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youhavebloghopHi there! Today I’m excited to be a part of the You Have My Heart release hop with Simon Says Stamp.SSS-Perfect Shapes & Big UI’ve created a card using some of my most favorite products from the release, the Perfect Shapes dies & the Big U stamps & coordinating dies.SSS-Perfect Shapes & Big UI die cut a bunch of hexagons out of Soft Navy, Audrey Blue, Sea Glass cardstock as well as some gold foil & gold glitter cardstock. I also used a little Pinkfresh pattern paper.SSS-Perfect Shapes & Big UHere’s a video to show you how I created my card.
Leave me a comment for your chance to win a prize package valued at approximately $50 from Simon Says Stamp…woot!
Your next stop on the hop is the lovely Suzy Plantamura.
Here’s the full hop order:
Simon Says Stamp
Shari Carroll
Kristina Werner
Jennifer McGuire
Debby Hughes
Suzy Plantamura
Wanda Guess
Nichol Magouirk
Kathy Racoosin
Heather Ruwe
Sarah Moerman
Lisa Addesa
Yoonsun Hur
Thanks so much for stopping by!

what I used:

you have my heart release:

780 thoughts on “SSS-You Have My Heart Blog Hop

  1. How fun is this?! I love how you created the card and got everything so perfectly lined up – thanks for showing how you achieved it.

  2. Love the Press and Seal tip. And thanks to Ken for his wonderful crafting invention. I’m sure that was his intention, right!?

  3. You had me hooked the minute I saw the hexagons – Love the color palette! I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now and I so appreciate you sharing your talents with us all!

  4. Now that my house guest has gone home, and DH is out of the house, I’m indulging myself in one of my favorite activities–watching a Laura Fadora video! Guess what–I didn’t know that Jen McGuire’s husband invented Press n Seal!!! How cool is that? You impressed me. (I know that eye roll routine from the kids.) Anyway, as always, love your card. And I appreciate the tip on lining up all the hexies then picking them up with PnS. Those shape dies look like so much fun. And what a great way to use up those last little scraps of special, special papers. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Laura – the background is just like a layout quilt and I like how you used the gold U and added Thank to you card — TFS – thanks for the HOP! Have a blessed day and Happy New Year 2016!

  6. Laura, I love this! The color combo is fabulous. You make me want to buy everything I see you use! Hope this new year brings lots of fun, laughter, and many happy memories to you and your beautiful family!

  7. I did not know that Jennifer McGuire’s husband invented Press n Seal so thanks for the bit of trivia knowledge now! I love your card and the colors you used. I will have to try the trick of using Press n Seal for this type of technique.

  8. I love graphic & geometric patterns & your trick will make it so much easier to achieve – thank you! The colors you chose make for a stunning effect as well

  9. Oh my gosh, the Press N Seal idea for keeping small die cuts in place is without a doubt the single most cleverest idea ever in the whole entire world! Besides being inspired by you, I always learn something new from your videos.

  10. I never l knew who invented press and seal before. Thanks for sharing. You convinced me on getting the dies. I was only going to get the stamps but not now.

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  12. Love your card. The colors go so well together. And thanks to you I now know who invented Press ‘n Seal (love that stuff). Thanks for the info. Love you videos and projects.

  13. This is such an awesome card, Laura! I love geometric patterns! So funny, my husband is sitting next to me as I’m watching your video and after you talked about JM’s husband inventing Press n Seal I had to tell my husband the story (I’m pretty certain I’ve already told him but obviously he wasn’t listening lol!)

  14. Love the card and the video. BTW, can you believe that Jennifer McGuire’s husband invented that PressNSeal. I thought you might want to know that. LOL. Thanks for all the happy moments.

  15. I can’t get enough of your card videos ! I don’t know which I enjoy the most – your style of designing or your personality. Both are great to be able to watch. Thanks for the beautiful cards you share here. And by the way…tell your daughter this is one lady that wasn’t aware Mr McGuire invented press n seal. So thanks for the info !

  16. Love this symmetrical design and the gorgeous colors you used to make this card POP. The die sentiment is PERFECT:)

  17. Wow what a nice cards! And I didn’t know that Jennifer’s husband invented Press n Seal. Don’t even know if we have it in Sweden. But I do hope so since it was very handy making a card like this.

  18. Omgosh!!!! Love the hexagons! Love the color choices! Love the card! So glad you used your Press and Seal technique I’ve never seen it before.

  19. Amazing. Love it!!! This stamp and die set have been in my cart for a week. I can’t wait till it comes and lives at my house.

  20. You have taught me a new technique today, Thank you very much. I often marvel at PressnSeal and have lots the dry pantry. I can not wait to try this and will do so today ! Love the card.

  21. What a great technique,,,sorry but I never heard of the “Press and Seal” so I’m so glad that you used it …Your card turned out awesome and love the touch of gold here and there….well done
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  22. I love the card but a big thank you for the press n seal tip. I’m probably late on the band wagon but I’ve never even thought to use it that way. Beautiful card!

  23. As if I wasn’t impressed enough with your ingenious use of press-n-seal, then I learn Ken McGuire invented it? I think you just made my day.

    I wouldn’t have looked twice at that die set without your card – just lovely and clever.


  24. This is the first time I’m visiting your site. Wow!!! I didn’t know about the press and seal and the card you created using it is perfect.

  25. WOW!! You’ve done it once again. This is a great card. I love your videos. You always ake me smile while I watch your videos.

  26. Laura, your cards are always so unique! I wish my ideas were as original 🙂 I love your videos! This is a great hop with lots of wonderful ideas! (At my home the Christmas snack that did me in was the Chex mix! No cookies were even made this year! )

  27. I’ve told my husband the press n seal story a few times too – although it really feels like Jennifer should be more likely the one that invented it !! Love the card Laura. The big gold U is beaUtiful (lol).

  28. I heard somewhere that J M’s husband invented Press ‘n Seal! Did u know that? Thanks for showing how to use it in crafting! Love your cards, (and your delivery!)

  29. I’ve always been geometrically challenged 🙂 with these types of stamps & dies so your design will serve as a good compass to guide me in trying them out!

  30. What else to say except I {heart} your card and video, Laura! The hexagons are fabulous; the big U, super cool! Thank you for the inspiration; my wish list is now a wish novel! Happy New Year!

  31. Happy New Year Laura! I just love your colorful cards they would cheer up anybody! but this card is out of this world I love the colors and the Gold U is perfect!! I’m in love!!!

  32. Like how your hexagons look on the card. Hexagons are a fav of mine and I call them honeycombs. Happy New Year!
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  33. I didn’t know that Jennifer’s husband created Press N Seal. So glad that you ignore your family’s taunting. I loved your card and look forward to trying out the Press N Seal.

  34. Thanks for another entertaining video. I know I’m always going to get a giggle when you post a video. We must have the same gene somewhere. I am constantly telling people about Mr. McQuire inventing Press and Seal too. Your card is fabulous with its glittery touches. I’ve used the same idea with an all over hexagon die using different colors to fill in some spots. It’s a great look.

  35. Sadly Press and Seal hasn’t made an appearance in the UK… maybe you could use your influence with Ken McG? ;o) Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and keep those great videos coming in 2016! x

  36. So funny story… My husband and I have a couple of things that we tell each other ALL THE TIME… just like you do with the Press N Seal. It’s kind of those running jokes 🙂

  37. My first time to your blog and imagine my surprise when you started using Press and Seal…Lol. But such a good idea. ( now I will have to tell people who invented press and seal). Great card… Love those hexagons. Thanks for the great tip….

  38. Laura, I don’t know how you always come up with something totally unique and fabulous. Thanks for the reminder about using Press and Seal.

  39. Thank you for sharing your card and tips, Laura! I always enjoy listening to you in your videos. They always bring a smile to my face, so thanks for that, too. Hope your new year brings you and your family all that you could wish for! 🙂

  40. Laura, this card is FABULOUS, I love the hexagons and the pop of gold!! I’m with you on two other things you mentioned too…this stamp and die set may be one the BEST yet (so versatile) and crafting is DEFINITELY a workout! Bring on more Christmas cookies!! Wishing you a very happy 2016!

  41. What an adorable card. So creative and I just love that stamp set. So nice to see the different ways to use it. Wishing you and your a Very Happy New Year!

  42. Another great card and I love this stamp set. I think it has to go on my list. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

    Linda D.

  43. I’m impressed with your great card! Colors are so perfect and the gold foil and glitter really amp it up a notch! Thanks girl – love it!

  44. I almost missed that there was a video…what a shame that would have been if I missed it! Even I have told some people that Ken McGuire invented Press’n’Seal, after hearing it from you before!

  45. Your card is gorgeous. I will definitely be getting that Press and Seal. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

  46. Omgosh,I’m dying laughing at you.Took fun.Beautiful card.The teen language yes living it in this house as well.Happy Safe New Year Laura.

  47. I absolutely love the jewel tones! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous card. I will definitely be using these colors for inspiration!

  48. Love this card, especially the Dies…brilliant idea for a card, very effective…you did make me laugh though..thank you and Happy New Year.

  49. love it and your press and seal tip. now if I can just open my brain and tuck that in there and remember it when I need it

  50. I could watch your videos all day (and I’ve come close to doing that). Love this card — and LOVE the shaped dies.

  51. OMG – just watched your video – you’e awesome too (Sorry – 2nd post) I must be the only person who didn’t know…but now I HAVE TO buy some Press ‘n Seal!

  52. These colors rock! You have so much patience, Laura! Putting all of those little hexagons in place is a tedious process, even with the help of the press and seal. Gorgeous card.

  53. Wonderful card, Laura. Afraid I wouldn’t have enough muscle or the patience to do this card (LOL), but it is lovely. The imitation of your daughter just cracked me up. Thanks for sharing.

  54. LOL!!! Are you sure you aren’t a stand-up comedian, Laura??? 😉 You crack me up!!! I DIDN’T KNOW that Jennifer McGuire’s husband invented the Press & Seal Wrap!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! 😉 Just wait till I tell my husband!!! (Uh-oh, it’s CATCHING!!! LOL) LOOOOOVE your card Laura!!! It’s SO MUCH FUN LISTENING TO YOU & WATCHING YOU CREATE!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  55. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ok…so MUCH to say here! (lovely card, btw) But, you know how things happen, and you’re all like…wtf? well, I’ve decided to participate in this hop, right? and now I can’t be more GLAD cause I didn’t know you…it’s so NICE to find a PAPERCRAFTER with humor! cause…dang, everybody is sweet as sugar, I mean SWEEEEEEEEEEET, but…it’s so NICE to find some humor too, ya know???!!! YAY, and ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT ABOUT JENNIFER’S HUSBAND!!! I swear, the stuff you learn…right?? annnnnnnnnd that SSS release is just…wow…and…. ya know? geesh, you need to move here beside me and be my neighbor! do you read these…I mean, you have a million…anyway…soooooooooooo glad i found you!

  56. Wonderful, COLORFUL, beautiful, and FUN card design!!! I only wish I had a picture of little socks to put here because you have DEFINITELY “knocked my socks off,” Laura!!! 😀
    And I agree that these new SSS dies are Amazing!!! They look like SO MUCH FUN and offer a world of design possibilities! Woohoo!
    Thanks, SSS, for the products and thanks, Laura, for the design idea!!!! 🙂

  57. Awesome card, Laura! Love the color combo and your Press’n Seal tricks are so helpful! Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your beautiful family!!!

  58. Great card. Love the hexagons. Have the Press N Seal but have not had a chance to use it. Maybe your card will spur me to use it.

  59. I told my ladies at my craft stop about Jennifer’s husband inventing Press n Seal. They were amazed! A married couple with all that talent. Love your card and thanks for the how to for using Press n Seal.

  60. Gorgeous! I would not have the patience for this; you totally rock. And never mind the kids- by definition, they must criticize, eye-roll, or be embarrassed by Mom.

  61. Laura, as a geometry geek from my high school days, I am falling in love with this card! The colors are great, the texture from some popped up, and those HEAGONS are all amazing!!! Not to mention I love the humor you share with us. Not to forget the Press-n-Seal info. GREAT CARD, LAURA! Happy New Year.

  62. I love your card and I love your video! I enjoy it when you tell us about Press ‘n Seal because I first heard it from you and it is so fun that you know someone who invented something so cool – and not only that, it’s Jennifer McGuire’s husband! How cool is that!!!

  63. Super cool card! I like all your ideas, but especially like the heart one that you did on the 29th. Happy New Year.

  64. Love geometric card. I just want to know if you get paid for advertising for the stick and seal? Lol I love that you get so excited when you mention it. Happy new year

  65. I love the colors you chose for this card and the touch of gold and glitter! I’m so glad I’m following this blog hop. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, but it definitely won’t be the last. I love your work!

  66. I love the card & the tip about the press & seal. It worked awesome too when my hubby had a total knee replacement to cover the bandage at shower time. I know TMI, sorry but had to share. 🙂

  67. Love this card, Laura! Great design and colors. I am so looking forward to another year of your fabulous videos! Happy Ne Year!

  68. Awesomeness!!!! I love this card… Perfect colors and fantastic design! Your videos rock and your stories are hilarious. Thanks for the amazing inspiration! Happy New Year.

  69. I’m in love with this card too………… Why can’t they have press and seal in Australia life would be soooo much easier 😦

  70. SQUEAL!! LOVING LOVING LOVING The New Release and your Card!! Such a FUN Design!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Colors that you used too!! THANKS for sharing the Video, you ALWAYS make me SMILE =) !! Have a FABULOUS New Year’s Eve/Day/Weekend!! HUGS!! =)

  71. I love your card but I am always laughing and smiling when I watch your videos- you are so fun! Oh, and great tip on press n seal- had no idea how it made card making easier

  72. Laura beautiful card! You have the knack of making a difficult card look easy. Thanks for sharing your videos and the tip with the PRESS N SEAL.

  73. Laura, as always, I love your videos! Very informative & fun to watch. Love the fun fact about Ken McGuire! Your card is fabulous!

  74. Hi Laura,

    Oh Girl, your videos are always so informative and entertaining! You always crack me up with your nutty humor, I LOVE IT! This card is PHENOMENAL, the dies are to die for and your trivia and the story about the kids made me laugh out loud! I sooooo miss you at PTI! Happy New Year!

    María Alba

  75. Love it! You picked a great mix of colors and textures for the hexagons! And at least you know Jennifer… when I explain that this super cool lady whose blog I follow and who I met one time at a SSS Create weekend is married to the guy who created Press ‘N Seal? Not a great story. 🙂

  76. Wow love the design, love the colors, love the introduction to a new technique (to me at least – but then most everything is new to me) and until now I had no idea who invented Press ‘n Seal!

  77. Oh my goodness I love your style. I’ve become addicted to hexagons and now must have this set… Thanks so much for sharing

  78. You crack me up Laura. I love the nasal twang when you imitate the kidlets!!! REEEeeeEEEEEeeeaaaaly? LOL! Brilliant design. Which is why you are you and I’m so nobody :/ But you do so much to keep the minions inspired so Big Thanks ♥ Keep ’em coming!!!!

  79. L-O-V-E!!!!! My socks ARE KNOCKED OFF!! So gorgeous and creative and neat and clean and PERFECT! Everytime I see you use a die, I run out and get it. Can’t get enough….loving the videos, too! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Fun and beautiful card and you made it look so simple! Loved the video! I’ve used all my Press n’ Seal in the kitchen and now when I replace it, I’ll have to get 2…one for the craft room, too! Who knew???

  81. Laura, You are so funny !!! Love love love that card. Have to get that shapes die I love that. And I sent Jennifer a reply to the email with her Christmas card tutorial ..Let her know to send one to my house ,I gave her my address ,you have my address too .for Christmas card that she foiled , my husband got me the dies that she advertised and the Misti.. for Christmas ..yay!!! ,This summer for my birthday ,because of something that she had in her ,like Oprah fabulous things ..well this was Jennifer McGuire’s famous things ,he got me the sandals that she loved and he got me those in every color they if I could get her to send a Christmas card to me .I think it be hilarious ..because my husband watches her videos with me..he saw your card ( which we love love love .. But Tim watch her video with me ..He knows I’ve been following her for like twenty years ..” Said where’s your card from her ” ??? I think it would help me .. Get more product !!! Lol .. Thanks for your photo Christmas card . God bless you and your family and Happy New Year !!! Yours in Christ and ink Anne

    Sent from my iPhone


  82. Bea-u-ti-ful card! Love the colors ,big shiny gold U and your delightfully, funny banter!

    I have to tell you that Ken just got a big promotion (I work for the same company but not with him). They did mention Press-n-seal in his long list of accomplishments! So you aren’t the only one!

  83. Wow… I am running out to get some press n seal… who knew it could be used in the craft room as well as the kitchen!! The card is very striking…love it!

  84. I don’t know that I want to say gorgeous card….but I do want to…it IS gorgeous. Cute topic of Ken and his invention.

  85. Scanning the comments, it looks like a lot of us were impressed by Mr. Press ‘n Seal McGuire and his product. I know I was. Who’d a thunk you could use it that way.

  86. love the perfect shapes stamps/dies.. . . great card. . . I just repeated the Press/Seal story over the Christmas holidays when we were actually using the product on leftovers, not crafting. So funny, you mean he didn’t create it for crafters?

  87. What a great card!!! And ken McGuire invented Press-N-Seal? Who knew?! And (I’m new to crafting), I’ve never seen this used to craft with–and I have a roll in the pantry!!

  88. You rock! Your card idea, choice of colors AND especially that excellent tip about the Press-N-Seal show why you are one of the best in the industry! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! Happy healthy New Year and God Bless!

  89. Laura, I think you always knock it out of the park! You can make any kind of card and make it beautifully. You’re so talented! Thanks so much for inspiring us all!

  90. Happy New Year!!! I love this card created with all these marvelous coloured hexagon “tiles” and fun sentiment.

  91. Love, love, love everything about this one!!! I’ve been trying to resist buying any more from this collection but this card just may have pushed me over the edge :-O As always, loved watching your video and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!! Have a happy and blessed New Year!!

  92. Love the card. Love the stamp & die set & the press and seal is fantastic. Used the press & seal for myself
    today and it works great. I totally understand why you want to announce to the world that
    your friend’s husband invented this….I want to tell my friends…it is such a great way to use such
    a “cool” product. Thanks for sharing your fabulous card. 🙂

  93. Love this technique with press n seal. It makes these intricate pieces line up perfectly!:)) Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  94. Well. *I* didn’t know Jennifer McGuire’s husband invented Press ‘n Seal so thanks for that tidbit! But thanks mostly for the hint about how to use it – GENIUS! And gorgeous card, btw. Really a nice CAS design – love the jewel tone colors and then the gold shine. Perfection! Thanks for the good inspiration, Laura!

  95. The new die covers every shape you could ever need! What a classic perfect addition! Great colorful Thank U card Laura 🙂

  96. Wow! Gorgeous color palette! I love the background you created with the die cut hexagons. What a fun sentiment! That giant U is awesome.

  97. Oh my gosh! Your background looks like the tiles on my bathroom floor! How cool is that? I love how colorful your card is and that you used glitter. I don’t have a die cutter so I can’t make this card. I wish I could. I love it though.

  98. Great card and video. Thanks for showing us your technique using the Press ‘n Seal. I didn’t know Jennifer’s husband created it…that’s awesome.

  99. I told my daughter about Jennifer’s husband inventing the Press’n Seal loveliness and now we both follow her, and you, of course. Love your videos and your clever tips. Thanks so much for sharing.

  100. Another great card and let’s face it, I’m addicted to watching your great videos. I did miss you singing “Hot Mamaaaaaaa”.
    Thank you so much!

  101. Happy New Year! Great card and the gold U does look pretty uptown on the card! I am so glad you told us about Jennifer McGuirre’s husband and the wrap. I have told everyone I know and they just look at me like,”So. You don’t know any of these people so this factoid holds no interest for me at all!” Oh well I love your videos, they always make me happy.

  102. This is a wonderful card. Thank you for sharing this technique. Btw, I had no idea that Jennifer’s husband invented press and seal. Cool

  103. What a great card ! Beautiful colors too ! A real eye-catcher !
    I didn’t know the press’n seal; thanks for the explanation (and tell your kids some people still don’t know, you know the inventor 😉 ).
    Happy New Year !

  104. Listening to your videos always make my day….your enthusiasm is infectious….and your cards always inspire me!

  105. OMG! Jennifer’s husband invented Press N Seal? I LOVE that stuff and use it for everything….but this use was a new one on me. Thanks.

  106. What a fun card. I just keep picking up tips through you lovely blog hop ladies. Loved the tidbit about Jennifer’s husband and Press ‘N Seal.

  107. You always make me laugh. And you ALWAYS make me shake my head. While your cards are gorgeous and LOOK C&S, they take some serious concentration. I love this one.

  108. This is my first time on your blog but I’ve heard your name from other bloggers! Great card and use of the geometric shapes! 🙂

  109. great card – you are too cute …. how cool is that, that you know the inventor of press’n seal ; ) … wonder i he invented it for Jennifer?
    Happy New Year to you … now off to burn some calories cutting out shapes …..
    Sandra ltb

  110. First time to see the “Press and Seal” technique! Oh my goodness . . . LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing. Great card!!!

  111. I absolutely love this card! I love the colors used and the design elements. Your style is just awesome. You make such fun, bright, whimsical and clean projects. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with all of us, and Happy New Year!

  112. What a gorgeous Card!! I love all your videos Laura. You make me smile every time. I absolutely love it when you say “Hot Lips!”.

  113. Thanks for another wonderful video, you are so entertaining as well as informative. I’m so glad you have shown how to use the Press N Seal in your videos, it sure has come in handy for my crafting projects. Love your card. You’re right, great release!

  114. I didn’t know about the inventor of Press and Seal so “seriously” thanks for sharing. I really need to get some of that. Love your card.

  115. What a great idea. I had heard about using Press ‘n Seal for projects but I wasn’t sure how – now I know. Very clever way to use shape dies.

  116. YUP! They weren’t kidding when they said Simon has a ROCK STAR lineup of designers! You ladies R.O.C.K!!! Laura, this is SO CUTE! Had to pin it…
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  117. I ALWAYS enjoy your videos and learn something new with every one. I took your “Craftsy” class, and it is my favorite all time on-line class, and I have taken many. I also think that die and stamp set you featured is a must have…endless design possibilities.

  118. Laura. Love your videos. Lol about the press and seal. I told my family the same thing and I don’t know the fellow. I do follow Jennifer. Happy New Year!

  119. Thanks to you Laura, my new favorite shape is the hexagon! You made it look so beautiful on your card, you choose such beautiful colors!!! So far all of the designers I have seen on this blog hop have just blocked me down, everyone has so much talent…, WOW. I am hoping that some will rub off on me … LOL

  120. Hi Laura ~ This set is spectacular and I do believe it’s a must-have for me! Love everything about it, including the video you included, which was full of never-before-seen (by me) hints and tips. Thanks for those! Happy, healthy New Year!!

  121. I´m so in love with hexagons! Thanks for showing this wonderful card. And YES,. the Press´n Seal comes in handy for cardmaking.

  122. Love your videos, they always make me smile! Except for the other SSS one you did a couple of days ago it felt like there had been a drought! This card is unbelievable, and you can keep telling us that Jennifer’s husband invented it!

  123. The beautiful hexagons remind me of the beach. (Only five more months until Memorial Day and the beach!) Happy New Year.

  124. Ok, you did it again. I thought I didn’t need anything from this release. Now I want nearly everything

  125. I must be the only person in the universe who does not know about Press and Seal. But now that I do, can’t wait to give it a try.

  126. You are just hysterical….I look forward to all your videos with your hilarious commentary!! Love your card…love the colors you used to cut out the hexagons. I really love that Big You stamp set! Too funny you mentioned Jennifer McGuire’s husband & his creation…I was just sitting here the other night trying to remember what famous thing he created!!!

  127. Hi Laura, I love the card you made! This is my first time to your blog, and I learned a lil something…ha, ha. No I didn’t know Jennifer’s husband invented Press-N-Seal. I follow Jennifer’s blogs, but somehow I missed out on her telling us that. Tell your daughter, you never know who is new (like myself) and may learn a new trick for Press-n-Seal and in the process learn whom the inventor is. Thank you for such a beautiful card, and for showing me a new thing I can use Press n Seal for. Happy New Year!!!

  128. Such an awesome card, Laura! I always love hexes, and the touches of gold here rock! Thjanks for the inspiration!

  129. Happy New Year, Laura. Fantastic card. Thank you for reminding me how I can use the Press ‘N Seal for crafting.

  130. Very cute card! Love how you used the “U”-so clever. I love watching your videos. You are so funny! Happy New Year!

  131. Laura you make my day each time I watch one of your videos. I love your use of color and thanks for reminding me about the crafty uses for press and seal. I’m loving this release and blog hop, everyone has such amazing ideas I can’t wait to try out.

  132. I promise to be surprised and excited every time you tell me that Ken McGuire invented Press N Seal. Now I just need to try it in my craft room and not just my kitchen.

  133. Never stop bragging on Press-N-Seal–it’s a staple in my studio (and the McGuires have earned all the praise heaped on them.) You’re a riot, Laura, and completely lovable. So is your art. Thank you forever.

  134. You are hilarious! I do the same thing, though. I don’t know Jennifer, but I do follow her blog. I’ve never met her husband. That doesn’t stop me from telling my sisters all the time.. Every time we use it in the kitchen, or someone talks about it, ooh, or the tip about picking up glitter with a swiffer. (it reminds me of the other story, for some reason) That is when I say.. You know, I follow this one blog, and I watch videos of Jennifer McGuire making cards, and get tips about storage.. Yeah, her husband invented Press-n-Seal.. ^_^ They ask me if I’m losing it, because I have already told them that story like a hundred times! It’s still funny.. haha

  135. I have never heard of using Glad Press & Seal for things like this. What a great idea!! By the way, I’m very happy for you that you have met the inventor of that!! I use that stuff all the time!! Anyway, your card is beautiful!! What a great design! I love that large gold U!

  136. WOW! You make everything so much fun! I must remember to get some press and seal for my craft room so I can try this idea. It might make all that “exercise” seem like it’s worth it! Thanks for another great idea and another really fun video.

  137. Love the card! I love the tips of how to use “tools” (aka press n seal) to make the crafting process quick and slick. Thanks for sharing!

  138. Love, love, love this card and your so personal way of doing a video…refreshing! And I didn’t know about the inventor of Press N Seal…thanks for sharing that info and the blog hop!

  139. As always a fabulous design? This card is fabulous, thanks for sharing Laura! I will have to scraplift this one, hope you don’t mind…
    Happy New Year!

  140. THANK U, THANK U, THANK U, for making this video! I can’t wait to try the Press n Seal on tiny pieces and ….preferrably the same ones you used… would love to win, SSS!

  141. Laura. Love the new releases from SSS. Your card is awesome and I love how you used the Press N Seal. The Ken McQuire story was just icing on the cake. Hugs and blessings Trish

  142. What a great design and a beautiful array of colors, Laura! Love the mix of gold metallic and glitter with the other colors, so festive!

  143. Love the bold graphic look of this card. That die and matching stamp set is very versatile. Think I’ll have to add those to my wish list.

  144. What great tips on keeping the hexagons all in order when picking them up and transferring them, and a creative use of scrap papers! Thanks for sharing with us on this Hop!

  145. Umm, gorgeous! I just can’t believe how lucky we are that your tutorials, tidbits and entertaining posts are free! And I can’t wait to tell my friends that a girl I watch on YouTube is friends with the girl who’s married to the man that invented PressNSeal. We’re practically related!

  146. This is a great video with helpful tips. This card can be made for many occasions. Thank you for the chance to win.

  147. Not usually a fan of hexagons but your card is lovely because I like the color combination and good use of paper scraps. Thank you.

  148. I just don’t even know what to say about this cheerful card…I love everything about it! Colors, texture, all around design. It’s just perfect! I don’t know how you make it look so easy. 🙂

  149. All the sets with the hearts. U always do a great card that is out of the box Laura. U r talented and as always so funny!!!

  150. How on earth did I not know about the press and seal thing? Been watching all the videos from the whole gang for a long time now. Love your colors and graphic style, always. Gotta try that pres and seal!

  151. I already wanted the lovely shapes and the heart breeze dies… now I want the shapes even more!!! Fabulous card. Just gorgeous.

  152. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!
    Seriously, your card is DIE-LIGHTFUL Laura!!!
    It is ALWAYS FUN to watch you in action 🙂
    LOVE your hexagons and pretty colours, a FABULOUS design with great mix of sparkle, shine & dimension!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and tutorial … I feel the NEED for some die-cutting therapy, a soothing design to work with and a workout at the same time 🙂

  153. Oh my gosh, I laughed at your story about Ken McGuire. I don’t even know him, nor have I ever met Jennifer, but I tell that same story to my poor husband every time I see it in the grocery store. Bahahaha !!! Somehow it just seems so darned cool. 😉

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