SSS-Sketch Ranunculus

Hello! Today I’m sharing a project featuring the beautiful Sketch Ranunculus stamp set.SSS-Sketch RanunculusYou can see the full project & video over on the Simon Says Stamp blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

26 thoughts on “SSS-Sketch Ranunculus

  1. Just beautiful, Laura! You have inspired me to take out my Zigs today! Your tiny white and black flicks really do add a special touch to your design. I always look forward to your fun videos! Have a fun summer with your family!! ♡

  2. Another beautiful card, Laura! Love the colors you used and the paint flicking adds so much. I got tickled when you said it makes you nervous to use the dark colors. You did it just right!! I cringed when you cut out some of your pretty painting but the card is really neat. Love your chats and enjoy your summer with the kids – they always go fast!

  3. Love your card!! Great colors and enjoyed the video!! Colors are great and the painting is so pretty. Pretty fingernail polish too – which matched your card. Goodness. Thanks for the video!

  4. Just watched your video over on SSS. I thought it was going to be a tutorial on really how to watercolor with the Zig markers based on the SSS blog post title. But it was sped up so much I really couldn’t see the technique you talked about (something about adding a darker color after it had partially dried, etc. Couldn’t really see anything of the watercoloring at that speed.)

    Is there any chance you will do a video of how to watercolor with the Zig markers or have you already done that in one of your videos?

    I’ve seen a lot of people mention the Zig markers on their blogs, but since they are kind of expensive for my craft budget, I’ve held off getting them. I’d love to see a tutorial on just how to use them before I put that much money into them.

    And also, do they last a long time?

    Thanks!!! (suzyquesq2 at gmail dot com)

  5. As usual, your card is gorgeous ! And it’s so much fun to watch your videos, inspiring AND educative… Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  6. Hi there.
    I would like to subscribe to your website so that receive all of your posts and YouTube videos.
    I don’t see a subscribe button ???

    Could you please make sure that I’m on your mailing list,???
    My name is Veronica Rohm

    I’m from Canada.

    Thank-you so much!!
    J really enjoy your videos!!!

    Kindest regards..

  7. Well hello, Frau Ranunculuses! OMG. Subtle? You? I couldn’t believe you did the flick-the-bristles-with-your-finger! That would have sent one big fat black drop onto the card if I was doing it! Which would have led to a big fat sequin being adhered to cover it up!

  8. Delicious watercoloring with your Zigs, Laura! Love the effect, especially that you colored the flowers, leaves and sentiment…WOW! Thanks so much for another fabulous video…You sure know how to make me smile!!!

  9. Just came from SSS and wanted to know HOW COULD YOU CUT INTO THOSE RANUNCULUSESESESES?? I die. 🙂

  10. I just watched your video on the Ranunculus. Very nice card but I enjoyed you as much as the card. That is the first video of yours I have seen. You are pure joy. I will be looking for more videos from you. Thank you so much.

  11. Your card is so beautiful. Loved watching your video so much not just for the card but the good laugh as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I so love watching your videos! So very entertaining, especially when you talk about all kinds of other things than what you are doing! So fun! Keep up the great work!

  13. Laura , I bought this stampset , cause of you .. Told them at Simon too.. Lol .. I’m having fun with it ,made a bunch of book marks ,for the grand girls and boys ..came out ranunculusly good .. Lol . Yours in Christ and ink Anne

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