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fallingforyouhopHello everyone! Today I’m very excited to be joining Simon Says Stamp for a mega hop showcasing the awesome new Falling For You release.
SSS-Baby Party AnimalsI couldn’t resist making a card with this new Baby Party Animals stamp set. As soon as I saw it, I knew that these little cutie patooties had to be peeking out of a window of some sort. I used the Tri Square die to create my little windows and popped the white panel onto Neenah Classic Cream cardstock.
SSS-Baby Party AnimalsI love all the little accessory images that you can add to the baby animals. The coordinating Baby Animal dies make putting this card together so easy.
SSS-Baby Party AnimalsCan I just take a minute to tell you about this monkey? He stole my heart, and that colorful banner…fuhgeddaboudit!
Here’s a quick little video to show you how I made the card.

Each stop on the hop will receive a Simon Says Stamp Prize pack randomly selected by Simon on April 28. Leave a comment for your chance to win!
Your next stop on the hop is the very lovely and talented Nichol Magouirk.
Enjoy the rest of your hop, and thanks so much for stopping by!

931 thoughts on “SSS-Falling For You Blog Hop

  1. Adorable Baby Party Animals stamps/dies. Like how the animals are peeking out. I have the Birthday Farm Animals set and like it as well.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  2. I agree. Baby Party Animals should be peeking out of something. Such a cute card and thanks for the video. I’m sorry you never got to have a monkey, but maybe it was for the best.

  3. I love that monkey, too. My first grandchild absolutely loved a monkey of any sort and, at 6, still loves “the” monkey, which to his mind was Curious George. AND I have that tri-square window die and it is seriously under-used. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love those party animals!! The card is so cute. Since you wanted a monkey so bad you should get one now for your kids.

  5. You are too cute Laura! first let me say I LOVED your card….adorable!!
    LOL I can’t believe both of your parent’s had monkeys and yet denied you one- The injustice of it! I would SO send them that therapy bill Laura! 😀

  6. Very cute card! I love the idea of using the three square windows with this stamp set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Oh my gosh – such a wonderful card! Great video – you make it look so easy! Love little “windows” with animals peeking out.

  8. Omg!!! To adorable is your card and the new SSS baby party animal stamp set. A must have in my collection

  9. I am having a tough time deciding what was more fun… Drooling over the new SSS release and the cute card you made or laughing about monkeys. Thank you for sharing your sweet card design and brightening my morning.

  10. Laura you are hilarious! I didn’t want this set until I saw your card. But I think your monkey should have either been upside down coming from the top of the square or hanging from the banner. As you know, monkeys are always doing what they shouldn’t be doing.

  11. I love everything kitty too and these baby party animals are so cute and i want to get it together with the new background stamps, love the card and that die is very handy, i’d be mseeing about with 3 seperate squares, this would save me a lot of time and headaches, thanks for sharing

  12. I am so sorry that you didn’t get your pet monkey. But your card was just beautiful and super cute. thanks.

  13. What a great card. At first I wasn’t crazy about the rounded/no feet animals, but I just love what you did with them! Your Copic coloring is awesome. I just love that green banner! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  14. oh my gosh, look at those little critters peeking out of their windows to say Happy Birthday! pure cuteness! 🙂

  15. Like the way you placed the babies in the windows. It was fun to hear about your desire for a pet monkey. I also wanted a pet monkey and was in awe that a girl in my 3rd grade class actually had one!

  16. I really like the baby animals stamp/die set but it was your use of the tri square die that really caught my eye. A very nice card.

  17. I just discovered your blog and that is it: I am hooked! This animal card is so cute and mischievous! Love it. I like the brightness of the colors. Well done!

  18. Another great card from you. I just adore these little baby party animals and you’re right, they need those windows to peek there little heads out of.

  19. You are my absolute favorite!!! Have I told you that today? I think I have but there it is again! Love the card so adorable! TFS!

  20. There you go, being an amazing artist again. Does it ever get tiring? LOL Seriously, I would never have considered those animal stamps until seeing your card. And PS I knew a guy who had a chimp and it was NOT always fun.

  21. Love your card!! So cute!! What a clever way to die cut, stamp, and color!! It certainly saves time in having to cut the dies apart!! Love how you have the “critters” peeking out of the windows!!

  22. so I’ll throw this idea out into the SSS’verse – need a Laura Owl – wait for it!!! – ‘cuz you’re a HOOT!!! LUV this card too~

  23. I Love your stories, I have a 6yr old he would make a great monkey. Lol but I’ll keep him. Your card is fun!

  24. Very cute card. Laura you should be in showbiz. Your videos are hysterical. I could listen all day. I think Monkeys rock also.

  25. LOL, Laura I love your card and your commentary is ALWAYS entertaining. THIS is why I have been subscribed to your blog now for some time. Your work is amazing! TFS!

  26. Laura you always brighten my day with your cards & your commentary! Of course you love monkeys! It totally fits you! Your card is adorable. Another great release from SSS!

  27. Love the use of the Tri-Square die, I’ll have to add that to my next shopping list for Simon Says Stamp. Cute card, love those critters!

  28. Fabulous release this month.. Your card is so cute!!..Thank you and thanks SSS for the fabulous Blog Hop!!

  29. My cousin had a pet monkey too, and he was all over the place, curtains, kitchen cupboards, dinner table, you name it. You must be lucky for not having a pet monkey 🙂 🙂
    The cutest card I ever saw!

  30. Can I just say that you crack me up! Just sayin’! Love the card, too, BTW. Think I’m gonna have to get me some of those baby party animals!

  31. This is a magical blog hop. Love your story as you created this cute card. This release from SSS seems to have something for everyone.

  32. Cute cute cute card. I enjoyed your story and now I know what I didn’t know about you. lol. Like the way you have your party babies looking out those windows.
    Great design…great job.. TFS

  33. Your cards always amaze me! This one is
    just soooooo cute. I think this is my
    favorite release to date 🙂

  34. A very cute card Laura. I also love the little monkey. When I was a child we had a White-faced Capuchin monkey named Coco. He was so smart and loved grapes. We would hide grapes all over the house and he would find them every time. At night we would lock him in his cage, and every night he would get out of his cage with the cage still locked. We never figured out how he did it.

  35. Awesome sauce! I had to order these babies after seeing your card. I’m sorry that you never got a monkey. My sister and her husband had a spider monkey when I was little and he got into everything!

  36. Laura I love your videos. You are so bright and cheerful and really funny. Did you take lessons from Julie Ebersole? Ya’ll both crack me up. The card is so cute. Thanks.

  37. Your videos are always so fun to see Laura!! 🙂 So sorry you never got your monkey, but now you can stamp them without having to clean up any poop! LOL!! Thanks for sharing!! CUTE CARD!!

  38. Adorable card, Laura! Thanks so much for the video…I really enjoyed hearing your stories about your love of monkeys!

  39. Laura…your card is so sweet. It shows that the baby critters stamp set can be used for cards for any occassion, especially little ones birthdays & etc.

  40. Don’t give up, Laura; you might still get a monkey! The window-peekers are adorable, and, as always, you make me smile all over.

  41. Your fun card is so very cute, love it! Thanks for the very entertaining video, loved it also!!! Great release with fantastic products.

  42. I never miss an opportunity to watch your videos and the story about you wanting a monkey caught me off guard because my mother, who is no longer with us, wanted a pet monkey when she was a child. She REALLY wanted one! Your card, like all of your cards, blow me away.

  43. So cute. I have some pre-cut window cards and you’ve given me a great idea. I also own a banner die cut so I’m good to go.

  44. Super cute card! I always love your videos they put a smile on my face every time. Thanks for all the joy you share through your card videos!

  45. Your card is adorable. And your story about wanting a pet monkey CRACKED ME UP! LOL!! Thanks for your videos, they are my favorites 🙂

  46. That card is too cute… And you are too funny with you monkey story… Our local pet store had a monkey too, and it would suck on your finger through th cage….

  47. I love your card and video! Great idea with the windows, and you just make it all look so simple … which it’s not! Love the way you colored your kitty, too. It’s never too late to get that pet monkey 😉
    P.S. I’m behind on following your projects, and I scrolled down to see older ones and I’m like blown away. You just get better and better all the time!

  48. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the windows! I wouldn’t have thought to do that, but I’m totally going to borrow this idea!

  49. So, so cute!  Love the idea.  Nice job!!        Evelyn – 68 in WA state, who loves to make cards for family and friends, but have little time to do it.  I volunteer a lot in the community and have 14 grandchildren.  Hubby, too.  Need I say more?  LOL  

  50. Ok, ok I admit it! I was waiting for one of your children to sing in their own way, “I want a monkey song” lol! The card is really awesome.

  51. a little word of parental wisdom: the way to convince your child he/she doesn’t really want something is to go out and buy it for them! sorry your folks didn’t know that one! this was way cute, and I love the animals peeking out of the little windows. and that they each got to hold something. the banner really pops! Thanks so much.

  52. I love it all! Love the great release, love the baby animals, love love love your card and love George & your fun video. Thanks.

  53. OMG…I love your techniques but I love the commentary just as much. You are an entertaining story teller! Darling card!!

  54. You are a riot. I absolutely love monkeys also. Never wanted one but I always head for the monkey cages to watch them and I used to love the organ grinder that was always on Fisherman’s wharf in Monterey, CA when I was a little girl.

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  56. Ha ha Monkey see Monkey do lol sorry you didn’t get your monkey but maybe mother knew best😥 great card as usual Laurafadora love them party animals sticking out there windows

  57. You’re a hoot! I love the little party animals and you always have the most fun making your cards. THAT’S what it’s all about after all, right!

  58. Your card is so adorable. Always love watching your videos and your stories are always hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh!

  59. Love this card! OMG that Monkey story is hilarious! I have not seen the die cut before! Great idea for these cute critters!
    Gail – Huntley IL

  60. I love your card–especially the kitty, I always color like one of my furry babies too-and I’m so glad you didn’t get a trampoline (not really safe) but I’m sorry no monkey!

  61. Such a fun card with those little baby party animals peeking out 🙂 pssst, I called them critters too 🙂

  62. The Party Animals looking out/peeking out make the card. How adorable. I am so glad you join the blog hop. Love the card.

  63. Love your card and as always, love your stories! I love to watch your videos because they’re so much fun. 🙂

  64. I love that card!! And your stories never fail to make me laugh! 😀 My folks and older sisters had a pet monkey before I was born (I’m #3 of 4 girls) and it bit my older sister – so I think your folks are telling you the truth. It’s a bummer cuz they are so cute.

  65. Hahahahahaha, love the George the monkey story. You know, you could have one now….why not? Anyway, I love your card. The windows are very cool and just “work” for the baby party animals. Thanks for your hop creativeness, tutorial and enthusiasm. Just makes me smile 🙂

  66. Oh Laura. You kill me with your stories! You are too funny! But can you imagine if you had both a monkey and a trampoline?? How cute would a jumping monkey be?!?! Anyway. So I love your card. And I had no intention of buying or even liking the animal stamps. Until you go and make them all cute. Dang. Laura.

  67. Laura, you’re too funny! Love the cute guys on this card and hope someday you get your wish for a trampoline and a monkey:)

  68. so, your story was absolutely hilarious, and your card was so CUTIE PATOOTY (don’t know correct spelling). thanks for always making me laugh and keeping me inspired!

  69. Saw this card earlier as a Pin on Pinterest – so cute and so clever how you used those animals to make this fabulous scene!!! I love how talented you are – thanks for showing how great Simon Says Stamp products are to create with!!!

  70. Too cute, lol. I always enjoy your videos Laura, they always tech me something and make me smile and laugh. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  71. Oh my goodness oh my goodness, just too cute! I mean how can I resist this set?! The way you made the card – having the little cuties peeking through the windows is just adorable. Your card always brings a smile to my face, and no need to say how I enjoy watching your video and listening to you, so fun!

  72. OMG your card is soooooo cute. I love this squares die and the party animals stamps. Thanks for the video

  73. What a great stamp set…..those animals are too cute! Love the way you have them poking out of the tri square die openings!

  74. I love it! I couldn’t wait so I did purchase the circle stamps and am hopping to all the blogs to gather ideas until they get here. Thank you!

  75. Your card was just a little too cute! I wish you had gotten your monkey, even though I’ve heard they sling their poop when they get mad. Yuck! Tyfs.

  76. Oh My GOSH, I ALMOST forgot to watch your video, Laura! Just fyi, you probably are extremely bleassed that you DIDN’T get a pet monkey, LOL! Loved your video-have a great day!

  77. Hehehe, and there you go doing it again…make me laugh out loud! 😀 Love your cards and love your video’s! Plus a thumbs up for loving monkeys and naming him George… we care or not lol!!! Thank you yet again 🙂

  78. Laura, Laura, Laura – I love you! Fun video! Love George too, and the rest of your baby party animals! Darling card! ♥

  79. Love the card! The windows add a really nice touch. Sorry you didn’t get your monkey as a kid, but I have a feeling you were probably better off without one in the end. 😎

  80. Your little friends poking their heads out of the openings is a great way to showcase these new stamps. Nice work.

  81. Oh my I love this card. I couldnt stop laughing about you wanting a monkey and a trampoline, tfs you really cheered me up.

  82. Such a cute card! I’m not a huge monkey lover, I worked at a zoo for a little while and I dreaded cleaning the spider monkey house, they would climb all over me trying to give me love bites.


  84. Laura…you are TOO funny….multi-talented and too funny. OMG! Not only are your creations just the cutest, but your videos are so entertaining! Nobody…..absolutely NOBODY….can touch your videos. They are the best. You are the best. I love the cutie-patootie party mini animals and your coordinating stories. Oh, the stories! L-O-V-E the card and your stories and YOU! Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your family with us!

  85. Omg! I love everything about this release!! Super cute card!
    I love all the inspiration… Excited to continue on this blog train!

  86. I LOVE your videos on so many levels….Not only do I learn a lot….Not only are they short so that I’m not sitting there for half an hour….but they are incredibly funny and entertaining! You should totally get a monkey named George! 🙂

  87. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, your adorable card or the video, which had me laughing out loud. (I wanted a monkey at one time too.)

  88. Love your card…love your videos even more…I’m glad I’m not the only adult who loves curious George haha 🙂

  89. Absolutely love this stamp set and the card you made using it. Cannot wait to receive my order and play. Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. You never fail to make me laugh. I adore you! Super cute to have those baby animals peeking out of those windows. And I seriously can’t believe about the monkeys!

  91. Loved the monkey story, we had one in our neighborhood when I was a kid. For you Fun Foam, try Sookwang available at It comes in several widths from 1/8″ to 6″ wide! I haven’t found anything it WONT stick to – you can even use fit to make glitter stickers 🙂

  92. Too cute! Love the monkey too! Your videos are so much fun to watch and listen to! Thanks for sharing!!

  93. This is the second stop that has the baby party animals and is another adorable card! Thanks for sharing and for your monkey story! My kid wants one but they state we live in right they are illegal and by the time we move next (mil. fam.) he’ll be an adult so. I guess he can get if we move to another state; anywho, we’ll see.

  94. love the baby animals since I saw some sneak peeks and already ordered before seeing your adorable card. Love your videos cos they’re always so much fun.

  95. I can see why the little monkey and you had/have quite a connection….because you and your card are a riot! ADORE everything about this card! Cuteness overload indeed! 🙂

  96. You are so right- those images are so cute-made even more so with your awesome coloring. Love them peeking out of the windows.

  97. too funny….well now you have George! Sweet card and love the way you had them peaking out of the windows. And of course had to get some rainbow in there with the banner.

  98. This is so cute. Love the layout. I don’t know how you’re able to get your white cardstock to stay so pristine. I seem to be the smudge queen.

  99. I just love your cards, but I would enjoy listening to you even if you were cooking pasta… You are cheerful and very entertaining. Thank you n

  100. Ha ha a monkey for a pet huh!? Being an Aussie that just blows me away – I can not imagine having a monkey for a pet – never even realised that you could!! But if you say your parents did then I believe you lol. Love your sweet card – those little darlings look adorable sitting in the die cut windows. Adorable colours too Laura.

  101. Cute card Laura, totally understand about the monkey, I wanted to have a Koala as a pet as a kid ( I never got one either.. lol 🙂

  102. I love the little monkey and the way that the tiny animals are peeping out if the windows. So cool!

  103. Laura you are just too funny:) Loved watching your video this morning! So now when I think of my brother George and think of Monkeys, I’ll think of you! That card is just too cute! That stamp is my favorite in this new release because it is just too cute and I loved your card designed.

  104. Wow, such inspiration. I love blog hops because I enjoy seeing how different people use the same materials to create unique works of art.

  105. Laura – as always, you’ve knocked it out of the park! Love the peeking baby animals – can’t wait to get my own. I already have the tri-square die, so I won’t need much to CASE this card – thanks again for all you do!

  106. Hi Laura, love your card! Those little critters are so adorable. You can almost see them popping out of that card ready to give you a big hug! Love the colors you chose. So awesome 🙂

  107. Loving George and all his delightful friends, thanks for the video tutorial of your cute peek a boo card.

  108. Hi Laura!! Your card is so much fun, with those critters peeking from the windows. I have some very similar dies and never ever thought about using them in this way! I’m just not very creative sometimes and other times overflowing with ideas. LOL I think it must be the generic shapes that do not inspire me and so we have You to spark and get things rolling. Thanks for your great video and copic coloring. So sorry that you didn’t get a monkey, boy they sure look like fun tho, don’t they?!

  109. LOVE this card! The windows were the perfect compliment to these little sweeties. And George is my favorite too! Not sure if your kitty would love having a monkey around, but I say ‘go for it!’, lol! SSS has really outdone themselves with this release. Every single thing is now on my ever expanding wish list! Have a great weekend.

  110. Adorable card…plus the added bonus of your “monkey story”, haha, what a treat to hear & view this Saturday morning!!

  111. Love,love, love the baby party animals as well. they are so cute and I bet ou can do a lot with that stamp set. the card is so neat, thank you for sahring!

  112. I laughed through the whole video! But then the card at the end was so happy! Love the way you colored it! Bright and happy!

  113. Laura….I Adore you and this card! If ever I’m sad or in a mood I’m heading straight to your You Tube!! You have such an Amazing Personality and Always make me laugh and sometimes almost Pee 🙂 xoxoxox

  114. Laura, you always make me smile with your stories. Funny, my son who is 17 bugs me all the time about getting a monkey. Truth be told I think it would be awesome, however since my daughter has a little pig and I have 3 dogs I feel like a monkey would just push me over the top. Now hearing about your parents monkey stories I would be terrified I would find this monkey in my craft room bumping out various containers and destroying my organization. LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing adorable baby animals cards!

  115. Your animal card is so adorable and I love it. Also thanks for sharing the tip about storing blending pads under the small distress ink square.

  116. We did have a pet monkey…her name was girl. So sweet – she like to play cards with us. Always a great video! Love the card.

  117. I was not depressed this morning as I watched your video, but if I was I would not be now. Your bubbly personality would make anyone smile. Great card and stories. I hope you don’t get a barrel of monkeys after this video. Better stock up on bananas just in case….

  118. This is such a great card. I love the dimension the card has with items at different levels. So cool! Thank you for the inspiration!

  119. super cute and yet ANOTHER hilArious video! my mom always wanted a pet monkey as a kid too! Me, I wanted a pony!

  120. Seriously, your videos make my day. And I totally agree, you must have a window for baby animals to peek out of!

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  122. Must have the party animals – can’t get enough of that party piggy!! Love them peeking out of the windows! And the colorful banner – perfect!!

  123. so far yours is my favorite card- love the animal and window and your coloring- as well as your monkey story! cute 🙂

  124. You are right. George is adorable. Love, love, love the baby party animals and how you used them on your card!

  125. The Baby Party Animals are so cute!!! They’re especially cute hanging out the little windows. Love it. 🙂

  126. Full of awhssss with this fabulous card. There is something about these cute critters and windows that screams fun. Cheers!

  127. ADORABLE! That banner is so stinking cute. Love how you put together the card with the little guys peeking out. Thanks!

  128. How cute is that?! The more I look at these stamps, the more I want them. Just the cutest release in a while!

  129. I don’t want to play favorites on this blog hop….but…this is my favorite! I saw the rainbow banner and knew exactly who made this.

  130. I love those baby party animals…your card is so cute! Also, I say, “no time like the present” – go for the monkey!!

  131. I love it! So cute! I always wanted a monkey too. I had to settle for an imaginary one though. 🐒🐵. I am moving this hop!

    LOVE your card Laura, LOVE your baby party animals peeking out the windows!!!
    YOU are not alone … my sister REALLY wanted a monkey too!!!

  133. I saw the video to this card yesterday.. Laura, you’re one of the funniest persons in Youtubeland. I always have to laugh so hard! 🙂 And your card is (of course!) awesome! Love that new stampset.

  134. Every time I watch one of your videos I smile from ear to ear. I love the little stories you tell because they are so amusing. I just love this card. I wasn’t going to get the little baby animals but now I have to buy them.

  135. I would not even care what you card looks like…(even though it is my favorite of the hop) I just love hearing you voice and your stories!!

  136. I, too, wanted a monkey as a kid! My parents never owned one, but my hubby did when he was little! Darling card! I’m in love with these little birthday critters!

  137. I’m so glad you had a little bit of time with the monkey today! What a crack-up! I always so enjoy your videos! I love how you used that Tri-square die–I have that and it made great windows for these party animals! Thanks so much–love your card!

  138. What’s NOT to love about this card and video! Always look forward to your cards, videos and stories! Love these Baby Party Animals!

  139. These party animals are so cute and love the way you have each of them looking out of a window. Pretty colours too. Such a great collection of things in this release. x

  140. OMG you are so funny, I love your card and the little baby animals are so cute.
    My dad had a monkey when he was a kid too.

  141. Goodness gracious! What an adorable card! Those critters are just so darn cute. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  142. I love your videos! You make me laugh:) Those little birthday animals are adorable and I love how you used the die to have them peaking out from the “windows.”

  143. Love this release!! So many things I’d like 😀
    This card is just adorable – love the stamp set…. might use it for some birthday invitations this summer…