likeness 🙂

  5. i thought She Did NOT glue all those !!! knowing fully well you would but so glad you found an easier way to keep them in line. Whew! Always an adventure watching you make cards. What a great card Laura! I do so love your style and your fabulous new accent!

  6. OMG!! I think I would have great fun just listening to your videos even if your cards were ugly!!! And of course they’re not..they’re full of amazing color & awesome!! I can’t believe you put a glue spot on everyone of those little dots….your are plumb crazy….but your results are fantastic!!

  7. Great cards – and you even looked up a word for us! I always wondered what that stuff was called – and now I won’t ever be able to say “punchinella” unless it’s with an Italian accent…! See, my family thinks I’m crazy and it’s all your fault!!!
    Keep doing what you do, girlfriend –

  8. Brilliant idea. So happy to see you back doing more clean, simple and geometric cards! Makes my heart soar. Thanks Laura.

  9. What a lovely idea and such a great looking card. All your work is so beautiful. Thank you

  10. Great card! However, I don’t think Amazon’s definition really gets to the origin of the term “Puncinella.” It’s taken from the Italian word “Punchinello” referring to a puppet in an Italian puppet show.
    Define punchinello: a fat short humpbacked clown or buffoon in Italian puppet shows—punchinello in a sentence.

  11. It’s my unndestandirg that Macfarlane would receive multiple royalty checks for each issue sold because he was not only the penciler but also the inker and co-writer most of the time.

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