Simple Seed Bead Shakers

Hello there! Today I wanted to share with you how I make these simple seed bead shaker cards.SSS-Sead Bead ShakersDo you remember this fun shaker card? It’s from waaaay back in August. I knew when I made it that I should’ve made a video for it, but I was too lazy at the time.SSS-Painted Enjoy & Ring Frame dieI’ve had so many questions about this card and requests for a video tutorial for it that I finally made one. It only took me half a year, lol!SSS-Painted Enjoy & Ring Frame dieWhile I had all the supplies out I made one more shaker using the Keep Swimming stamps & dies. I love fish….almost as much as I love monkeys & chocolate:)
SSS-Best FishesThe key to my seed bead shakers is the double-sided foam adhesive sheets & my beloved Shaker Shack seed bead pack.SSS-Best FishesHere’s a video to show how how easy they are to make.Thanks so much for stopping by!

31 thoughts on “Simple Seed Bead Shakers

  1. Maybe You will not believe me…but I have your card pinned on Pinterest, but I didn’t know it was yours…you cannot imagine how happy I am to have a video now!!! Thanks a lot!

  2. I loved it then and I love it a little more now because I get a video with cheery you sharing a how to! 😀 TFS
    how about a monkey with pet fish eating chocolate?? (of course he lives in a rainbow house!)
    Okay, it’s only 5:30 here, I need coffee! LOL

  3. Loved the video. Thanks for the tip about using the powder bag. Hate when the sequins and beads won’t behave!

  4. You are such a pleasure to watch! I love the cards, but even if I didn’t, I’d still watch your videos. Thanks for the great tips, the amazing positive energy, and for putting a smile on my face!


  6. I love these cards and especially the one with the rings die…so cute. Your videos are always so fun. BTW, I saw a tutorial the other day where the designer used regular craft foam, available in many colors, and ran it through her Zyron machines to make her own adhesive backed foam…she ran it through twice so both sides got adhesive applied to them….the trick was burnishing it while the protective pieces were still attached. She used two different sized machines….the really large one and the one that is only 1 1/2 ” wide. I haven’t tried this yet myself….never would have thought foam would go through the machines, but I plan to give it a try. Thanks for such fun projects. Love them both.

  7. I love the cards! I love to watch your videos. You make everything so interesting and fun. Makes me want to buy all the products you use! (Which of course I can’t, but I can dream!)

  8. You, my dear, are an absolute hoot! Love these cards. Love your commentary! Keeps me smiling. Great designs…..gotta love the rainbow! TFS

  9. Wow, I really love these two shaker cards. That dimensional foam with adhesive is really a time saver. I love the circles die. Too cool. Thanks for the great design ideas.

  10. Wonderful video again! Love your shake it cards–and love your fish. Let me know when you get that monkey-I want to meet it!

  11. I love your cards but your videos make me laugh, they make me smile. They ALWAYS brighten my day. Thanks Laura!

  12. I loved that card the first time I saw it, and still love it now. Also love the fish card.. The beads are perfect for water. Thank you so much for the video. 💗💗💗

  13. Hi Laura. I just want to say I don’t remember when I enjoyed a video more! You are a delight and I’ll be checking in more often. Great projects. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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