SSS-Full Card Hexagons die

SSS-Full Card Hexagons dieHello there! The other night I was up way past my bedtime because I couldn’t stop filling in my Hex Chart. Well, one thing led to another and the gorgeous colors & shapes on that Hex Chart inspired me to make this card. I used the Full Card Hexagons die by Simon Says Stamp and a bunch of Copics.
SSS-Full Card Hexagons dieHere’s a little video to show you how I made it.I also have a winner to announce from my National Scrapbook Day blog hop giveaway. Congratulations, tlaneh!
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67 thoughts on “SSS-Full Card Hexagons die

  1. You are such an INSPIRATION. I never in a million years would have thought to use the hex chart as a spring board for such a cheerful, colorful and fun card design. I L-O-V-E it! I enjoy ALL of your designs. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us!

  2. This was a great video! I first fell in love with the rainbow of hexagon shapes, but after watching your video – it put into perspective how Sandy’s hex chart is supposed to work. Now I need that chart! I also don’t have a vast collection of Copics so learning more on stretching what I have sounds awesome!

  3. Thanks for a little tip about using the chart. I love your card! I bought the chart and started coloring it in, but wasn’t sure why I even needed it. Now I know. You do awesome coloring with fewer markers, just goes to show you we don’t need ALL of them.

  4. And it turned out all kinds of rainbowlicious loveliness Laura!! TFS It’s gorgeous and if I were a copic girl…I’d be all over this!

  5. I love your bright and cheerful cards when you use the rainbow colors. Glad you explained about the chart. I bought it but all my copics are in a pod while we sell our home and it’s killing me not to have access to play like you. Gorgeous!

  6. You are BRILLIANT!!! It turned out amazing, Laura – love it! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  7. Oooo very pretty!! I need to print and start coloring my chart in so I can start finding new color combos too!! Thanks for sharing that!

  8. Only stamping/coloring Card-making Queen like you would come up with this, Laura! This card should be FRAMED 🙂

  9. wowzers!! such an amazing design! I’d love to see the reaction of the lucky person to slip this out it’s envelope; it will be priceless!

  10. This is drop dead gorgeous! Since I could never get my copics to blend like yours I will need to find another way to recreate this. Distress maybe?

  11. You are AMAZING, Laura! Only ‘you’ could look at a Hex Chart and see such a fabulous design for a card! Beautiful Copic coloring, too!
    Thanks so much for the video…I always enjoy watching them! And….Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!

  12. Wow! This is amazing! As soon as I saw it I knew what your inspiration had been and it’s brilliant. Love how the bright blended colors pop against the white! 🙂

  13. What was that… POP A SQUAT?!? Almost fell off my chair laughing! But I hung on, because the video is just too good to miss… and hey – it’s all about the color, right?! Love Sandy’s Hex Chart – I think it will revolutionize the world – really. Thanks for your take on using it to choose Copic marker colors.

  14. Awesome card Laura, as always! I definitely love your videos, I have a lot of fun watching them! Thanks for your inspiration!

  15. Great card! Love the colors. I also have colored in my Hex chart. Just like you I would stick to the color family but now I am branching out.

  16. Gorgeous. You combined my 2 favorite things in card making… rainbow bright colors and hexagons!!! I could see this also done with colored cardstock and maybe embossing folder patterns or even just bright patterned paper. Can’t wait to play around with the idea.

  17. Oh my it’s stunning. Those lusciously coloured hexagons – love! They are bright and happy and fun just like you and your videos Laura. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  18. Neat card! I might get 5 hexagons out of my Copic markers….need to add more to my collection.

  19. sweet Laura…:) what a gorgeous card.. i am one who cant afford copics …what can i do 2 make my colouring look more like this… do you use glossy cardstock? …..just thot i would pick your brain a lil…:) thanks so much for being so generous with your cardmaking love…LOL.. i really do love your talent:) .. and it makes my day sweeter to hear how you all do your cards.. i get stuck alot lately… and so you unstuck me…. haha.. take care now, love you to pieces, sincerely “glowing”

  20. OMG I LOVE this card!!!!! Definitely following your blog posts and subscribing to your YouTube videos!! You are fabulous!!!

  21. Totally caught my eye on Pinterest! Love the card and loved the video too! Thanks for the inspiration! (Now I have to get my chart colored this week…have had it since it came out!)

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