Inklipse 1000 Subscriber Blog Hop

Blog hop banner 2Hi there! Today I’m joining several talented designers in a celebration hop honoring Simon Hurley’s milestone of hitting over 1,000 youtube subscribers. Simon is 13 years old, and he is also one talented little “go-getter” if I do say so myself.SSS-BlessedThe theme of the hop is watercolor, so I created this plaid background pattern using my distress inks as watercolors. For the sentiment I  adhered several word die cuts using the Blessed die & embossed another sentiment in white using the Big Add On sentiment set by Simon Says Stamp.
SSS-BlessedHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.
Simon has five giveaways by some amazing sponsors including:
Create A Smile Stamps
Brutus Monroe
Ellen Hutson
Newtons Nook
Alley Stamp
You can leave a comment here as well as over on Simon’s blog to enter the giveaways.
Your next stop on the hop is Nicole Picadura.
Thanks for hopping by!

214 thoughts on “Inklipse 1000 Subscriber Blog Hop

  1. Hi Laura, I was thrilled for Simon to reach this milestone. I have been following him for 6 months or so and I certainly agree that he is a go getter. I give him a lot of credit and I think he’s a terrific role model for young crafters. It’s exciting to see experienced crafters like youself encouraging him and hopping on the celebration. As always your card is gorgeous. I love learning from crafters like you.

  2. What a great plaid card.
    Love the sentiment blessings on this one.
    Also love the clear water drops.
    Such talent!

  3. Love your card. I’m so glad you joined this blog hop. Simon is such a talented card maker and a natural at making videos!

  4. If I didn’t watch the video, I thought it is stamping first with distress color, Great achievement to make your own plaid! Love it and thanks for sharing the video with your wonderful tips!

  5. Wonderful way to make plaid – use what you have and enjoy the process. Or at least enjoy the third try LOL. Beautiful card, too.

  6. Beautiful striping!! will have to give this a shot – you know I love bright colors! And Simon’s stuff – WOW!! such young talent.

  7. giggle. glad to see you struggle with gluing the diecut stacked sentiment together (sorry! 😉 ) y’all make it look so easy so the first time I tried it, I thought I was doing something wrong! 🙂

  8. Painted plaid…wow! You did it and it’s really gorgeous. Despite the bumps in the creative road, it appears as though you’ve mastered yet another medium for your plaids. Because we all know, no one does plaid like Laura Fedora.

  9. Such a beautiful plaid background with the Distress Inks! I always enjoy your videos – thank you for the inspiration! I am still shy to cut my stamps but I guess the first one is the toughest. One of these days I will do it!

  10. Very pretty. I love the look of a stacked die cut sentiment, but you are right…what a pain! Haven’t tried spray adhesive yet, so thanks for the tip.

  11. Laura – your card is beautiful – but then again they all are. You are one talented lady!!!!!!
    Thanks for introducing us to Simon, think I shall become subscriber 1001.

  12. Another great card. I love what you do with colour. Check your blog everyday and love it when there is a new entry. Off to check out Simon.

  13. Laura–thanks for introducing us to Simon and his blog. Wow–what a talent! Loved watching your watercolor technique on today’s video.

  14. Gorgeous card and thanks for the great video tut! I am definitely trying this! And also thanks for introducing me to Simon Hurley. Love his work!

  15. Such a cheery card, Laura! Love the way you created the watercolour background – brilliant! I really think the clear dots are the perfect embellishment – it’s all about the details.

  16. Love this! I actually use this technique as a glazing color chart for my professional/artist watercolors. So when I have a bottom color I can alter it with whatever color I whose to make with the second layer, so having my watercolor glaze cheat sheet is basically how your card looks! Just yours is way prettier!!!!! I’m so happy to see all the support for Simon! I know he has a lot more to show us and his talent is showing through at such a young age! Congrats on 1k subs and thanks for a beautiful card for Simons hop!

  17. Simon has to be estatic to have you guys participating in his blog hop!!! I hope he also feels proud.
    I absolutely positively adore this card. I love vibrant colors and plaid. You have inspired me!

  18. this is pretty amazing, fabulous, jaw dropping, i will try this i have that ruler, but somehow ink always runs underneath..ok im off to try 😉

  19. Happy to see the support for Simon….he’s an incredible young role model for the many young crafters out there. Heck…I too enjoy watching him create. 1000 subscribers…wow such an accomplishment. Loved your card today, great job on the plaid. I’m gonna try it too using my ruler. I was watching KW do hers and I knew I could never free-hand the stripes. You made it look easy…thanks for the tips on getting a good clean stripe.

  20. Love the effect on your card, I have to say I am stuck on rainbow colour order, I blame you… I just can’t stop now!

  21. Laura, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honesty. I need to know about the trials and errors of talented crafters like you, so that when I craft I know that that is what it takes sometimes, and it is not hopeful here at my house 🙂 . You do wonderful work!

  22. You are definitely the queen of rainbows! Thanks for another great way to showcase a myriad of colors. It is hard to believe Simon is only 13…an incredible talent he is!

  23. Love the plaid and thank you for the tips! I want to try this, feel like I need the distress inks. My daughter said I can do with what I have, guess I should try mine first!

  24. Great card, Laura, thank you! It is kind of nice to know that even “expert you” has a fail once in a while, lol

  25. Delicious card–love all those colors. Thanks for working out all the kinks so we can be perfect (haha, at least dream of it).

  26. Just lovely, Laura! The plaid watercolor background is amazing. So much patience required… and you did it! The sentiment is just perfect,too!

  27. You’ve created another beautiful card, Laura! Watercolored plaid! WoW! Thank you so much for being transparent and sharing about your trials with this technique. I appreciate it!

  28. You really are the queen of plaid. I would not have the patience for that. I too love blueprint sketch. Such a bright blue color.

  29. I think it is so wonderful to see such big name crafters/card makers supporting Simon! I love to see someone who has “made it” give a hand to someone who is starting out. Simon is super talented, and as you said a real go getter”. I love the way you created the background of this card using the distress inks. So colorful and so pretty. Thanks for always brightening my day.

  30. BEAUTIFUL card Laura!!!
    LOVE your CLEVER watercolour plaid, your design is FABULOUS too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION, top tips and FUN times along the way 🙂
    PS – I hope that no cats were injured in the creation of this card …

  31. It was so fun to watch this video, and to learn that even the “Pros” don’t get it right the first time around. So happy you admitted that. Makes me think maybe my first attempt at this technique will be on some cheaper WC paper. That Arches is pricey stuff. Did you know that when you want to add dimension to a sentiment, you can die cut the word from paper, then die cut the word from fun foam. Leave the fun foam piece in place, glue the paper diecut to it, and when it is dry, push the word through the fun foam, and presto, dimension accomplished. I learned about this technique from Therese, the designer/blogger from Australia. Her blog is LostinPaper, and she is very talented. Thanks again for doing the video of the plaid technique.

  32. Sweet, sweet plaid! I agree that Kristina W. has made some awesome plaids of late, but your is just aw wonderful! I just love how you are supporting young artists as well – some real talent in this hop!

  33. Hi Laura ~ Love your plaid card and if you hadn’t shown it in the video, I would’ve thought you had used a stencil to create this beautiful card. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors!!

  34. This is such a great card! I never would have thought of using watercolors to make stripes! I am
    Definitely going to give this a try! Thanks for telling us that it took you a while to get it right, it will keep the frustration level down! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Great cheerful card! In the videos, it looks so easy, so it is nice to know that even a great professional designer like you has oops moments. Thanks!

  36. WOW! You have such a steady hand which produced this beautiful design! I can see why you tried it multiple times. I LOVE this card. Keep these great works of art and creations coming our way and THANKS for the video….LOVE your videos!

  37. Love your plaid background, and I always mean to tell you how much I enjoy the commentary in your videos! Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud 🙂 Thanks for sharing such an awesome card!

  38. Laura, I haven’t stopped by in a while but when I saw your plaid patterned card I knew I just had to watch the video. Such fun, love what you create and love listening to you explain your techniques – my house is like a tornado went through! SNAP!!! Hugs, Deirdre

  39. Thank you for a beautiful rainbow to brighten our day, but most importantly thank you for showing your true colors for Simon, long live paper crafting! Lots of love.

  40. I super love this one! So fun watching you create this…I’m glad to know it wasn’t your first try. : ) Your tin of bright, beautiful distress inks is a bit more than I can resist…oh how I have held out until now…you’ve broken me…it’s officially going on my Christmas list. 🙂

  41. You and your plaids. They’re always beautiful. I must say thank you. When I’m trying to ink blending with the Tim Holtz round spongy tool, I have to keep saying WWLD. Start LIGHT. LIGHT. You can add more, start LIGHT. Thank you.

  42. Love the watercolored plaid back ground. You make it look easy. I plan to give it a try and I do have some of the Arches watercolor paper and it is a high quality paper. You can practically scrub it clean and start over without damaging it. Anyway, your card is beautiful!

  43. Such a great background… plus I love how you ‘keep it real’ in your videos letting us know that even pros like you take a few tries to get it right!

  44. Your video was so fun to watch and listen to. This obviously took a long time to make but what an awesome background technique!

  45. I love this background. It is so bright and colorful.
    It reminds me of my old Betty Crocker cookbook. (that’s a complement)
    thanks for sharing.

  46. I never thought of doing plaid with watercolors until I saw Christina’s recent (Holiday?) blog posting. This is another amazing take in that technique… I think I’m going to have to try this after all! BTW, I just love the rainbow version (I too ❤ rainbow everything)!!! TFS that such perfection takes more than one attempt to achieve… I thought you were Super-Human, LOL!

  47. Wow! The queen of plaids has now conquered watercolor! I really like the unique look of watercolor stripes vs stamped stripes! So glad to see that you are one of the artists supporting Simon. What a neat kid and artist!

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