Waffle Flower Coloring Fun Blog Hop

waffle-flower-coloring-fun-blog-hop-badgeHello! Today I am excited to be joining Waffle Flower for their Coloring Fun Blog Hop.
Waffle Flower-Willy & Friends Stamp SetMy first card features the new and adorable Willie & Friends stamp set. I did lots of masking and Copic coloring on this one-layer wonder.
Waffle Flower-Willy & Friends Stamp SetMy second card showcases the gorgeous new Lotus stamp set.
Waffle Flower-Lotus Stamp SetI embossed the flower in Clear and then used my Zig Clean Color Markers and Aquash Brush to color it in.
Waffle Flower-Lotus Stamp SetHere’s a video to show you how I created my cards.

Leave me a comment for your chance to win a $50 Waffle Flower gift certificate. The winner will be drawn from comments left on all of our blogs. Enter by midnight, Sunday July 12. The winner will be announced on the Waffle Flower blog on Monday July 13.waffle-flower-crafts-logo-RGBThere are several more incredibly talented designers who are joining along today.
Here’s the hop order:
Waffle Flower
Sandy Allnock
Kathy Racoosin
Tessa Wise
Nichol Magouirk
Katie Gehring
Jennifer McGuire

Thanks so much for stopping by!


477 thoughts on “Waffle Flower Coloring Fun Blog Hop

  1. I love the soft hues in the background that just make your InLove monkeys stand out! Waffle Flower Rocks!

  2. Both cards are spectacular! Those little monkeys are tooo cute. Beautiful Lotus… love how you have it off your card.

  3. Laura, your cards (the ones you show us!) are always wonderful!
    I, too, got the set of 24 and wish I had gotten the set of 60!

    Love your humor!

  4. OMGoodness.. you are to funny…….. love the monkey story……. love the card and thank you for this…….

  5. Love your sweet cards! As always, I get a good laugh when watching your videos. I’m so glad you finally got your “pet” monkey.

  6. I adore your videos! You always make me laugh and still learn something. Great cards, great stamps!

  7. LAURA , !!! Your so FUN.. Monkey story of mine .. Just before my mother past away . She took my 1st grade class to the Indianapolis zoo .. Along with Sister Teresa .. I stuck my finger in the cage got bite very badly . She ran me up to the nearest station which was a hot dog / hamburger stand ( people eating ) ask where first aid station was .. People falling off the stools ,grossed out .. I’m scared because .. I could read . And it said ,”Don’t feed the monkeys I bite”!! Needless to say, after shots ,and I mean big needle shots ..stitches .needles to my stomach etc …doctors appointments… so it was a lot to go through ,and unfortunately : ( I don’t like monkeys. Boy, I did as a kid before that happened . I too wanted one, like you and Johnny Quest had one lol .. I so enjoyed your cards your stories you feel as though we are friends .. Love your card .love Miss Werner for getting you your monkey and Jennifer M too … Been following her for years since I was at West Point before 911 happened .. Hugs.. your a bright spot in my day girl .. Yours in CHRIST and ink ….Anne

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  8. Thanks so much for your videos – love them!! That flower is beautiful and I love the way you cut it – haven’t done that technique for a long time and it is very impressive!! Lovely!

  9. Great cards! I love the lotus flower card. I just ordered my zig brush markers and I am anxious to get started using them. I appreciate the video.

  10. Your monkey card is so darn cute! The lotus blossom card is super elegant! Love the edge of the card that you created and that gray panel is perfect – love the color. Your coloring is fab and your videos are perfect – love them!!

  11. It was such fun to watch you mask your little monkeys. The lovely Lotus card is just my style! Can’t wait to try it with my Ziggy’s! Cutting around the right side is a wonderful design element. Thanks for all you share, Laura!! ♡

  12. Hello! I’m a relatively new follower of your blog and while I haven’t commented before, I’ve been taking what you share and using some of your techniques in my own cardmaking. I wanted to thank you for sharing. Mostly though, I wanted to let you know how thoroughly I enjoy watching your videos. Not just for the techniques you share, although they are fantastic. No, I enjoy your videos because your personality shines through and I find it completely engaging. You seem like such a fun person with a great sense of humor. Someone I’d love to hang out and laugh with. Thank you so, so much for sharing all that you share. I truly appreciate all that you do. Hope you have a happy day!

  13. Laura..LOVEd the video with the monkey and banana stories..you are so fun and sweet..and not crazy at all!
    Now I know too how you always make it looks so easy..you made a few try-outs….
    Love both cards..so much work the first one….and in love with the flower card..I would have made a happy dance for that one too!
    Hugs Holly.

  14. Cutie pie monkeys. Great coloring and masking. AND a wonderful video. Who could ask for anything more!! Thanks.

  15. I think the monkeys are very cute but the lotus flower knocks it out of the park for me today. Have a great day.

  16. Your monkey card is just adorable! I don’t have the patience for all that masking. 🙂 Beautiful lotus card too. Love the trimmed edge.

  17. Thank you for showing your masking technique and letting us know that sometimes you have to make a few cards before you get the one you love. Love both cards!

  18. Love monkeys, we nickname my youngest daughter monkey, it’s awesome that the stamp set has accessories to dress them up like the hats and even a shirt, always enjoy your cards Laura, please make more videos… Please.

  19. I just love what you did with the lotus blossom! Is that a sign that I need to invest in the Zig Clean Color Markers? Thanks for the very helpful video…you are a great teacher!

  20. You are a riot on your video!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!! Great masking and watercoloring tutorials. Thanks, Laura.

  21. Laura! I love that your cards are simple and usually one layer! These are very cute. Thanks for your amazing ability to make people happy. 🙂

  22. I love you videos, stories, and cards. Great job, I would dance a jig to if my cards looked as great as that and were like a Debby Hughes card too, I would dance a jig if mine looked as good as yours. : )

  23. I love that you showed us how you masked those monkeys through trial and error. That encourages me to just have fun and learn along the way. The flower card is gorgeous. For years I thought I was the only one who had a banana sticker collection. Who would have known that you had one as well.

  24. These cards are gorgeous! I love your monkey story, but I gotta tell you that monkeys creep me out a little. The look like really hairy little people.

  25. Well, I have to say that I do NOT want a monkey–2 sons, dog,cats, fish, and a hermit crab are plenty! Your coloring and details on the monkey card are fabulous, and the flower card is so lovely. Thanks for sharing the how-tos and fun video 🙂

  26. I can’t even tell you how much I love your videos! And these cards are, as usual, fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  27. Your one-layer wonders are WONDERFUL! Those monkeys are so sweet but the lotus flower is stunning!

  28. Such great cards & I’m glad you showed the steps of the one layered wonder. BTW your videos are so entertaining! ALWAYS!

  29. Completely enjoyed your video and both of your cards are so cute. Thanks for showing me a way to mask that was inspiring enough for me to try it.

  30. I absolutely love the elegance and simplicity of the lotus birthday card, especially the tip on cutting the long edge. Thanks!!

  31. I love that lotus card. That is such a fun way to make the flower stand out by hanging it over the edge. My granddaughter would love those monkeys! She is crazy about monkeys and these are adorable.

  32. Love the monkeys, but the flower is superb. Just started getting my Zigs and can’t wait to try them out. Thanks, as always.

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  34. Laura, love your cards…and the commentary. You crack me up! You’re right, your flower reminds me of a Debby Hughes creation! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and inspiring us!

  35. Masterful masking!!This is one layer wonder at its best, Laura! Love your banana sticker and monkey story 🙂 Gorgeous lotus card!

  36. Awwww…all I can keep saying is awwwww! Your monkeys are just stinkin’ cute! So adorable.
    Love your background too! So very nicely done!

  37. WONDERFUL cards, Laura, and as always your video made me smile big time! I love those cute monkeys and the flower is gorgeous!

  38. Yeah, I was super confused..saw the one layer wonder monkey card and then the Debby Hughes’ Lotus, what!? is Debby taking over Dbl Stick Heaven??
    You are the masking Master! Dancing with you baby!!

  39. you are so funny!!! love your stories, especially the monkey one – mostly cuz we had TWO monkies when i was a kid. and tho they are very cute and lots of fun, they are also very messy and stinky. just so you know, in case you ever get a REAL one. you are so funny!!!

  40. I always seem to rush to watch you early in the process on a HOP!! You are so funny with your stories. Ever thought about writing a cute book …… “Living the Life with Laura”!!!!! It all was adorable today. Your Lotus card cut off technique, I just have taught my students this week and they loved it. Never stop your stories!!! Happy card making to ALL!!

  41. Your card is so cute. Love the monkeys! I really like the masking techniques that have been shown lately. So clever!!

  42. Super cute monkey card (love the monkey story!) and the lotus flower card is beautiful. OK, all of you wonderful designers are making it impossible for me to resist this new release from Waffle Flower. Shh, don’t tell my hubby, it’ll be our little secret.

  43. Your cards always make me smile! Always awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
    Both cards are spectacular !!

  44. AMAZING Cards!! I LOVE the Designs and the New Release!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing the Video and keeping how you did ALL of the Masking in the Video too!! I AGREE EVERYONE would have WANTD to see how you did it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about your New Pet Monkey!! =) LOL ~ You can come and Live with us on the Farm we have about a MILLION Monkeys out here of Various Breeds!! =) HAHAHAHAHAHA!! THANKS Again for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  45. Just gorgeous! Your videos make me smile and laugh out loud! The lotus card is stunning and you are really making me want those Ziggies even more!

  46. Just darling is the pair of monkeys and I love the flower one you made too. Great card designs.

  47. I’m so glad you did the masking because I am the one that would scratch my head and say, “How in the world did she do that”?. What a cute card. The monkeys are very sweet. Love the flower card with the Kuretakes. Thanks for the tip with the ruler.

  48. I absolutely love that lotus flower stamp on the grey backdrop. Going to make a similar card for parent’s anniversary right now!

  49. You make it look so easy! Great release by Waffle Flower. The Lotus is absolutely gorgeous. Did both your Mom and Dad really have monkeys????? lol

  50. Fantastic video! You are the master of masking and I love your cards – they always bring a little joy to my day! Thanks for sharing!

  51. So enjoyable, as always. Love your videos. Your coloring and designs are perfect. Willie and his friend are both darling. The flower card is beautiful. Love them both. Thanks.

  52. Oh you crack me up! Thank you for making your videos informative AND entertaining! Love that flower!

  53. Oh girl, you delight me, as do your cards. Monkeys, bananas, Tina Turner hair…your life seems so full of fun. And then you make lovely, fun cards and videos we can all see. We’re so blessed by your efforts.

  54. You are the queen of coloring! Love both of these, but those little monkeys are so irresistible! 🙂

  55. Wonderful cards!! Masking is so fun cuz it’s magical!! Love your copic coloring and the Zigs are so fun and fairly simple for a really “wow” effect!!

  56. Thank you for bringing laughter to my day! Love your cards, techniques, and stories – you’re one of a kind!

  57. I’m just grin from ear-to-ear watching your fun videos. Thanks for another one. The monkeys are so cute and I love the flower card! Your cards are always great and yes, so are Debby’s.

  58. Both of your cards are amazing. Love, love, love your videos, they always put me in such a good mood.

  59. Wow LOVE the one layer wonder! The monkey’s are sooo stinkin cute!!! Love love love the Lotus card, so pretty!

  60. Thanks for making me laugh today Laura 🙂 love those little monkeys! Great watercoloring with the zig markers – I see a lot of people using them without water, but it looks like they give good results with the Aqua brush too. I think I might have to just give in and buy some 😉

  61. Love, love, love your sense of humor as much as I love your cards. The monkeys are adorable and the coloring on the lotus flower is just gorgeous. I so need to get the ZIG brush markers. Been trying to decide between them and the Gansai watercolors. Decisions, decisions…

  62. Loved the video and the stories always make my day. My mother always wanted a pet monkey but that desire never rubbed off on me but your monkey card is to die for and you used masks which takes a lot of patience. Just wonderful cards by a wonderful and talented lady!!!

  63. First off Thanks Laura for always making me smile. If its a blue gray kind of day I can count on you to throw Rainbows all over it. As usual great cards. Both Cute and Beautiful. And your mad masking skills wow!

  64. Love that cute couple, fantastic masking and coloring, but that second card is just breathtaking. So sweet and simple and gorgeous!

  65. Both cards are awesome in completely different ways!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos, they make me LOL even hours after I’ve seen them.

  66. Laura, both of your cards are great! I especially like the Waffle Flower Lotus stamp. Your lotus flower card is gorgeous! Love the the technique you used for the edge of the flower.

  67. Laura – your cards are amazing, as always! The monkey one is just the cutest thing ever. It really makes me want that stamp set! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  68. I absolutely loved both of these super cute cards and the video! You have such a soft look to your monkeys and your stories are funny and fantastic. You’re such great fun to watch, Laura!

  69. I absolutely love the coloring you did on your monkeys, and really, who doesn’t like monkeys? If a person doesn’t like monkeys, well, I just don’t think they can be trusted. ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing, and having a video. Always a joy to watch your videos. Love both cards. So beautiful.

  70. Both cards are really cute, but I loved the lotus flower using the clean brush markers! I have been resisting them until today and sounds like the 36 pen set is in my future!

  71. Laura – you can make me dance a jig any day of the week. =^..^= The coloring, blending, masking are all just awesome and your flower card makes me swoon.

  72. Laura, seeing your creativity in action and enjoying the wonderful stories you tell, has me dancing a jig! Fabulous cards! Thank you, especially, for the Zig tutorial, as I’m not having near the results with mine as you are! More practice required!

  73. The monkey couple is so cute and adorabke , while the flower card is so serious and beautiful.

  74. Oh Laura!! You make me laugh!! I love your monkeys and all that masking you did for this card. One layer wonders always frighten me because I always make mistakes!! And next time, include your jig. I would love to see it!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us!!

  75. The card is cute but you are cuter! If I was ever brave enough to make video’s I think I’d wanna be just like you! Love that you let your personality shine through and keep me laughing while learning!

  76. Love your cards and your wit too! The lotus stamp set is so pretty 🙂 Totally inspired to do an off-the-edge popped up card front now.

  77. You slay me! I love your voice overs, you always share the funniest stories!! Oh! and you do Beautiful work too! glad to hear you work with such a fun circle of friends!

  78. Soooo cute. I have never used a Waffle flower set so it would be a great opportunity to give them a try.

  79. Teartificial cards! I love those monkeys. I worked for a little while at a zoo when I was a teenager, I didn’t like cleaning the monkey enclosure much they would climb all over me trying to give me , the zoo keeper told me they were trying to give me love bites.

  80. We’ve got shark & pirate lovers in the family, so I know which set I’m gonna need! Thanks for the great samples – you always amaze me!

  81. Great cards! Love the flower using the Zig brushes! Thanks for the video! Bought the Zigs but haven’t had the courage to use them. Also thanks for the intro to waffle flower stamps.

  82. Very cute monkey couple. I know someone who would love to receive that card! And I love the lotus flower, very pretty

  83. Wow! your cards are always amazing…you make me want to get a monkey! seriously.
    thanks so much. rocio

  84. You are a natural conversationalist. I enjoyed listening to you as much as I enjoyed watching you create your gorgeous cards. Thank you for sharing.

  85. Great cards; great tutorial. You make it look so easy. I really appreciate your sharing that it wasn’t quite as simple as the video makes it out to be. Gives one hope!

  86. Really fun monkey card, but the lotus flower is gorgeous. Can’t wait to add this stamp to my stash.

  87. Oh, goodness, how adorable are those monkeys!?! And those flowers are sure puuuurrrrrtttttyyyy!

  88. Your videos ALWAYS bring a smile to my face! Love all the tips on masking, for those adorable monkeys! Your flower card did indeed look like a Debby Hughes card!!! 🙂

  89. YIPESIE! The cute monkey card just blew me away….all that fussy cutting and all of those tiny little elements. ONLY YOU…ONLY YOU would take the time to add all of that and I LOVE that card. I’m not a fan of monkeys, but I love YOUR monkeys! The pink flower card is so elegant. You make the coloring look so easy. The result is beautiful…absolutely beautiful. Keep those videos coming…I WAIT for them!!!! Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your creations!

  90. Your gorgeous creations are such an inspiration! The Lotus is amazing, and your video tutorial is very, very helpful. Thanks for the great cards!

  91. Both of your cards are AMAZING!!!! And I always enjoy your videos – you crack me up every time! You did an incredible job masking the monkeys! The result was well worth your time and effort! And your lotus card is A++++ gorgeous! Perfect CAS card! Loved seeing your Zig CCB colouring! So glad I stopped in today!

  92. Amazing–just gorgeous! Now girl, you are killing me with these ziggies–I’m trying SOOO hard to be good and here you are tempting me with these awesome brush markers!

  93. Love your stories, videos and coloring. Monkey card is adorable but your Lotus flower card is absolutely gorgeous. Kudos on your “look like one of Debby Hughes” card. But, where’s the music at the end of the video? 😉

  94. I’m so glad you finally got your monkey! And what’s the secret to the craft knife?! a) I always end up cutting my plastic ruler and b) it never cuts through the paper as clean as you did!

  95. You did a gorgeous job on the lotus – love the pink! I can’t believe how easy you made the monkey card. It was a lot of work, but WOW!

  96. I would never have the patience to do a card like your monkey one, but I loved watching you do it. On the other hand, I want to make a card like your lotus blossom one right now. Gorgeous!

  97. Both cards are awesome! They are very different styles, but I love them both equally. Your talent and creative skills amaze and inspire me. And your sense of humor and your story telling always make me laugh. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your infectious good vibes.

    What a thoughtful thing Kristina did in sending you your very own pet monkey. And one that doesn’t bite or poop is even better! You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends as Kristina and Jennifer.

  98. Laura this is the first of your videos that I have watched. You are so much fun! Love the chit chat. The cards are awesome also, btw. Thanks a bunch. Lol!

  99. Your cards are beautiful. The coloring is awesome! I wish I could afford the markers so that I could try it myself. Thanks for the chance to win the certificate!

  100. Laura your cards are delightful but your videos are the absolute best. I am always so excited when you have a video to go with your card. Love your work.

  101. Your masking skills are ALMOST as amazing as your shading skills, Laura! Lol! Such a cute one-layer wonder! And that flower is stunning! I wanna see you dance that jig! ♥

  102. Happy day a Laura video with not one, but two fabulous cards and a monkey story. Who could ask for more?!

  103. I absolutely love the way you trimmed off the right side of the lotus card. It is stunning. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  104. Love your monkey story! I am glad you finally got your pet monkey, George. That coloring looks fun!

  105. Darling cards…I love it when you include the video of how you made them! You are so very talented. Thanks for sharing all you do.

  106. Your work always inspires me. Both cards are just wonderful! I love those bright, cheerful little monkeys!

  107. I love your cards especially the flower card! Your videos always make me happy! Thank you!

  108. Absolutely love both of your cards! I loved your video too! It’s encouraging to hear I’m not the only one who has to start over with cards. Always LOVE your one-layer wonders!

  109. Wow – loved ’em both!! That lotus flower turned out fabulous-ly! And the monkeys are just doggone cute!

  110. Always enjoy new stamp roll outs and Waffle Flower is no exception. The Hops are great ways to show us all your great ideas!

  111. I love following you! I love your enthusiasm, and just the fun you have teaching us. Thank you always for sharing your talent.

  112. Oh Laura, you are just too much fun! Thanks for saying that you had some flops before getting to the final card. You always make it look so easy and care free. It does my heart good to know that you have things that don’t work out. Probably not as many as me, but it still makes me feel better. I love both of your cards, especially the adorable monkey card, though.

  113. Oh, Laura! You are such an inspiration and an ENABLER!! I don’t have any Waffle Flower Stamps or Dies and now I so want the Lotus Stamps & Dies sets!! Gorgeous! Love this card!

  114. The flower card was very elegant. I love the bright colors. I also loved the adorable monkeys. Love your stories as well. So fun.

  115. I look forward to all your videos!!! Love the adorable monkeys but the flower, Oh My Goodness!!! That is just beautiful!!! Thanks for always making me smile!!

  116. i love your cards and your videos- you never cease to amaze me with your coloring talents!

  117. I can’t decide if I like the stories you tell while creating or your creations better.
    Combine them into a video and you have best of both worlds! So enjoyable and creative.
    Must say I think the funniest video you ever did was when Simon Says added the new ink, Hot Lips to their line and you did a video showcasing it. You had me in tears because you could NOT stop saying Hot Lips! I have looked for that video and haven’t been able to locate it. Unfortunately, I was laughing so hard at you, I don’t even remember what kind of card you made.Great stuff!

  118. The lotus card is so beautiful. I love how you blended the pink color. Your videos are always make me smile. Thank you for your inspiration.

  119. Wow is that lotus beautifully colored! So simple but so striking! And those monkeys…they just make me smile!

  120. You are wonderful !! I loved your Monkey card and your stories. Beautiful Lotus flower card too. Wow, you are a bright ray of sunshine. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  121. Awe………..so sweet, card number 1. Card #2 beautiful. Love those Zigs. Great job Laura with the simple cards.

  122. I love both of your cards. Thank you for sharing your video. I have yet to try masking. Your flower is so very pretty 🙂 you do beautiful work 🙂

  123. Just love watching your video’s, you always make me laugh.
    I remember having this very large stuffed monkey when I was probably somewhere five or eight my grandfather had bought it for me, the thing was probably as big as I was at the time. I still wish I knew what happened to him but that was SOOOO MANY years ago. But it is one of those memories I have of sitting on grandpas squad car with this giant monkey, grandpa and myself 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs and the memory.

  124. The card with the monkeys is so cute. Love the one with the lotus. It’s so beautiful. I’m liking those Zig markers. I’m thinking about getting some.

  125. Who doesn’t love a cute monkey stamp and that lotus blossom is to die for. Am so going to have to get some Ziggies.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  126. Such cute monkeys, Laura … and oh my, that gorgeous bloom hanging off the edge of the panel … beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for your always great videos! Anita 🙂

  127. As always, like your cards. My favorite is the water lily…so pretty. Also, must say, your a hoot!
    Oh, and I didn’t get a monkey either.

  128. I love your stories as much as your cards and techniques. You simply make me smile (but owning that lotus stamp would make me smile even bigger!).

  129. Ohhhh Laura Fadora.. I alway enjoy hearing your voice and your stories while watching your videos! You making me smile every single time. I love your flower card, it really is elegant.
    Thank you for all the joy you bring to my and others lifes!! Anja =)

  130. You are such a breath of fresh air! Love the monkey story, and have to say that if you get to hang out with Kristina and Jennifer you must be so blessed! Thanks for the mini-confession, too. Can’t tell you how much it helps me to know that even Laura Bassen has to do some things over! The monkey card is way too much for my skill level at present, but I totally get how sometimes you do things just because you like the process. I am enjoying playing and trying new things, but have a feeling that cutting multiple tiny masks will never be “my thing!” Thanks so much.

  131. Both cards are so great, I can see monkeys together and just imagine a fun wedding card…Lotus flower card is so unique and gentle 🙂

  132. Get me those MONKEYS!! They are soooo adorable! Thank you for the chance to win a gift certificate, I can’t believe I don’t have any Waffle Flower stamps yet but I think I NEED some! 🙂 xx

  133. both cards so different and both so gorgeous! The little monkey couple is FANTASTIC!!!! Love their “faces” and your coloring! Dying to try out these new ZIG clean color pens…you all have such mad skills you make it look so easy!!! TY!

  134. Fun monkey card. You are making me want a monkey…..or at lease a monkey stamp set. Beautiful flower card.

  135. sweet con’t of monkey story…I think I like your stories just as much as the cards:) Great cards!!!

  136. I am loving this release but your card highlighted the cute little happy birthday sentiment that is eye catching – goes perfectly with the flower. Beautiful card.

  137. Two more great cards. Love the little monkeys. They are so adorable. Your flower card is absolutely gorgeous. I love your coloring and the bright pink on the flower is OOO La La! Thanks for sharing. Great designs…both not too fussy. I like that. TFS

  138. I love the little couple. Pairing them with the bananas was fun. The coloring is so wonderful.
    The flower is gorgeous. Fun touch to have it off the page.
    thanks for sharing

  139. Wonderful cards always enjoy your videos You are a HOOT to listen to must be wonderful having you as a Friend. Thanks

  140. Your one layer wonders are always wonderful! I love the coloring! I was glad to see the wonderful lotus stamp – another beautiful simple card! Your videos are always a welcome relief to a hectic day! Thanks for sharing!

  141. Both cards are so cute! Love the layering on the first and can’t resist those Ziggies and the second. Perfect for a lotus flower. I also love watching your videos, they always make me smile!!!

  142. Such a contrast. Your monkey card is so cute but the flower card – OH WOW!! It is so beautiful!

  143. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating; you have the best voice overs for your videos. Not to mention, your card designs are great as well!

  144. Absolutely adore these 2 cards!!!! So much fun to watch your videos you always make me smile!! Keep doing whatcha doing!! Love that monkey set!!!

  145. Gorgeous cards, Laura. Fabulous masking, inking and colouring on your one-layer wonder and super delightful CAS flower card. As always, your video is so entertaining. Love your monkey and banana sticker stories.
    Marianne x

  146. Thanks Laura “mask” “banana” Bassen. Cute card and thanks for the ideas. Love the hang off flower.

  147. Wow love these cards – especially the magnolia – I love magnolias! I am intrigued that you say that the Ranger / Tim Holtz watercolour paper is best. I came across a video the other day that did a comparison with the Zigs and different papers and they ended up recommending another paper. Guess I’m going to have to crack open my zigs when the kids go back to school next week and find out for myself.

  148. I know the “Hop” was about coloring but your masking techniques were absolutely incredible. This is a technique I’d love to learn. Cute and fun cards.

  149. Those monkeys are just too cute, and I loved your monkey and banana stories too! And I loved watching you color with your Ziggy Zig Zig pen and aqua painter too…I’m still experimenting with my set of 24, so it was great to watch you for more tips. Thank you, thank you!! :0)

  150. Laura, I always love your cards but I gotta tell ya, that masking card was A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! You may have even convinced me to give it a try, albeit an image that is easier LOL. Oh, and I agree with you…those Ziggies are amazing to work with and so easy to use when you image is embossed. Love the finishing touch of trimming that bit of the flower. TFS Laura and you always brighten my day.

  151. As usual your cards are such an inspiration Laura, love the colour of the flower and here I am telling myself that I couldn’t possibly need any more colouring tools… might have to succumb lol.

  152. Glad you used the monkeys on your card, so cute. Also, I’m in love with the flower card. What a nice stamp and technique.

  153. That funny monkey is going bananas. Hey! I love bananas too! WF has an awesome release this time again.

  154. Both cards are lovely, the soft background with the cute little monkeys is awesome and the flower is just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  155. I feel about lotus the way you feel about monkeys ! I adore this new stamp set and the great inspiration you gave me for how I could use it. Also, thanks for sharing that you don’t always get it on the first try. I’m just starting to try to do masking and would be lost without all you blog ladies’ tips to guide me!

  156. Love love love those monkeys too!!! I’m going to try that cut you made with the flower. Loved it

  157. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work – thank you always for sharing. You’re engaging and easy to learn from and I love the many helpful design ideas and tips that you share. I haven’t checked out waffle flower yet but think will need to now! 🙂

  158. You are so fun! This is my first blog hop ( I’m just getting started with paper crafting) and I enjoyed your video so much. I also just got the zig pens and am excited to try your technique! Thank you!

  159. Oh no, another stamp company I’ve never heard of. I could be in trouble. Great card, Laura! I always LOVE your style! And your videos are the best!

  160. Fabulous cards Laura! I Love them both! Loved the video too, thanks for sharing that you get frustrated at times and that your cards not always turn out wonderful at the first try, that fills me with hope 😉 Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!

  161. You rock!!! Love watching your videos…learning as I go…Monkey see, Monkey do…in my case that is…LOL.

  162. Oh My Heavens!! That is the most gorgeous card I have seen in a very long time. Love, Love, Love how you cut around the bloom to add such a huge amount of visual interest to an already phenomenal card. Makes me smile each time I look back at it.

  163. The “bunch” card is cute as can be and I LOVE the flower card. Gorgeous technique and coloring on it and I love the cut away effect. Definitely going to try that . Thanks for the inspiration.

  164. When I was young I want to have a brather.
    My mather have one, my father have one.
    I hope Kristina Werner send me one , I don’t mind any from colour book if it will be made like this cards. So I need to win this HOP to get all this stamp and to meet her.

  165. I loved the video! 🙂 If you’re crazy, I’m crazy too, because I can relate to the things you say you do. Thanks for admitting about your fumbles. Sometimes things get so out of whack that I think, “Why am I doing this?! I don’t have what it takes!” So it’s good to know that as good as your cards are that you too mess up. I love your monkeys card AND your flower card. I love to mask too.

  166. Bright and beautiful cards, as always. I especially like the floral card! Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. I Love them both, Laura! Your copic coloring is perfect and that layering….ahhh-mazing! Stunning floral! I have to try trimming the edge sometime and Yes, totally D. Hughes. LOL

  168. Pingback: Penny Slider Card: Waffle Flower Tiger Shark – Sandy Allnock

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