Altenew-July Blog Hop

blog hop banner July 15Hello there! Today I have the pleasure of joining my friends at Altenew for their July blog hop. Altenew is releasing nine new stamp sets, which are available for purchase in the Altenew store.
Altenew-Layered Lily & Halftone HappyMy project features two fabulous new stamp sets: Layered Lily & Halftone Happy. I absolutely love the detail you can achieve with the multi-step stamping in the Layered Lily set.
Altenew-Layered Lily & Halftone HappyHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.

To celebrate this release, Altenew will draw three winners who will each receive a $50 gift certificate to their online store. Please leave a comment on the Altenew blog by Friday, July 31 11:59pm EST for a chance to win. The winners will be announced on Saturday, August 1st.

You can also leave me a comment for your chance to win a $30 gift certificate to Altenew…woot!

Your next stop on the hop is the lovely & extremely talented May Sukyong Park.
Thanks so much for hopping by!


542 thoughts on “Altenew-July Blog Hop

  1. Your card is AMAZING, and your video is even more so! You make the best videos ever!! Thank you Laura!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! This was so pretty. Love the Altenew Happy outline. Very cool.
    Have a wonderful Disney time.

  3. What a beautiful card. Have a wonderful and safe trip, can’t wait to hear the stories you have when you get back.

  4. You are the Master of Masking and one layer cards! Gorgeous! Thanks so much for making the video. You always crack me up too. BTW… great seafood at Epcot!!! Have fun.

  5. Thank you for reminding me about the halftone stamps. I loved the previous ones and forgot about them. This is a beautiful card. I assume you cut entire masks (when you could have cheated with partials) because you plan to save them?

  6. Laura, great w as y to use the big script stamps if you do not have a cutting machine. I always stear clear of those stamps. I may not fussy cut the stamp but I am going to try masking fluid. Thanks lots.

  7. What a beautiful card and video. The layering is fust beautiful and you have a wonderful eye for color. Love the stamps! Have a wonderful vacation with your family.

  8. Ass usual, your card is beautiful. And those Altenew flowers are amazing! have a great vacation

  9. Love multi stamping and often mask so I know the trouble you went to do this card. Outstanding.
    The HAPPY is so versatile.

  10. Your card is lovely. You certainly don’t need to apologize for making something that takes time. I personally think the trend of instant gratification is heading humanity in a bad direction. Your videos are always refreshingly real, funny and easy going. TFS.

  11. Beautiful card! Love those new stamps – thanks for showing us how easy they layer together. Have a great vacation! Oh, and those pokey-outy things in the middle of the flower – they are called stamen.

  12. Thank you for the inspiration – i am going to make my version for my mil’s birthday this weekend!

  13. Amaz-ZA-zing!!! You make the best one layer wonders. I really need to get some masking paper. Love you videos too ; ) hope that you have a wonderful time on vacation.

  14. Beautiful card! Love the stamp sets can’t wait to see the rest of the hop. Enjoy your vacation.. sounds like a lot of fun.

  15. Just a lovely card! Really like that lilly…enjoy Disney -one of my favorite places to visit even without kids!!!

  16. Gorgeous card Laura! I love all of the layered colours. This Lilly image is awesome! Love the font and size of the big Happy! Your masking has really paid off!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family ❤️

  17. Oh my word girl….SO pretty!!
    You have an Awesome trip girl!!
    and if your hint hint about the inks works…Hint hint I NEED them too ! LOL

  18. Luv your fussy-cutting one-layer cards! That lily stamp set is just gorgeous! Am in the midst of planning a Disney World trip for my 88-yr old mom and choosing where to eat. (We’re in California.) It’s all about the food! Have a wonderful vacation!

  19. Your cards are always so beautiful and leave me wanting everything you use including the patience it takes to cut out masks. Have a wonderful vacation!!

  20. Cute card! I livyour videos! Jizzz it up? Lol! Have a great time at Disney and Epcot! Stop into morocco at the tangerine cafe! Oh yummy yummy yummy! Couscous salad and gyros are to die for! And their baklava is heaven, too! Can’t waif to hear about your adventures!

  21. Love Altenew stamps. They are on my wish list. Have fun at Disney! My husband (Boyfriend at the time) went to Disney land in 2012 and I enjoyed every moment. We did go New Year’s Eve which we had no idea how busy it would be. Someday i will take my little guy who is now 4 year old who is crazy about Mickey!

  22. Oh Laura! This card is just over-the-top goegeouser than any card!!! Love your videos! Have a super time at Disney and hey…be a little girl again through that precious little Emma!! And even the teens who will surely want their pics taken with the characters for their friends!

  23. Altenew in rainbow land, yeaaaaaaaah!
    Awesome work by the one and only, now I have a new goal, more altenew stamp sets that I originally
    Wished for. Have a wonderful time!

  24. Laura, i’m in love w/ ALL the cards you make, this one is no exception, & also i really enjoy each & everyone of your videos, make my day Thank you & Blessings!

  25. It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos. I love your attitude, your take on life and how you always have something to laugh about. Your cards are pretty too. 🙂

  26. Laura – I don’t know which I like better – your stamping or your narration – you are such a crack up with your explanations of how you make your fabulous cards! Thanks for the smile this morning!

  27. You never cease to amaze with your brilliant and beautiful talent. Trust me, I try to do some of the cards you make and they never come close to looking like what you have created! This card is exceptionally beautiful! Thank you so much Laura and have a wonderful vacation

  28. You really do make me laugh out loud…but, yes, I do care about that gorgeous card. Fab masking girl…You’re the Masking Empress.

  29. Lovely card Laura. Thank you for the enthusiasm that you bring to cardmaking! You’re the ultimate HAPPY!

  30. What a gorgeous one layer WONDER! Of course, you being the WONDER woman, everything you create is a WONDER….now enjoy Disney and have a blast and stay COOL! I am just as excited as Olaf…. 🙂

  31. Laura, I like the way you combined the sentiment and the flower. Thanks for sharing the video on how you overlapped the two. Beautiful work.

  32. Love the card. Thank you for using PTI colors. I have them all, and everyone is using all new pads for their projects.

  33. Wow, wonderful and great video card. New sets of stamps are awesome! I love your designs, I will certainly enlarges its collection for next. Thank you for the chance to win.

  34. Gorgeous card!!!! I have been debating on papertrey Inks. Now I know I have to have them!!!
    I also just love your stories!! They make me laugh and smile and this one even made me hungry!!! Thanks for the smiles!!!

  35. You always make me smile. I sometimes watch your videos when I am feeling down, and I always come away feeling better. Love your videos and your cards. FYI the little spiky things on a lily are called pistol (the center part) and stamens on the outside. They are the reproductive part of the flower.

  36. Woah there horsey! There was some serious scrolling going on to leave my wee comment, but here I am. I am a regular stalker of your blog, leaving each time with a serious case of ‘card-envy’ and today is no exception. Great card as always, if you’d like to adopt me so I can share your crafty stash then don’t hesitate to get in touch ☺ happy hols’ 🍹🍨

  37. I love the lily. Masking the “Happy” made your card look exquisite. Your vacation in Disney World will be a wonderful memory for the entire family.

  38. Your videos make me happy! Your sense of humor, your teaching ability, and your fun with technique combine to making you a phenomenal inspiration to those who watch your videos. Thank you! This card is gorgeous … and your masking skills are to die for. Have fun at Disney World.

  39. Lovely card! You made a multi-layered card in one layer with the fab layering stamps and excellent masking. Hope the whole family has fun at Disney World. Thanks for the video.

  40. It’s easy to see you are in VA-CA-tion mode already with this tropical card:) LOVELY colors!! P.S. I think little sticky up thingys are called stamen.

  41. Beautiful card–love your 1 layered wonders–and your fussy cutting masks inspires me! Have a great time at Disneyland, we are Disney freaks at my house–our adult son requested instead of a college graduation party, to have the whole family (his sis and her hubby) to go to Disneyland for a few days. We went in April–and it was marvelous! If any of your crew has food allergies, Disney does a marvelous job, just let them now what the allergy is and they do the utmost to make sure you don’t become ill.

  42. Laura, you’re unbelievable!!!!! Thanks for sharing so much joy and fun in one video! 😉 I wish you have an amazing vacation with your family! And oh, I absolutely love your card! Thanks so much for such powerful inspiration you share with us!!!!! Hugs, Tasha 😉

  43. Laura, I enjoy your card making wonders. You are so funny to listen to. Enjoy your family time at Disney. Enjoy the moments.

  44. Beautiful card. That layering stamp set is great. I wish I could do masking like you do but I’m no good at fussy cutting. Love your videos, you are always so funny. Enjoy your vacation,

  45. I really wanted to see that stamp in action! Thanks Laura, for making my wish come true with that gorgeous card! Hope you and your family have a great vacation!

  46. Have a great trip! We just went in June and are already planning to go back next summer. Crazy, right?! Love your 1 layer wonder!

  47. What a gorgeous card! Your video is fantastic and really did a great job illustrating how you layered all of the stamps and masked the sentiment to create that gorgeous bloom!

  48. Beautiful card. Laura, I could listen to you talk mom to mom….woman to woman all day. I really think you need a talk show on TV…I’d watch for sure. Have fun at Disney…where the magic happens.

  49. What a gorgeous card! Your video is fantastic and really did a great job illustrating how you layered all of the stamps and masked the sentiment to create that gorgeous bloom! Thank you for putting the video together as I know it takes time to make it and edit it.

  50. I love your work & your videos and this doesn’t disappoint. Gorgeous Lily card, so pretty!
    Have a great vacation!

  51. Really GORGEOUS card, Laura!!! Thanks so much for the video…and have a wonderful vacay at Disney!!!!!!!!!!

  52. You crack me up. Love the card and the techniques too. Your your comments put it over the top. Have a great vacation.

  53. Laura, your video makes all the steps look so easy that I’m thinking I will have to try this! Lilies are my favorite flowers, this card turned out beautifully.

  54. YOu are wonderful! Couldn’t stop chuckling through your video. The card is pretty wonderful as well. Hope your vacation is all that the family anticipates, and that everybody has a great time.

  55. Love your beautiful card – the lily is one of my faves in this new release. Loved your video too!

  56. Thank you for the great demo on how you made the card Laura. I love the combination of the gorgeous lily and the large sentiment. Simple but elegant. x

  57. Beautiful card! Love this stamp set. Thanks for the video showing your mad masking and stamping skills… I learn so much from watching you! Have a fun time at Disney!

  58. Definitely another “one layer wonder” Laura! Love this lily set, I think it’s my favorite from the new release – thanks for sharing this beautiful card with us. Enjoy your vacation!

  59. Wow, what a beautiful card! Thank you so much for the fantastic step by step video! Hope you have a fabulous vacation!

  60. lovely card as I said on youtube already. Happy vacation time, will you send cards to those at home? anyway fluid masking liquid Laura 😉

  61. Oh my, totally gorgeous. Love the results from the beautiful flower layers. Have an amazing Disney vacation. We live a short drive away and have annual passes.

  62. I really like the layers in this multi-stamp lily. Many of these types of stamps just don’t get it right and once it’s been stamped, it looks like blobs! Altenew has done a fantastic job of getting this multi-stamp set – perfect! Give Stitch and Donald a kiss for me…

  63. Fabulous card, so pretty and all the masking was totally worth it! You should have said “ta-da” when you pulled the mask off! Your videos are the best, always a bright spot in my day! Enjoy your vacation!

  64. Fabulous card, Laura. And here you are again with your magic scissors. Have a wonderful vacation at Disney & thanks for a chance to win.

  65. Ei wasn’t keen on the lily just looking at the stamp and then your card came up. I adore it! Love the way you matched the inks ! Happy holidays!!!

  66. Great card! Many thanks for the video…so helpful! Have a great vacation down in Disney World and Epcot…

  67. Love this layered flower set! Ink blending, ink smooshing and fussy cutting for masking… you’re the queen of them all! 🙂

  68. Thanks so much for the wonderful video, it makes it so much easier to make a card ALMOST as nice as yours!

  69. Have a great vacation at Disney!!! This card is so pretty. So happy to see new floral multi-stamping sets coming out from Altenew; love them all!!

  70. Love that lily and the happy, how can you not smile over the happy? Can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. Would love to win and thanks for the chance. ENJOY!

  71. Always love your cards and commentary. I believe antennae are called stamens. I actually just flew into Orlando the other day. Bring your umbrella….we seem to be getting two storms a day instead of the usual summer afternoon showers. Or just get wet and dance in the puddles and have fun. You’ll dry off on the rides! Enjoy and tell us some florida and Disney stories when you get back

  72. I like ink blending…haven’t tried my hand at masking yet….will have to give it a try….have a fantastic time on vacation….take it easy in the heat…

  73. laura,
    its a joy to watch you work. you make things beautiful & you make things look easy (though i know they’re not)
    thank you for sharing 🙂 say hi to Daffy Duck for me 🙂

  74. Awesome card! I love layered lily stamp set. Wish I could get that card for my upcoming birthday tough 😉

  75. Love your card so much – the way you outlined the light blue happy is just so awesome – beautifully done!!! Love it so much and I always enjoy your videos – you are delightful!!

  76. Cutest video ever!! Felt like as if you were just chatting with me while making the card effortlessly.. 😃… And the card is fantabulistic( if there is such a word tht exists).Now that makes me crave for this stamp set ! Thanks for sharing It with us! Have a super fun vacation … Hope it cools down a little bit so you guys can have lot of fun!

  77. Yes you are a crazy kid Laura with all that masking but gee it looks wonderful – totally worth it! Am so excited for you and your trip to Disney – hope it is an ah-maaaaazing break away for you all.

  78. There is absolutely no end to your creativity. Absolutely beautiful card….the design balance, the color combinations….the masking…OMG…the amazing masking…the sentiment that ties in perfectly. You are the master. Love your work. Enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  79. BTW: I forgot to add that I loved this video….so entertaining…the pointy-outy thing of the flower! So FUNNY! I’m still chuckling! Thanks so much for keeping us entertained!

  80. one layer wonder………. love them…….. awesome card and thanks for the video…… have a great vaca!!

  81. Love your ‘difficult’ way of creating a one layer card. Thanks for sharing the technique. Awesome lily!!!

  82. “Does anyone even care about the card anymore?” Woman, you crack me up! Please, please, please keep making videos.

  83. Not only is your card just Amazing ..Its such a treat to watch your video’s and your creative process..I always look forward to your video’s ..Like Tasnim said you make the best video’s ever 🙂

  84. Now that is a lovely tropical flower. I have really been wanting to try these stamps out. I love how much technique you can do with each seT. They haVe outline sTamps and solid stamps in most of there sets. I do think the price is a little more Than other sets but it is well worth it. Now I just need to choose which set I would like to try out first.

  85. You are so adorable and funny. Love your style, your cards and your videos. I like to do things the hard way too – glad I’m not alone. My sister makes beautiful cards and she does it so much more effortlessly. Oh well, good for her! Hope your family has a wonderful time at Disney – happiest place on Earth!

  86. What a stunning card, Laura! I especially love how you pulled off the unexpected but gorgeous color of the word hello. Thanks for a chance to win!

  87. You’re videos are always very amusing. The fact that you are so talented and make such beautiful cards is a extra bonus!

  88. What will this amazing company think of next?! Loving this newest addition to the layered flowers! Your card turned out incredible–Loving it against the crisp white background! 🙂

  89. I just absolutely adore your one layer wonder card Laura and lilies are one of my favorite flowers! This will be added to my long Altenew wish list for sure.

  90. Laura, love all of the one layer wonders you have been doing lately. Beautiful card. You are such a talented woman. Have a great time in Disney!

  91. Gorgeous card Laura. Have a great vacation at Disney! My tip for you would be get to the parks right at opening each morning, no matter what you have to do it will be worth it.

  92. Love the affect of the Happy stamp. Do you have to do anything special to get that look on the stamp. It almost looks like an ambre color on the video.

  93. LOVE this!! That Happy needs to live at my house. Have fun at Disney! I can’t wait to hear how Emma loved it. She’s a hoot!

  94. Gorgeous card. All that masking was well worth the end result.
    Hope you have a lovely time at Disney.

  95. I’d say it was worth your time to do all of that masking because this card is STUNNING!!! Have a fabulous time at Disney!

  96. I have come to adore multi-step stamps, and thought I didn’t “need” this one……until I saw how gorgeous it is in your hands, Laura! Thanks, (I guess) :)) Hope your vaca at Disney is fantastic! It’s such a magical place!

  97. I’m crazy (like you), I love to do masking cards because of the awesome effect you get from them. Case in point, your awesome card!!! Love it!!! Hope you had a fabulous time at Disney!

  98. Love, love, love your card. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. Will have to buy this one. thanks for sharing.

  99. Thanks for showing how easy peasy the multilayered stamping is with the Lily set, so beautiful! Love your card!

  100. Laura, This is a beautiful card. You never cease to amaze (or impress) — thanks so much for sharing your crazy talent !!

  101.!! All that masking was worth it–love your one layer wonder!
    p.s. Have a blast at Disney World!! Go Emma!!

  102. You used such a variety of elements. Very different. And as usual, I love your narratives…you are so entertaining!

  103. The layering image stamps always intimidate me, but you made that look easy!!! Gorgeous card, as always!

  104. I love your lily card. The colors are wonderful. I am glad you did the cutting out. What a difference it made. Have fun in Florida.

  105. I see I’m going to have to add the half tone happy to my other half tone sets, the lily is gorgeous! great card Laura, as always!

  106. WOW Laura, what a stunning card….love that stamp set you used and I am like you, I love the “Spartkling Clear” sequins by Pretty Pink Posh!!!

  107. What a great video and card!! I love the masking and your videos are always a pleasure!! Enjoy your vacation 😀

  108. Your videos always make me smile. Love the card, and love that ring on your right hand. Gorgeous. ^_^

  109. Beautiful card! And have a wonderful vacation! Hope little Emma meets her favorite characters at the park!

  110. I just love your card. You used two of my favorite new stamps sets to create it. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work.

  111. Hope you and your family had a great vacation at Disneyworld. Your Altenew lily stamp card is lovely.

  112. Your Lilly is just so amazing!! I love your videos always, and this is no exception!! I love this release!!

  113. Just LOOOVE the world of difference ways to build a card with the same stamps, one day i dream that it wont be that defical for us outside the US to be a part of the stamping wonderland 😉 I chase it when i can get my hands on the Alternews wonders, so pretty put together of you Laura, hope you and your family get a wonderful holiday in Disneyland, i have the happiness to joy Disneyland with my husband and daughter 4 years ago, and it was just the greatest experience ❤

  114. What an absolutely wonderful card. You certainly are a lucky duck. I wish a super duper vacation for you and your family. I can hear the excitement in your voice. These stamps are so nice and you’ve really used them wisely.

  115. Thanks so much for your video. Love seeing how you did each step. That’s what I call a statement card–doesn’t look fussy but its beautiful and makes you want to look at it over and over again.

  116. Thank you so much for the tips! I actually like how you did the masking to make such a beautiful card. I also love how happy you sound 🙂

  117. Laura, love how summery and holidaye (not a word I know ) this card is. Love the colour combinations and the effect from masking. Beautiful.
    Ps. Enjoy your vacation.

  118. I love your cards but I get a chuckle with every one. How can you go wrong, beautiful cards and a laugh! Love these new stamp sets!

  119. Your card is beautiful as always and your video is a “hoot”….makes me laugh every time. Vacation at Disney World is always fabulous, especially with a small one in tow. It will be magical for everyone! Have a great time.

  120. I don’t think there is a stamp company out there who does the multiple layer stamping (especially florals!) better than Altenew! I love your card and how you combined both sets to create a simple and elegant card. Thanks for showcasing the stamps so beautifully.

  121. I love layered stamping. You did a great job on this card. Ir is beautiful and I love the colors you used. Your videos are so special… I like you chatter. Makes me smile. Nice design using the masking. TFS

  122. Love, love, love your wonderfully rambling videos. Your card is the gorgeousest!! The pokey outy things are stamens, lol. That new multistep stamping altenew lily is stunning. Thank you for the fab video, enjoy Disney.

  123. I love the colour combination you used on this card! I haven’t done much masking techniques but this card makes me want to give it a try 🙂

  124. Love the layering stamps, endless possibilities and all look so professional. I’m also loving the ‘Happy’. Beautiful card Laura.

  125. When I first saw the layered lily, I almost gasped. What a beautiful stamp, and such lovely colors! Such a simple design but beautifully executed.

  126. I love this card! I purchased the stamps from Altnew so that I could re-create it myself! thanks for the the inspiration!!

  127. Gorgeous card and thank you for the video. The lily stamp set is really gorgeous. Altenew has done a great job with all its multi step stamping florals.

  128. Fabulous card, Laura–you are going to have so much fun in DisneyWorld! I totes understand about doing things the long hard way! It turned out great!

  129. I love 2 and 3-step stamping, really helpful for the coloring challenged! Thank you for the chance to win.

  130. Wow Laura. Your card is beautiful. Loved the video. I too thrive on all those details. No one minute cards for me.

  131. I am so excited about this release – more magnificent flowers! I simply adore Altenew stamps.

  132. Your card is beautiful, I’m not sure I would have believed the lily was stamped if I hadn’t seen the video.

  133. Laura, I have to ask ? I watched you stamp the happy in that color !!! How did you get it to be ambre???and have a super sweet vaca . Wish I was a fuss ball in your pocket !!! . We’ve had to many money interruptions this year .. No vacation for us . We’ve lost big ticket items . A refrigerator ?? Water heater ?? A mower ( good thing we have one old one ) to use as back up.. .. But the big one .. Roof !!!uggg . Don’t want to tell hubby .. But my washer has been acting up .. I’m playing dumb . Till he notices ..don’t want to send him over the edge ( the good wife) am I right …love your blog .. Your simply the best .. Yours in Christ and ink Anne P.s want to hear all the fun stuff you did when you get back !!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  134. Saw this the other day and can’t remember if I commented or not. Love the stamping and masking on this card. You showed how easy it can be when you plan it. Great stamp set!!! 🙂

  135. Your card is just so gorgeous-your Lilly is super lovely!
    I can’t decide if I like the Lilly or
    the Wild Hibiscus the most 🙂
    The Half Tone Happy is on my wish list!

  136. I adore these sets and your work too! Thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques with us.
    I always learn

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  138. Geez…those were a lot of comments to scroll thru. What a beautiful creation. I’m dying to know what the best FL food discovery was… Some new French fry concoction?

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