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janesdoodles-header_zpsc827a1a4Hi there! Today I’m so excited to be joining Jane’s Doodles for a blog hop. Jane was so generous to send me two of her newly designed stamp sets: Cats & Dogs. These are THE cutest sets in the history of ever.10550844_10204636684745692_4893323654249762165_nI used both sets on my card below. I masked the cats & dogs to huddle them together, and while the masks were still on, I blended in some subtle background in in Maliblue & Jellybean and then colored the animals with Copics. Jane's Doodles-Cats & DogsI just can’t get over how cute these critters are, and the expression on their faces just cracks me up. Jane's Doodles-Cats & DogsI couldn’t resist making one more tag because, I mean, seriously, look at this adorable Weiner dog cropped off the side. I can’t even handle it!Jane's Doodles-Cats & DogsI stamped the dog, masked him, blended in some background ink, removed the mask and then colored him with Copics.Jane's Doodles-Cats & DogsAll Jane’s Doodles stamp sets are currently 20% off right now, so grab them while their hot! Leave me a comment for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Jane’s Doodles. Here’s the blog hop order:

Jane’s Doodles
Thanks so much for hopping by!

145 thoughts on “Jane’s Doodles blog hop

  1. Oh my! These stamps sets are so incredibly cute! I love the masking you did in your card to pose these darling little friends together. Adorable!

  2. I just love that darling little dachshund on the tag! It immediately brings a smile to my face…thanks for brightening my day!

  3. You’ve never been more right about anything – these ARE the cutest in the history of ever!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card, tag and the stamps!! I enjoy your posts and videos so much – thanks so much for being awesome!! 🙂

  4. Absolutely love your card combining the dogs and the cat! So precious! I needed card ideas and this one is perfect thanks.

  5. These are really cute stamp sets. I will have to go check out this store. You make the cutests cards.

  6. So dog gone cute! I’m a huge cat lover–just check my “God’s cat garden” of feral cats in my back yard , we’ve had all of them neutered with the TNR (trap, neuter, release) program. Two are now wanting and allowing us to pet them!

  7. Love these stamps! They’re so stinkin’ cute! I need to get my paws on that doxie though! Love him! Thanks for sharing Laura – your cards look amazing!

  8. These are some seriously cute stamp sets, and projects too. I love how you combined both sets on the card.

  9. Darling card and such cute stamps too! I love how you were able to mask the critters together. They turned out so cute. I love the I Woof you tag. So adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Looks like there was a lot of masking going on at your house! I LOVE your card and your tag is absolutely adorable!!!

  11. I adore your cards as always your ink blending is spot on!! I feel like I owe it to you that my SSS ink collection began…and now I can’t stop!! LOL

  12. Awwwww….such cutie patooties, even the half-wiener! I just marvel at the masking you do….so many! Again, the master at work. Love this card and the tag w/all the colorful critters and ink blending. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Se ven graciosos estos sellos, tal vez para tarjetas infantiles. Voy a tratar. Muy bonitas tus creaciones.

  14. You have fabulous masking skills! Such an adorable card with perfect coloring using these fun, new stamps.

  15. Such adorable stamp sets. I love that they have appropriate sentiments included. Love your card and tag.

  16. I am not very familiar with Jane’s Doodles, so I am happy to have another stamp co to follow. At least that is what half of me thinks. The responsible side of me is saying OH no Not more stamps! The fun side of me is doing cartwheels.!

  17. These are adorable! I haven’t heard of Jane’s Doodles, but now I must go see the rest of the hop. I love those kitties, cute kitty stamps are not easy to find.

  18. Oh my, another blog hop you are involved in! I don’t know how you find the time to make so many cards, but I’m happy you do. 🙂

  19. Adorable, Laura. That tag would be perfect for my SIL; she’s a dog person with a love affair with her wiener dog.

  20. I really dig the puppy stamp set! Can’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail – especially with these great ideas!

  21. Laura, love the card and tag. The light blending for the background really looks great, just finishes them both off perfectly. The tag is so cute with the half a weener.

  22. Laura–I woof you!!! I hope you had fun here in Florida! I agree these are really cute stamp sets

  23. I don’t have any cute animal stamps. How can that be? Spent the last few days looking; might have found mine! Love your stuff, Laura!

  24. I love that you put these sets together. While I’m a cat person, that doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs. It’d be nice to see more sets with both.

  25. LOVE sooo much these stamps, they are so versatile and very cute! Your scene is wonderful, and great technique with masking to create this frendly group! Very fun!The tags are so sweet!
    Thanks for the chance to win at this Blog Hop, cross my fingers!

  26. When stamps are this cute, I wish they were little toys so I can play with them like when I was a little girl 😆

  27. Super adorable card and tag! But, what happened to using Hot Mama ink, It’s still July and you didn’t use it on this card. LOL

  28. how cute are those stamp sets???!!!!! They just have to make you smile…. Your cards are always so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Really cute stamp sets! And the card is super cute! Wish I could blend as well! But my favorite is the tag! Absolutely gorgeous!

  30. These animals couldn’t be any cuter and those expressions, oh my! You did a great job with grouping them together.

  31. OH MY GOODNESS!!! These sets are absolutely adorable. I am going to have figure out a way to squeeze them into my budget this month. Love your techniques of masking and then blending in the background. And the faces remind me of some of the expressions I see on my pooch. Great designs…simple but lovable. TFS

  32. So darn cute. Perfect card and tag. I really love them huddled together like that. Such a cool design and coloring. I must practice masking, because the final results and blending are fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration Laura.

  33. I agree the expressions on the faces of the critters are soooo cute. Love all your projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. You are right Laura, these stamps are so adorable. And you made them “adorabler” with your wonderful projects.

  35. I could not help but smile with the tenderness this card inspired. Absolutely darling stamps and design. It just speaks to the heart. Cheers!

  36. Love the cards…great job as always. Love how you grouped the animals together…you are the queen of masking! Love you layout for the tag too.

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