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CREATE-JOY-600x264-Blog-HopHello there & welcome to the Create Joy release hop with Simon Says Stamp! If you are following the hop then you should have arrived here from the one and only Jennifer McGuire’s blog.SSS-Ring WreathI couldn’t wait to share this rainbow baubled wreath of holiday magic with you today using the new Ring Wreath die as well as sentiments from Create Joy Big & Big Add Ons.
SSS-Ring WreathHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.

Simon Says Stamp is giving away aΒ prize package valued at approximately $50 on each stop of the hop. Leave me a comment for your chance to win!
Your next stop on the hop is the incredibly awesome Debby Hughes!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

what I used:

create joy release:

735 thoughts on “Create Joy Release blog hop

  1. I love this colorful wreath card! It makes me think of skittles candy! Can you make a wreath out of candy? If you could, this is what it would look like. I love it!!

  2. Love all of your wonderful colors and that you inset the wreath. Your cards are aways so clever and colorful. Thanks so much.

  3. I absolutely love, love, love this card – although I’m not sure I know anyone worthy of that much work including my beloved child!! Wow!

  4. When I saw this an awestruck, WOW, slipped out. This is delightfully bright and festive. You are a queen of color for sure. Happy weekend!

  5. OMG….Laura this is just amazing…..I sat down with my coffee and hit youtube and there you where…..”making” me go fill my basket over at SSS…LOL…..guess I had better go watch the rest of the hop so I don’t miss anything πŸ™‚

  6. Your rainbow of baubles just exudes joy, Laura! Spray adhesive is perfect on the Wreath die! I always look forward to your wonderful videos, Laura! β™‘

  7. Wow, what a beautiful card, Laura! I love that die, too…what fun! I appreciate you reminding me of spray adhesive…I always seem to forget to use it!

    Thank you!

  8. that wreath is so birght and colourful, it looks liek it’s made of bubble gum balls! it’s super sweet (no pun intended)…gorgeous and i must take a bite πŸ˜‰

  9. Gorgeous!! You’re correct – you do create rainbows of happy color. Don’t change, your cards just make me smile! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent.

  10. Laura Fedora, you are a hoot. I look forward to your videos for the inspiration and the entertainment value. This is a beauty!

  11. Your video was so entertaining. I don’t know if I would have the patience for all of the details but it looks simply Gorgeous.

  12. I love that die, and you just guaranteed my purchase of it…outstanding card! I see why you were anxious to share it with us. Thanks!

  13. I love the dies that can be changed. You can make many from a few die cuts.
    The colors are so bright and pretty. Great idea.
    thanks for sharing.

  14. The end result is so bright and cheerful, all that work piecing them back in is well worth it in my eyes. Love the pretty card (and your accent)!

  15. I saw this card earlier on an email Simon Says sent out and wanted the set before it was even released because of this card!! Really nice job, perfectly designed card!

  16. When I saw this Beautiful Colorful wreath on the sneak, I knew it had to be yours!!! LOVE it!! Bought it yesterday just because of this card!

  17. I, too, liked listening to you make your rainbow wreath! Clever and cute. I will be returning to your blog for more videos or YouTubies.

  18. I was thinking that this wreath was one of my least favorites in the release, but you just changed my mind. I have to have it!!!

  19. I adore your card! I saw it in the release collage picture and fell in love with it then. Love the video! You are so fun to watch and listen, too.

  20. I LOVE your videos, they always make me chuckle, haha! This card is gorgeous!! You are the queen of rainbow coloring!

  21. This is my first visit to your blog, but it won’t be me last – I really enjoyed your casual, conversational tone on your video! Your card is so cheery – love it!!

  22. Let me start with I LOVE the whole release. It’s do fun to see how each of you made such a unique card. I love the bright cheerful card you created thanks for sharing It.

  23. LOVE the rainbow wreath! Totally my kind of wreath. Thanks for sharing! (and don’t you just hate getting Barbi clothes back ON?)

  24. This is such an awesome release! Your card is so bright and bold, just like all of your designs! Love all of the new holiday releases!

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  26. As soon as I saw that open wreath, I KNEW you’d be the one to use it and inset the baubles back in — truly a die for you! Gorgeous card.

  27. How bright, cheerful and pretty is this card. And it was a JOY to watch you create it. Enjoying this blog hop with all this top talent creating! πŸ™‚

  28. Those bright colors on the wreath are awesome…reminds me of my wreath made of colorful Christmas balls. Your card is adorable.

  29. WOW, who wouldn’t enjoy getting this outstanding card…may have to spring for the die and case this one. Lovely. πŸ˜€

  30. Oh, Miss Laura, be still my heart πŸ’• I love this die and I love your rainbow inlaid coloring!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. I just adore this wreath and you made such a beautiful card with it. Just love the colors you chose. So cheerful. Love Simons new release! Such beautiful stamps and dies. Thank you

  32. Such a bright and happy card, I would love to receive this! I love so much of this release, but the ‘so very merry’ stamps are my favourite, I just love the fonts.

  33. Absolutely love this card. I am so ready for Christmas after seeing this. And love every stamp and die in this new series. Simply amazing SSS !

  34. One of your prettiest cards ever and that is saying alot! LOVED your video. A day with a Laura video is always a good one. Thank you.

  35. thanks laura fedora for stopping in between and leaving your lil girl to more messes:) LOL… so that we could see another gr8 card ;0) …. catch ya next time..

  36. I feel so cheerful after to seeing your wonderful, bright card! Thank you! This new SSS release is fantastic!

  37. Laura, I love the beautiful bright colors you used for the wreath as I’m a fan of doing something different and why not use non-traditional colors! This is card a perfect representation of you too Laura….it is exactly as I would describe you after watching a ton, if not all, of your tutorials. You are, “a very colorful person” and not only are you creative and inspiring, but you are also uplifting and fun! Thanks Laura for always putting a smile in my face and teaching me new techniques!

  38. Enjoyed your video and love your choice of COLOR!! I love color too. I’m not in the Christmas “frame of mind” either but a wreath with color appeals very much. Have a good day.

  39. Top-fold! Of course it was a rainbow! Who wants a boring monochromatic wreath? Although, it could work, I suppose. Hmmmm! I love your rainbows and of course you HAD to use the ‘joy’ sentiment. Your work and your videos are filled with joy. Can’t tell you how I look forward to your videos. I always save yours for last when I do a blog-hop marathon. My grandgirls were here yesterday and we had to make cards for their friends who moved away, so I also have lots to put away. Including what didn’t get put away for the last 9 years!! My dream house has a large, well organized craft area, storage cubbies on every wall, and maybe a bed. I like to cook, but I bet I could give up my kitchen first!

  40. This is drop-dead GORGEOUS! It really popped out in the card thumbnails. I love the light gray behind it all; it really brings out the bright colors of the baubles!

  41. When I first saw your card on SSS blog’s photo I thought, at first glance that those dots were all enamel! This die is so fun!

  42. Great video on how you made your rainbow wreath! The card looks wonderful! I’ll be sure to remember how you colored the ornaments-still inside the die!

  43. L-O-V-E L-O-V-E LO-V-E!!!!!! So JOYFUL….the color combinations, the ink blending, the design, the sentiment…..everything! I live for your videos….honestly! This wreath is just the ticket to kick start the holiday “feel”….know what I mean? Yeah! So creative. Thanks so, so much for sharing with us.

  44. Definitely top fold for this card. Glad you took something from a winter/Christmas release and showed it could be used all year round depending on the colors you choose. I love rainbows and try to put them on my cards whenever possible.

  45. Your card is so bright and cheery. I LOVE all those bauble colors! I see you have on a long-sleeve sweater today. Yep, Christmastime is comin’!

  46. Laura, your card is outstanding! Just beautiful! (I JUST realized this is NOT day 1! OH dear. I am not sure I’ll have time to go through the past 2 days before this closes… but I’ll try! LOL)

  47. Laura this card is absolutely gorgeous! Your card alone makes me want to buy the entire set even if it means going broke. Lol! Thank you so much for sharing this colorful creation.

  48. A fabulous card! The two wreaths are my favourites of the new release, and you have ROCKED this one! Yay for rainbowsw! πŸ™‚

  49. When I first saw the Create Joy release banner, with the rainbow wreath, I KNEW it had to be one of your cheery creations. Such fun! Thanks for the video showing how you did it; I need to try the sticky plastic wrap trick.

  50. That is a beautiful card. When I first saw the die, I didn’t have a clue what I would do with it, but as usual, you make everything a must have. Love that card!!!

  51. I usually stick to traditional colors for Christmas cards, but I really love the all the bright colors on your wreath. It just screams JOY.

  52. I do believe it’s a New York accent. Awesome wreath Laura. I never seem to win these things but I do love your work. Thanks again

  53. Well you got to use lots of color on this one…rainbow for sure. I love it! Great design. You always manage to make something special. TFS And boy oh boy is it gonna be hard to choose from all the great things being released.

  54. This card I fantastic! I love all the colors! This is my most favorite product from the release too! (PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate comment I can’t remember of I commented already on this or if it was on another social media site)

  55. You are brightning up my day–and we’re having a stormy day here in good ol’ AZ–hot and stormy, blowing dust all around, but you’ve brought me a ray of sunshine. Love your cute wreath card, and I totally get how you can just find a piece a ribbon lying around–sounds like my house!

  56. Would have walked right by this die cut if I hadn’t watched this video through the process to the end where it’s just beautiful!

  57. Great video Laura! You’re hilarious…I always learn and laugh when I watch your videos! Such a gorgeous holiday card!

  58. Gorgeous card! That Ring wreath is a must have for me!! love your cheery, fun video! You always make me want to head right back to my stampin place & start stamping!!

  59. Ok Just saying the Rainbow thing is OK its Happy Love the card your card makes me actually want that die! Oh and I think it Jersey!

  60. I watched Jennifer McGuire’s release close-up and when I saw the ring wreath die, I immediately thought of you using it and coloring in rainbow colors. And, here it is. Beautiful card.

  61. Laura when i glanced at the cards and saw the rainbow wreath I knew it was your card. Love all the colorful cards you make and your videos are WONDERFUL!

  62. Laura as soon as I saw this gorgeous card in the Create Joy promo picks I guessed it was yours and I fell in love with it. Can’t wait for my die to arrive so I can colour my little heart out – so many colour combos I want to try πŸ™‚ Thanks for always inspiring me with your beautiful work.

  63. Laura, I am so excited about the new wreath dies. There are endless possibilities for the die that you used. It can be happy colors like you used or done in embossed gold it could be elegant. TU

  64. Love your rainbow madness. And your hysterical stories about your bombed out house. Oh boy can I relate!! My minion is a 6 year old grandson who loves to write, create and illustrate books. And books. And more books. Get my picture? I feel your pain. Gotta love ’em though.

  65. Laura thank you for making such fun videos, you are a hoot and your sunshine is contagious! Your card is simply adorable!

  66. Luv, luv, luv this card.At first I wondered how you were going to blend the colors – wrong-guessing based on experience. But then, it made sense that you’d make a rainbow; and it is beautiful!! You are awesome (read with your boss’s accent, probably New York)! I could sit and watch your videos all day. You teach and make teaching fun…ny. That’s a gift.
    PS Hang in there with Emma. She might let you live ’til you’re fifty still remembering who you are!!! (LOL)

  67. Thank you for sharing this card. I love the wreath and can see using it for other things than Christmas. I can now add the Joy set to my wishlist.

  68. I knew it! I saw this card in the background of the release and thought, “I bet Laura did that one!” Very pretty. Love both of these wreath dies.

  69. this wreath is so cute and the rainbow is perfect and I think what I really like is that you could use this year around not just for the holidays. I love stamps that can be used outside the box of what you would normally use them and they help you get the maximum use for the money you spend. I do not have a lot of money to spend so I make sure to buy stamps that I can use year round and these new stamps are perfect for that. I can’t wait to see what other ideas you come up with for the holidays. thank you for an amazing job you do!!

  70. GORGEOUS card Laura – it is a JOY to look at and a JOY to watch & listen as you CREATE!!!
    I confess that I’m already a CIRCLE addict, so I ADORE this die πŸ™‚
    Your colouring is SO CHEERY too – LOVE IT ALL!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing πŸ™‚

  71. WOW! So colorful and Christmas for today! I see this die being used for many things! Lovin your style!

  72. This is the card that really popped when I saw pictures of the new release! I love simple designs with lots of color. It should have been obvious it was a Laura card from the rainbow colors — somehow I missed that! It is a stunning card!

  73. Great card! I was laughing to myself when you used the tombow adhesive, I’ve done that many times. Thanks for editing out the tedious process of pulling them off, LOL! I have an 11 yr old girl that is still a tornado creator. Sorry, no hope there! Keep making cards and videos, Laura. Love your ideas and commentaries!

  74. Laura, it was so fun watching your video. You are funny and pleasant. I love the card you made. It’s like a wreath made of Christmas ornaments. So bright and cheerful. You shared so many great tips with us today. Thanks so much.

  75. Really cheerful card Laura. Love the colours. I wondered how you coloured all the dots until I watched the video. Thanks for the tutorial!

  76. What a delicious card! I love colour and you always make such fantastically colourful cards! You also always make me smile when I watch your videos. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and making the world a brighter place.

  77. wooowww all that color on the circle is STUNNING LAURA
    I adore how you colored and how it turned ot
    SO FUNTASTIC CARD and thanks for the video Laura
    I adora all your cards
    they are all adorable colored…

  78. Genious! I adore the colorful and innovative use of the die. Really inspiering:) Thanks for bringing color to the world!

  79. hi Laura, your cards are always great…and i just love listening to your voice overs!!
    always good for a smile πŸ™‚ thank you!!

  80. I love this card, it’s beautiful! This set is fun! I am so excited about the press n seal trick! Thank you!

  81. I had absolutely no idea I needed this die buuuut now I have seen this card… Ohmygoodness, I love it! Your card is stunniiiing (my husband agrees, by the way) and I love it! πŸ˜€

  82. Love how you sneak a rainbow into most of your cards! This one is such a wonderfully modern holiday card – beautiful!

  83. It’s rainbow colors but not overly rainbow, so I think it just matches the joy sentiment perfectly. I’d love to see another version with shimmer or glossy accents to see if it looks more like real glass baubles. Great inspiration Laura!

  84. Laura, I had a sneaky suspicion you’d use this die (which I love!) and make a ton of different color balls for it! Fabulous card!

  85. Wow! I LOVE how you used this die! I thought maybe you’d do a rainbow colored card but I thought you’d do some ink blending….Copic coloring was faster? Or did you just feel like coloring?

  86. Oh, my goodness. Only you, Laura! It actually wasn’t quite as labor-intensive as I at first thought it might be, but still… The result is beautiful, though!

  87. Laura, as always your video is a delight. There can’t be too many rainbows in my estimation. Sure can’t do this card for my whole list but will try it for a few special folks. Love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing.

  88. Your card is my absolute favorite, I love the bright colors and your sense of humor. Your videos are a pleasure to watch. : ) I promptly ordered this wreath die after watching your video. Its sold out now, no surprise.

  89. I LOVE your rainbow wreath!
    This is fabulous πŸ™‚
    You do not need to apologize for
    going with the rainbow color scheme.
    I am a rainbow girl!

  90. Hi Laura ~ I’m always thrilled when a DT member creates a video for us to view…thanks so much. This is an awesome, colorful, happy holiday card! Thanks so much for sharing!

  91. What a fun way to color that wreath! It’s so cheery and different and could be used all year round just by changing the colors.

  92. Love this wreath! When I think another wreath could not be invented…..wham, there it is! I’m all about color too, so of course, I just love it!

  93. Laura, Is that true about Jennifer McGuire’s husband invented press and seal ? You cannot fathom how much stuff, I use with press and seal .number two : We’ve got to think of a fun game where you can get that five-year-old to put her Barbies in the Barbie box and the Crayolas back in the crayon box and so forth with my 13 grandkids I bribe..: ) .. Try to make a game out of everything… But I’m writing you to tell you how much I adore that card you did.. Yours in Christ and Ink ..Anne

    Sent from my iPhone


  94. You’re so funny! I could listen to you all day. The card is gorgeous. I love that you decided to make a rainbow.

  95. Wow the ring wreath die is to die for ! No pun intended! And I love how you colored it with the bright hues! Thanks for sharing !

  96. This is so gorgeous that I had to comment…even though there are hundreds of comments already and I’m late to the ball, so to speak. I love the coloring, the ribbon, the whole thing!

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