Mama Elephant~Honey Bunny

Hello friends! Today I’m joining Mama Elephant as they highlight the new Honey Bunny stamp set.
Mama Elephant~Honey BunnyAren’t these bunnies adorable? I used some of the accessories in the stamp set to dress them up for their hot date. Hot date? What is that? A hot date around here consists of Little Caesar’s pizza and a Redbox movie. Oh well, I wouldn’t change it. I’m a home body anyways. The idea of fixing my hair wears me out, and I’ve become so darn picky about restaurants these days. I never thought I’d become so much like my Mom, but I have. We both love to cook and eat good food and most restaurants, at least in my little town don’t know the difference between a good pasta sauce and jar of Prego. There I said it. If I’m gonna eat out, I’ll have something that I don’t cook at home, like fries. I do not fry. I hate the smell and the mess, but I love french fries. Does anybody even care about the bunny card anymore? LOL!
Mama Elephant~Honey BunnyI used a tiny heart from the Confetti stamp set to stamp the background. I paper pieced the bunnies and added some wink of stella to the heart and some liquid pearls to the center of the flowers. So what’s you’re idea of a hot date?? Thanks for stopping by! Check out the Mama Elephant blog to see what the other ladies made using this cute new stamp set.


36 thoughts on “Mama Elephant~Honey Bunny

  1. A hot date for us is picking up our favorite Chinese takeout, going home and sitting in our office (warmest room in the house) with the space heater on, feet up on the furniture, our mostly Schnauzer pup Tater in my lap, CSI re-runs on the monitor, and feasting.
    PS: LOVE the bunnies!

  2. My husband made us steaks & shrimp at home for our 15th Valentine’s together. It was so much better than going to a crowded restaurant & waiting an hour for our table. And cost about a 1/3! Woo Hoo! Oh yeah, and the bunnies are adorable~~LOL!

  3. The bunnies are adorable! Love the card. But, you did make me want french fries! Not on my diet right now, because I can’t stop at a few – must eat the whole package!

  4. French fries, French fries, focus…of course I care about this card I see an adorable wedding card for a cute young couple who will some day have a child and not believe how much they adore their child and will be happy sitting on the couch eating french fries and watching a ready box movie with a big smile on their faces. Have a great day!

  5. ha ha ha ha! you totally crack me up!! i do still care about the bunny card! it’s adorable!! i love the details you added!! those little flowers are so sweet! and the bunnies are just so cute!! i love them!! i don’t have hot dates! we have more like you – movies with homemade popcorn once the littles are asleep! lol! but i don’t mind! 🙂

  6. Your coloring skills knock me out. These bunnies are perfect…and so very grown up with their hats, hearts and flowers. I personally forget what a night out is like but, if I ever get one again, it’ll be Italian by people who know what to do with a tomato, garlic, prosciutto and parmagiana.

  7. Gosh, I love visiting your blog, Laura! Firstly, your card is absolutely darling!!! The bow tie and top hat on the boy just makes me smile, and your background is so soft and lovely…in fact, it would make a lovely patterned paper (maybe you should consider selling your ideas)! Really cute card!

    My idea of a hot date? After 39 years of marriage, I forgot! But, I still love to snuggle up with my man on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie…works for me 🙂

  8. Ha, I guess our idea of a hot date is walking up to David’s (Vegera) a hundred meters up the road for Greek mezedes and then walk home again to see if our cats and our new dog (dumped into our garden on my birthday on 30 October) are still fine. During the tourist season, the tourists are queing outside the tiny taverna for up to 45 minutes, but from November until the end of April we (i.e. the Greeks and the ex-pats) have it all to ourselves. It’s the only taverna up here that is open all year round (except Sundays, even in high season), but they serve delicious and fresh food. Their Greek salad is the best (and biggest) that I have ever had.
    Hmm, I’m digressing… Your card is delicious too! Too cute!

  9. Love your well dressed bunnies! That’s the problem with eating out–I don’t like to dress up. And since I quit working, I don’t have anything anyway. It’s best to just relax at home!

  10. I hate to fry, too. But if someone else makes fries for me, I will gladly eat them! My husband and I seem to end up at Costco or the supermarket every time we go on a “date.” I put it in quotation marks because we rarely go out. But when we do, we have dinner out, then end up at the store buying milk and bread. Lame! lol

  11. I hear ya. My tastes in food have really changed over the years. And the hair thing, oh yes. And fries. And I do still care about the bunnies, which are adorable, and kind of roly poly like DH and me. And I definitely have turned into my mother. So scary.

  12. Omg! I Just adore your card! My idea of a hot date is a great meal cooked fresh, at home…in pj’s with hubby followed by a on demand movie. Lol. I thought I was the only person who got exhausted about the idea of getting ready to go out!

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