SSS-Splash of Color Blog Hop

Splash-of-Color-Blog-Hop-638x300Hello & welcome to the Splash of Color blog hop with Simon Says Stamp. I’m honored to be joining several talented designers to showcase some of the fabulous new products.SSS-Pool PartyMy card features three of the new inks on the blended background: Hot Mama, Teeny Bikini & Apricot. Then I stamped the cutie little girl, who reminds me so much of my little Emma from Pool Party. Then I framed her using the Hello Sunshine frame die.
SSS-Pool PartyHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.

Make sure and leave me a comment for your chance to win a prize package from Simon Says Stamp. One winner will be selected from each stop on the hopΒ andΒ selected on July 21st.
Your next stop on the hop is the ever-so-incredible Shari Carroll!
Thanks so much for hopping by!

what I used:

splash of color release:

527 thoughts on “SSS-Splash of Color Blog Hop

  1. Not only is your card cute, but I loved hearing about your home and daughter. You have the ability to truly describe a wonderful scene – as well as describe it in color. The card is Great.

  2. My apologies if this is a duplicate comment (please delete one if it is cuz I don’t want to cheat!). You are definitely THE QUEEN of inking! This card is so dang cute! I will have to wait until I get home to watch the video (dang work computers block all the fun things!).

  3. Beautiful card! Your ink blending is always gorgeous! πŸ™‚ The new SSS inks look amazing!

  4. Oh, you so crack me up!!! The very first thing I noticed was the “water” in the goggles! It’s perfect.

  5. I can not believe how dang cute those little swimmers are. Does that not make you want to run to the lake and play??? Such a cute card!!

  6. Thank you for the delightful respite from a busy work-at-home day! It is so fun to hear about your family. I love your Simon Says Stamp ink choices. I know that I will be using them often. Maybe someday I will be able to color as well as you do (there is always hope, even if there isn’t much talent) . . .

  7. As soon as I saw this I thought “Emma” (and I did think the goggles had water in them.) Fun card & great video. as usual.

  8. What a great card! So cute! You make ink blending look so easy, and with these yummy new colors I may have to start practicing my blending again!

  9. Laura, I just love listening to the silliness in your life. Your daughter is just precious. I can’t wait to hear about her change of dressing habits in the years to come. Love your card. Oh, I can related to the water in the goggles because my son always had water in his goggles.

  10. Love the layering. Cute idea to still be able to see the legs of the little girl through the frame and her ponytail is over the top of the frame.
    thanks for sharing a darling card.

  11. I can just picture your little Emma running around….so cute. Great colors and coloring. Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a gorgeous background color!!!! It definitely says SUMMER!!!
    After hearing your story about your daughter EMMA, I think she could be best friends with my 6 year old granddaughter Alexis. She does the exact same things!!

  13. Laura, you win the blending competition. Fabulous. The new SSS colors are also fabulous. I love the little girl. How “cutie-patootie”. Love your video too. Thanks for the project and the chance to win a great prize.

  14. What an absolutely charming card! The blended color background is just stunning and the little swimmer is just too cute. Many thanks for another helpful video…

  15. This! SO MUCH!!! not to mention the adorable little bit of “water” in her goggles! and, well, the story fits the picture I have in my mind of a day in your life! πŸ˜€

  16. My first reaction to the Hot Mama ink was OH YES! Love the color choices you made-it’s so helpful to see it done rather than try to imagine it.

  17. You are, BY FAR, the MOST FUNNIEST-TALENTED person I’ve seen!! This card is STUNNINGLY Beautiful!!!

  18. I think I would love to have Emma around for awhile if you would share! Your card showcases this new release perfectly and I WANT all of these new ink colors because they are yummy!

  19. You had me at “hello.” What a cute stamp set. I miss those days of the littles running around the house and being silly!

  20. I just have to leave another comment. You’re description of your little girl, Emma just made my day! Enjoy these days with your kids because they fly by so fast. My youngest is headed off to college this fall and it seems like yesterday my kids were doing the fun & crazy things you share about your kids! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love how your card is so deceptively CAS but has so many fun details in the colouring and blending and little things. It’s truly gorgeous!

  22. Love the color blending and how you colored the little girl image. I have a 36 month old who prances around in full rain gear whenever she gets a chance so I know what you mean πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing

  23. Darling card…you are the best! I love your ink blending and your creative ideas for putting together cards!

  24. You know Laura what would really made this video would have been a picture of you little Emma just as you describe her. Any way love your work just amazing as always. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Laura, I do believe you are the ink blender queen. Adorable card. Your videos are like you’re hanging out in my kitchen and telling me the process on how to do something.

  26. Oh, Laura! Your stories even outshine your cards! How is that even possible? Thanks for the great inspiration… and big smiles! β™‘

  27. Love your cards! Love your videos and I especially love your stories! Love the ink colors you chose for blending on the very cute card.

  28. Muy bonita y colorida tarjeta. Me encanta que no necesariamente usas todos los sellos para formar una escena.

  29. Well, now I need to go back and see why she needs socks on her legs! You have done a great job with the new release.

  30. You must have magic in your fingers as you are the best ink blender I have seen in my 68 years and that’s a long time. Cutest card ever and I can definitely picture Emma as you described.

  31. Ok Laura I’ve decided you need your own comedy show on TV, where you can just tell family stories. Wouldn’t that be FUN? I’d tune in everyday…..that’s why I follow your blog…for some comedy relief!!!!
    Ok card is too cute…that ‘lil Emma.

  32. You really have mastered ink blending — always so smooth and beautiful. I have such a lead hand (like a lead foot, but without the chance of getting a ticket). lol

  33. A fabulous blend of the new stamp colors- great card! Laura you are such an entertainer in all your videos- can’t get enough of you! Thanks So Much!

  34. Hi – I came to see how you do ink blending – Fabulous! Thanks for showing your technique. Also loving the Simon Says ink colors.

  35. Adorable card! Love the color blending in the background. Thanks for the video, they are always
    enjoyable to watch.

  36. I just love your videos and your cards! Thanks so much for sharing what you do. And I especially love the stories you tell. I have one daughter who wears sandals with socks, still! And she’s 20!!! Drives me crazy too.

  37. Fun card. Loved the video and your running commentary about your daughter. Made me smile, I have 2 daughters, grown now, and remember those days fondly. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Super cute..indeed just looking like Emma!
    would love to see a video of Emma walking around with the flip flops and socks and all the other things..must look amazing!
    Love the three colors and how you made the background..stunning cute card!

  39. Ha, I can imagine how your sweet little Emma is walking through the house in her flip flops – with socks…. LOL
    Lovely card, thank you for the fun video!
    Greetings from The Netherlands,

  40. She reminds me of my oldest granddaughter. I taught her how to swim and she had the same goggles and pigtails.

  41. Loved the video and that little girl is darling (sounds like your little one!). Thanks for sharing.

  42. Adorable card, Laura. I thought I didn’t need the sunshine frame die, but now I know that I do need it! Thanks

  43. I so enjoy your videos and the joy you can feel exploding through them. Great release from SSS. Thanks for sharing!

  44. I just love the background of this card! Those colors are sooo pretty! All this inspiration is making just want to spend the weekend in my craft room!

  45. I love your ink blending, beautiful. So clever, the Polaroid frame, and your videos are so fun. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

  46. Oh Laura, you make me laugh!! I can just see Emma with that “get-uo” on. Love the card too!!

  47. You just SLAYED me! Love the gorgeous background. the card is stinky cute! Emma and I can be BFF….I did the Disney character quiz (the “Frozen” one, of course, and I got Olaf !! (SURPRISE!)

  48. Oh, my gooooooodnessss!!! The colors, the blending of those colors, the “Emma” image, the coloring of the image and your story! Again…the master at work and we are there along for the ride! I L-O-V-E this card. Those inks are making my fingers itching to buy the collection! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your talents (multi) with the rest of us. Love you!

  49. Such a great card. I love the coloring of the background and the image, and the layout – pretty much everything!

  50. you are so right this is just a perfect color blend/combo and you should have drawn some socks on this stamp, that would have been hilarious, such a cute story πŸ˜‰

  51. This image reminds me of my grandkids and a photo I took of them in the pool. The goggles had bent their ears in such a way that they stuck straight out and it looked so ridiculous. This is a great collection of colors and stamps and the blog hop has been fun.

  52. So cute! Love your beautiful ink blended background! You truly are the master of ink blending! And I’m sure you’ve got the arm muscles to prove it πŸ˜‰

  53. My goodness I love your commentary during the video. My granddaughter and that song ahh such joy!! I love this card, your background colours wow and the little finishing touch on the mask. First thought was water in her mask, second thought ahh probably doing to look like rubber on the mask but no looks like water. Wonderful card.

  54. Your card is adorable! I love all your colors, and the 3rd dimensional effect of putting the girl behind the sentiment frame is super fun!

  55. Love your card – those colors are gorgeous! That little stamped girl is adorable and your story about Emma is a riot!

  56. WOW!!! I didn’t really think I needed any more colors of ink, then I saw your background. Looks like a sunset! So-o-o-o pretty! Thanks so much. ( this second child is very aware of how Mom is too tired to follow through with the same rules for the 5th one! A bone of contention, until I had grand-kids and figured out that some of what I used to think was important really isn’t! Not to rush things, but you may have a great grip on great grandparenting when your time comes!!!!)

  57. Lovely blended background…I’m going to steal that one. Giggled all through the video picturing Emma’s outfit in my mind. Fall down funny.

  58. Thanks for sharing your cute card and your techniques for coloring. The new stamp set is just adorable. I really like the new inks also.

  59. This stamp set is so stinkin’ cute! And I love the new colors. Your combination of colors on this card is luscious. I may have to invest in the stamps and the whole set of inks. Great design…thanks for sharing.

  60. Love the blended background with these new summer colors and the lil swimmer girl is adorable too! Thanks for an informative and entertaining video as usual!

  61. Oooooh that colour combo is gorgeous and love your video. Watching your videos is such a fun way to start the day for me.

  62. SO MUCH FUN to watch your videos, Laura. I smile the whole way through. Love those colors but I especially enjoy your Emma stories. She’s too cute!

  63. You are the Salvatore Dali of ink blending. Love how you used the new products…awesome colors and designs.

  64. Love your cute card as well as that stamp set!! Those yummy ink pads aren’t bad either. Love your videos they always make me smile πŸ™‚

  65. Such a cute card and I love your sweet stories about your family! Your youngest is definitely gonna’ milk it for as long as she can. Enjoy her antics each day because she will be grown up SO quickly.

  66. I’m finally hoppin’! Your card could not be cuter, Laura! And love hearing about Emma – she sounds like such a hoot! Also love hearing that your kids call your mom Gaga – that’s what all the kids called my mom too. β™₯β™₯β™₯

  67. Oooh, there is so much to love about your card! The background is gorgeous with the new inks, and I loved the Hello Sunshine die the minute I saw the new release!

  68. This set is too cute. I like that you can add the animal heads to the tube πŸ™‚ Love the water you added to the goggles.

  69. Adorable, Laura. You’re right- these colors are scrumptious. I now have a picture in my head of Emma; If I’m still around in 10 years, I’ll still have that same picture. Thanks for a chance to win.

  70. adorable card! Love the colors and your background. Love watching your video and hearing your story about your real life doll…..Thanks for sharing

  71. I love the card and the new colors, especially their names. Your stories about your daughter, Emma are hilarious.

  72. haha – I’m not quite sure what I enjoy more – your card making or banter πŸ™‚
    And, I was delighted to hear that Emma calls your mum “Gaga” – that is what my daughter called my mum – and all the other grandchildren followed suite!

    Thank YOU!!

  73. She’s so cute! I love the coloring and how it looks like there’s a little water in her goggles.

  74. Could you have Emma be five forever, please? Because she is such a darling and I love her spunk. And, I have to tell you, I wear socks and flip flops, too. I’m in the club; too cool for words. And she obviously inspires you to do great cards because I love this one. Great coloring on the background, and the white frame really pops on top of it. Delicious set of colors. I could sit and watch you work all day while I listen to your stories. Gotta be some therapy in there somewhere. So mellow. Thanks.

  75. Wow, love the blended background those colours are awesome. You are amazing at ink blending it looks so easy but I’m pretty sure it’s not.

  76. Totally adorable!! Little Emma sounds Like a riot, I am sure there is never a dull moment in your day πŸ™‚ precious memories, what a blessing!!! I know as a mom sometimes their fashion style drives us a little nuts, I think your little one and mine went to the same fashion show LOL!! Gotta love them!! And yes! I have seen those goggles filled half way too LOL! Thanks for sharing not only your talent but your stories Laura!
    Have a wonderful day!

  77. What a fabulous hot color combo! Love your card inspired by your little Emma–she’s a gem!! Thanks for the inspiration, and for your very fun videos!

  78. I love this new release, too with the fun stamps sets and the beautiful new inks. The card is adorable and I love your little stories about what it’s like at your house. You must have fun and laughter there at all times.

  79. Laura, you crack me up! Beautiful card, wonderful blending and as always you are a fantastic story teller!

  80. Another giggle for the day…loved your story about Emma…I can just picture her, a mini fashionista! Of course, as always, I loved the card you created…hmmm, think I need some HotMamma!

  81. I love the background color combo and I only hope that someday, when I grow up, I will be able to color with Copics as well as you (by the way…… I’m 67 !! )

  82. These stamps are so adorable and the cards I gave seen using them have been fabulous! Love the water you included in the mask……….what a hoot : )

  83. I so LOVE your video’s…you make me laugh or smile every time!
    Your coloring is just fabulous and your background ROCKs. Love the color inks you used. My little Niece would LOVE your card.
    So very nicely done and thanks so much for sharing with us!

  84. This card could not be more adorable! I appreciate your videos so much–as much for the anecdotes as the techniques–I’m always wearing the biggest grin by video’s end! Thank you for ALL you share.

  85. Great card! I enjoy your videos! I suspect you like those color combo due to the names – teenie bikini and hot mama!

  86. This turned out so cute! Loving these stamps and your beautiful color combo for the background. You never cease to amaze me! πŸ™‚

  87. Your card is adorable. Those background colors are beautiful. I applaud you for letting your daughter be her own individual self!

  88. Your videos are always so much fun!!! I definitely share your enthusiasm for Hot Mama, that color is to die for! I want it in my hands like RIGHT NOW. πŸ˜‰

  89. So adorable, Laura … such a sweet image, love how she’s edging out over the frame! Such a great video … always leave your blog with a big smile all over my face! Anita πŸ™‚

  90. OMG… Fabulous idea for this card..I just love everything on this super cute card and this stamps set is my favorite from SSS new release. Thank you and SSS for the chance to win fantastic SSS products!

  91. What a super sweet summery card! Great job. And yes, I can just picture your little Emma walking around. Sounds like a really sweet and funny girl! And about the sock in the flip-flop? My boyfriend does that. Trust me, it’s much worse on a grown man!

  92. Such a sweet little card Laura and I agree those colours together are sunshine on a stick! Always fab to see you in action girl – cheers!

  93. Oh Laura, I just loved your story about your little girl Emma. So so funny, i nearly forgot to watch your video, i was laughing so much. I could picture what your were describing. Thank you for sharing.

  94. Emma sounds ADORABLE … I REALLY want to come for dinner at your house Laura!!!
    SUPER CUTE card – LOVE IT and LOVE your video too – YOU are ALWAYS SO MUCH FUN to LEARN with => THANK YOU πŸ™‚

  95. Hello sunshine, what a charming little girl. I need to learn how to do blending like you, Laura. Got a long way to go, though. Oh, well, got to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing this release which has made me smile lots already. Cheers

  96. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the story of your precious little girl. Fabulous card and tutorial. Thank you.

  97. Thanks for another informative and entertaining video!! Your ink blended background is stunning and I love the extra little touch of adding a little water in Abby’s goggles…Genius!!

  98. Hi Laura. Your card is just adorable. These new colours are wonderful and I love the rest of the release as well. Your videos are always so entertaining! Emma sounds positively delightful!

  99. Such a SWEEEET summer card, Laura! Oh my gosh, I love this SSS release! All these colors have me hyperventilating!!!

  100. I Wish you’d show us a picture of Emma in all her refinement..maybe at the of a video story! Love your videos; you’re probably getting bored hearing that. Also love your blended backgrounds. Now I have to buy these colors. Thanks for taking the time to share your creativity.

  101. Soooo incredibly cute! My favorite part is the touch of aqua in the mask. And your comment that by child five you’re just trying to keep them all breathing! Too bad Emma didn’t make a video appearance in her bikini and purses.

    I also like the sunshine frame.

  102. Laura I love that cute little girl but I am super impressed by your perfectly blended background. Off to watch the video now!

  103. LOVE your card – great video and technique for creating background color and coloring. The white frame is so gorgeous too:)

  104. Love this little girl. (I have a 4-1/2 yo granddaughter with long hair who is just really really getting into swimming this summer….so cute!)

  105. That’s funny, Laura, ’cause that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the goggles – water in them, just like as a kid! Ha ha! Great card and video, as always so inspiring. πŸ™‚

  106. This is adorable. I so love the new colors and their names. Emma needs to be in more of your videos, I think we all love her.

  107. My granddaughter turned into a fish this summer . . . that stamp could be her with the ponytails and all! I enjoy your video and that story. Five-year-olds are a hoot!

  108. I love the ink blending on this card. And I’ve been seeing a lot of the framing technique with a die cut image. I’ve got to try that soon.

  109. Your ink blending is so gorgeous!! In love with this color combo! Can’t wait to play with these new inks myself from Simon, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚ #sssrocks

  110. Love your cute little card with this adorable little girl! Thanks for a few laughs, you always cheer me up. I’m in a sad state, as my “baby girl”–is all grown up and moving 1500 miles away! For her hubby’s job–but I will SO miss the girl time, the pedicures, shopping trips etc. Enjoy your daughter!

  111. I love the stories that you tell about your family while you are creating. They are heartfelt and wonderful! Such a treat to listen to you.

  112. I knew which colors were yours before scrolling down (on the Simon blog) to see where it said who picked what! πŸ™‚ Great new colors and of course love your ink blending!

  113. Being a very freckled girl myself, I really enjoyed your video and card! What an adorable image. How I wish I were young again … or able to fit in that inner tube! πŸ™‚ Nice job.

  114. I love your blog! Your card has so many surprise elements.. love the girl, the background and all the die cuts. Very inspirational.

  115. That’s what I get for going to the beach overnight…I missed your fun video. and my comment is down near the 400 mark…Yikes! LOVE your darling card with all the gorgeous blending you did with your inks, and of course your hilarious story about Emma! Thanks for always making me smile!!!

  116. I need a lighter touch with the background sponging – I always end up with splotches of color rather than a nice even layer. I love your technique.

  117. Your color combo is wonderful! It reminds me of last night’s sunset here on Whidbey Island, WA, where I live. Thanks so much!

  118. What an adorable girl stamp and card. I think the names of some of the ink colors are so funny. Love your combination of colors on the background.

  119. Oh, your stories…I love them so. I also had five kids, four girls and the baby is a boy. They’re all adults now with kids of their own, but our girls swear their brother got away with way more. We tell them that’s because they wore us down so much we didn’t have anything left for him. Love your card, especially the cute touch on the goggles. My first impression was water in the goggles. Just so cute.

  120. FANTASTIC card! Definitely agree that Hot Mama & the other 2 colors are a dynamite color combination! They look wonderful blended together for the card’s background. The little girl is perfectly framed with the “Hello, Sunshine” die and the whole thing together is a great salute to summer! It would brighten anyone’s day to get this!

  121. I love it when I see there’s a new video posted by you, Laura! I just love watching your videos and listening to your silly stories….hilarious. And your cards are always just lovely. Really, really, truly. Thanks so much for sharing! Xo. God bless.

  122. Love the colors you used on your blended background, and the coloring on the little girl. I REALLY liked listening to your “day in the life” style stories, You always make me giggle. Tfs! ~ Andrea

  123. Making me smile with your video, as always! The card is adorable – the colors are so summery and awesome! I need to get me some Hot Mama and Teeny Bikini, for sure!
    And what you said about the goggles filled with water – uh, huh! Absolutely!!
    Thanks so much for sharing (and for the entertainment! I’ve only got two teens here so I don’t have half as much fun at my house!)

  124. Adorable Card and I just love listening and watching your videos! Thank you for entertaining me and teaching me at the same time.

  125. Cute stamp set, amazing coloring aside, You just always make me laugh! Thanks for sharing your talent and your great sense of humor!

  126. What a cutie patootie – love the card, the colors, and the image of your little one dancing around the house with that outfit (that would be my youngest when she was 5 – but I don’t think she does that now at age 43 – too bad)

  127. Beautiful card. That hot mama color is a must have. I always enjoying listening to your video. So entertaining.

  128. Wonderful card! I love this new frame die and the gorgeous new ink colors! Thank you for another super fun video!

  129. Love all your stories, brings the love of your family to the love of your work. You are the blending queen.

  130. What a super cute card! I always enjoy your fun videos! You background is gorgeous and I love these new colours too!

  131. I have a determined, artistic daughter too. She’s such a lovely adult now. Boy does time fly. Love the colours you chose for your background.

  132. Yes, those are really pretty colors in the background!! Enjoy those fun years – my three daughters were always in their Disney Princess dresses at that age! Sure do miss that.

  133. Super duper cute card, love your coloring and the little girl is adorbs! And great job picking out the new inks for this release.

  134. Love, love, love your cutie patootie! And those three colors together are awesome! Those are going on my wish list πŸ™‚

  135. I agree, those are some fabulous ink colors blended together. Adorable card and I love hearing your stories while you craft.

  136. Love your video b/c it’s SO entertaining!! My granddaughter just turned 5 and she reminds of all these things, too. I just started watching you not that long ago… and didn’t realize you had five children. Wonderful crazy house I bet. Thanks.

  137. Laura, you are the Queen of ink blending, I love your choice of colors and how you used the frame.TFS

  138. Beautiful card and soooo cute! I LOVE your background coloring, the new ink colors are amazing, and I love your stamped girl and the “Hello sunshine” frame die! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

  139. ooooh, the new colors are faaaaabbbbulous! And this little beach girl is really cute too….I really like how you did the background, simplistic beauty!

  140. This is such a sweet card! That background is amazing and I love how you put the photo frame around the little girl.

  141. Your blending is remarkable! I just love those Polaroid die cuts too but the twist you added is exactly what I do. Aren’t they FUN! Such a cute card.

  142. Love this card!! And I love the story about Emma, she sounds adorable!! The stamp set and all the new inks have been added to my wish list and I have written down the inks you blended together for future reference! Thanks for sharing!

  143. Wow! I am going to buy apricot, teeny bikini, and hot mama after seeing the 3 of them used together!!! I love your card!

  144. Beautiful shading with the ink pads, and really cute card!! Thanks so much for the video and for sharing your creativity!! πŸ™‚

  145. This is so cute. Even down to the water line inside her scuba mask. Super new colors too! Great job on this one with your blending.

  146. Oh, I had to share this on FB it’s so flip-floppin’ cute!!! And socks with flip flops – HEY, Emma is my kinda kid! I do the same thing here in Hawai’i but only cause my feet are so painful and bleed from eczema. Love the colors and design!!!!!

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