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Stamptember-Blog-Hop-600x150Today I am very excited to be joining Simon Says Stamp for their STAMPtember® blog hop! September has always been my favorite month of the year, but now that we have a “STAMPtember®“, I love it even more. If you are following the hop, then you should have arrived here from the lovely Nichol Magouirk’s blog. I have a couple of project to share today featuring the new Thanksgiving Table stamp set.
SSS~Thanksgiving Table Stamp SetThis card is super simple, with a bit of rock n’ roll technique on the wheat grass. I used one of the new inks called Goldenlocks on the wheat before rolling it in some Sunshine ink.
SSS~Thanksgiving Table Stamp SetThis next card features the new Leaf Background stamp. I embossed it in clear and then I blended some Olive and Beanstalk into it.
SSS~Thanksgiving Table Stamp Set & Thanksgiving Feast Dies & Leaf Background StampI used the Thanksgiving Table stamp set as well as the coordinating dies for the pumpkins.
SSS~Thanksgiving Table Stamp Set & Thanksgiving Feast Dies & Leaf Background StampSo, did you see the six new yummy ink colors??? Oh happy day:) Here they are in all their glory:
1_308116_ZMThat brings the entire ink collection up to 32…wow! At this point, I realized that I needed some ink organization to wrap my brain around the colors and how they related to one another. Here’s a little video to show you what I came up with.

So, here’s my ink chart, almost filled up. Don’t ask me why I have no idea why Doll Pink and Leaf Green are not stamped in there. I’m assuming that the doorbell rang or the pasta over-boiled and I completely got distracted, but then right on ahead and took the photo anyways. Mom-nesia strikes again:)
SSS Ink ChartHere’s a blank chart, if you feel so inclined to print it out and fill it in with your own inks. It’s not the best looking chart, but it does the job for a quick ink reference.
SSS Ink ChartSimon Says Stamp is giving away a prize pack of a selection of items from our STAMPtember® giveaway stash at each stop on the hop! That’s 19 chances to win!!
The giveaways for the prize pack will close at 6:00pm EST on Thursday September 11, 2014. A complete winners list will be posted on the Simon blog on Friday September 12, 2014.
Your next stop on the hop is one of my all-time favorites…Debby Hughes or as I like to call her, Miss Debby Doodle♥
Thanks so much for hopping by! Happy STAMPtember® to you and yours!

What I used:

New stamps:

New dies:

New stencils:

New sequins, embossing pastes & cleaners:

New inks:

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  3. I love the simplicity yet serenity of your cards. They seemed easy, but in real they hold so much detailings and work. Thats what makes your cards stand out in my point of view. Love love love this card, obviously!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beauties, both of them!! Love the bold wheat leaves and lettering of the first card. Pumpkins look so perfect on the soft shaded background.

  5. Love the Leaf background stamp its definitely a must have after I see this resist technique. Thanks for sharing

  6. I was not sure what to do with that set, but you did a fabulous job. I love those leaves. So pretty. The background is gorgeous.

  7. Love the wheat card! Thanks so much for the ink reference sheet….love being able to see it all right in front of me!

  8. Love the wheat card! Thanks so much for the ink reference sheet….love being able to see it all right in front of me!

  9. Lovely cards- I keep going back and forth deciding which I liked best- then threw in the towel and called it a draw!

  10. Pumpkins! I’m a a fall holiday fanatic and I couldn’t be happier to see the pumpkins and falls colors starting to appear.

  11. Beautiful card! I wasn’t sure about that background stamp when I saw the product release. It is so wonderful to see the products in use to get ideas on how to use them.

  12. Two beautiful cards. I was curious about the stamp set you used for the wheat when I saw it on the Simon Blog. It’s really great!

  13. Fabulous cards! I so loved the fall pumpkin card! The background is wonderful and I like the two tones of green. New colors are AWESOME *insert singy voice here*

  14. Wow, that background stamp with the green just really looks great, especially for fall! Love the combination of it with the bright orange pumpkin! I love a good organizational tool like your ink swatch page! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Those cards are gorgeous! I have liked every card you ever post, you are one of my favorite blogs to visit! I like your sense of humor too! The names of the colors are too cute! Happy day for us stampers!

  16. Thanks so much for the chart! I was just thinking about how I have to start collecting these inks now, after watching Jennifer McGuire’s videos using bold stamp designs. I love those designs, but I usually get splotchy ink, so I’m gonna order a few of these and try ’em out!

  17. Your cards are adorable. Love how you created that wheat stock. And OMG that new background stamp is awesome. Thankyou for the Iink reference sheet.

  18. Really nice video and can’t wait to try the pumpkin card with the dies…I like the clean and simple look…Thank you.

  19. I like your color chart, very simple design. I used the idea that Jennifer McGuire had on her blog, but ran into the problem of not getting a true ink color after a while. I cleaned and cleaned my stamp throughout but still had problems.

    Love the card designs you shared. Simple, yet elegant. 🙂

  20. Laura,

    First, I love both cards. They are simple and elegant, and just perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving! But as if they weren’t inspiration enough, then you were kind enough to share your ideas for ink storage and your chart with us! Thank you for your generous spirit!


  21. The leaf background is stunning behind those pumpkins, the green is wonderful. Looks somewhat metallic in the picture.

  22. Oh, I love your card with the new leaf background and the pumpkins! And thank you for the chart with the color comparisons…I’d been wondering how the new blues fit in! I love ink!!!

  23. Beautiful cards, Laura, from a great SSS release. Loving those new colors.Thanks for all the tips on organization. I’m glad to see someone else storing ink pads sideways. haven’t had the courage to do that yet but the need to maximize space is coming soon.

  24. I love the pumpcin card. Since here in Germany Halloween is not that big of a thing and we don’t celebrate thanksgiving I would use this for a fall themed birthday or thank you card, it is so versitlie!

  25. You know I love everything you make, but that second card? Wooowheeeee! No one does it better than you, my dear. (Thanks for your comment yesterday, too. Ain’t no comment like a Laura Bassen comment coz a Laura Bassen comment don’t stop.)

  26. These are both fabulous Laura! I have already shopped, but now I’m wishing I had gotten the set with the pumpkins too! You do such beautiful work!!

  27. love your cards.. the pumpkins are my favorite.. and the embossed background stamping is awesome . Just brings those pumpkins alive

  28. Love, love, love your cards! The CAS look of the “rock ‘n roll” feathers to the stunning background on the pumpkins… you are amazing! Now I really feel the need to shop…

  29. I love, love, love the new leaf background you made for your card!! Gorgeous!! I do a similar ink swatch…but I do color pages…all the companies together but one page for blue, red etc. TFS your method!!

  30. Your card style is simply lovely. Thanks for the color chart. My you do have a ton of inks. Does Simon says make reinkers?

  31. I love that leaf background stamp. You made a gorgeous card with it. The rock and roll technique makes a pretty outline on the image.

  32. Thanksgiving is sometimes often overlooked, so I love the cards that you have made to highlight this special holiday!

  33. The first card is so clean & just PERFECT!! The embossing on the second one is such a pretty touch!! Love the chart!! Thanx for sharing it with all of us!! 😉

  34. Laura, beautiful cards.. Love the bold sentiment on the first one and the background on the second.. Thanks for all that you share with us..

  35. Great cards. I especially like the one with the wheat; your colors are dead on. This is a great release that is going to put a serious dent in my wallet! I love the way you keep your color charts & will be downloading the one for the Simon inks. Thank you for sharing it.

  36. Laura Laura Laura…. Your cards are so gorgeous it’s hard to comment on them at all! Love your use of the Simon inks. You always do such beautiful and colorful work. I can’t get enough.

  37. I love your cards. The simplicity of the first is just perfect. Thank you for the video. I’ll need to collect a few more colors before I’d need to chart them, but it was kind of you to share your efforts.

  38. I have some of the SSS inks, but wasn’t sure about the new ones. You have converted me. They are gorgeous, and your cards have put me in the mood to work on my holiday projects! Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  39. Oh both of these are lovely! Love the simplicity of the sheafs of wheat and the stunning effect created by first embossing the leaves background then colouring it. Fabulous.

  40. Here in my country we dont have that season (fall) but I love those types of cards and love sending them to my sister en the USA! Very nice and helpful!

  41. Laura, Beautiful cards, especially the Thanksgiving with pumpkins….like the background. Thanks for sharing SS color chart.

  42. Love these new ink colors, they look like they blend very nicely with some of the other SSS ink colors. Currently, I use the fabulous ink swatch downloads from Jen to keep all of my inks organized.

  43. Lovely cards. I love the simplicity of the first card. It is not easy to do a simple card and have it look complete. Well done!

  44. You’re pumpkin card is absolutely adorable. I just love the background. What a great background look that stamp makes. Beautiful coloring.

  45. I couldn’t be happier that Autumn is just around the corner!!! All of these beautiful cards are making me even more anxious (in the best way possible) for the season to arrive!! Thank you so much for sharing and I love your cards!!!

  46. While both cards are great, I really liked the Thanksgiving card with the background white embossed leaves and the darker green background and the two orange pumpkins!

  47. Just started making cards last October. I’m still a newbie and don’t have a lot of fall stamps. You have given me some great ideas. Thank you.

  48. What fabulous cards! I am not usually a big “Fall” card person, but all the wonderful inspiration I am seeing lately, may have me loving them more and more! I am in LOVE the pretty much all of the new “STAMPtemeber” release, but have a budget, so I shopped early today to make sure what I can afford will be in stock and ship right out! Thanks for your awesome inspiration and for sharing your wonderful ink chart! Perfect for me! 🙂

  49. I too, am totally impressed with the new color inks!!! Over the weekend, I had to add inks to one of my “items that I must have a lot of”. I just had an ink pad shelf made for my craft room that has 100 slots for ink pads. Each slot holds 2-3 ink pads. Needless to say, I have them almost full. Sad I know, but there is room for more of the SSS inks!!!!!

  50. I love your cards, but I really love the card with the pumpkins on it. Thank you for showing the color chart very helpful.

  51. Those wheat stalks are the bomb (yes, I know that’s a dated term). Make a perfect CAS card. And the other Thanksgiving card is lovely. That chart will help me immeasurably. Thanks.

  52. Thanks for the SSS ink chart, that is cool. How did they get up to 32 inks already? LOL! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

  53. Thank you! Thank you! for the great idea for the inks. I love the notion of having a cheat sheet to see how colors fit together. Your cards are beautiful! I so enjoy seeing your blog every day and drooling over your creations. I think that leaf background is a must have for me!

  54. Great idea for ink organization! And I love the second card (okay I love both cards) with that background! I need to get that. So versatile!

  55. The pumpkins look like they are real. I have struggled using a wheat stamp that I have so I am anxious to try your technique. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be on design teams where you have to keep the product in order. Your ink chart is a good idea.

  56. That embossed background is amazing! I always forget about techniques like fading out to the edges of cards, will have to check out more posts so and gather more techniques!

  57. Awesome cards, Laura! I am loving the new ink colors and they will hopefully be on their way to my hot, little hands soon! The olive and beanstalk colors look so beautiful together! Thank you so much for the color chart! I’ll be using it for sure! ♥

  58. Wow! Would love to win that amazing prize pack! Just discovered your blog Laura and I love it! You crack me up with your video comments.. Thanks for the laughter:)

  59. Gorgeous cards! Pumpkin one is my fave … love the background & the pumpkins. You did a great job with the color chart … it is very helpful to see the colors side by side. You are simply the best!!!

  60. Here are my biggest favorites-

    1 Reason for the Season stamp & die set
    2 Scripts of the Season die set
    3 Treesome die set
    4 the Fairytale ink set

    Can’t WAIT to see all the cool stuff everyone is going to make!

    Very nice cards, TFI-also thanks for the ink chart!

  61. I really like both of your cards…so clean and simple, yet elegant and effective. I especially like the embossed background on the second card. Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your ink system. I, too, use the Distress Ink chart and appreciate your sharing of a Simon Says chart.

  62. Love your cards. Love how you enhanced the details of the leaf background stamp on your second card. Beautiful. I’m loving all the new goodies. Thanks so much.

  63. I love your cards, especially the pumpkins and new leave background. Thank you for the color chart. I have already printed it out and ready to fill it in. I love the new fall colors.

  64. You used the leaf stamp to create a lovely background. I really liked your technique. And it contrasted nicely to the colorful pumpkings. Very nice!

  65. Great cards!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Love your ink storage and thanks for sharing your chart! Very helpful!

  66. Fantastic cards, love the simplicity and elegance in the first one and the texture-color background in the second one. And the pumpkins are so pretty! Thanks for sharing Laura, love yours cards! About the blog hop prize, If I would, I purchase everything in the release, because I know the quality of the products and all are stunning! But my next order, (already purchase the Reason for the Season Stamp and Die Set with a Christmas Blessing Dies), will be the Sentiments Stamp Set, the inks and maybe the Thanksgiving and Christmas sets!

  67. Laura, Love the fall cards, especially the leaf background stamp. Thank you for sharing your talent and color charts!

  68. Lovely cards both. I really like the pumpkin card, tho’. Love that faded background. Thanks for the ink chart as well!

  69. Thank you very much for the chart, it’s really useful. As you, I love to have all my ink colors together in a chart. And those cards are just lovely, as usually.

  70. Well being the 520 something thought on this post, what can say that hasn’t been said before – the cards are awsome, I love the ink color chart video as I do all your videos because I just think they are the best! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  71. Love the background on the pumpkin card. Thanks for the reference sheet, it’s great to see all the ink colors together.

  72. Oh my, I so love the leaf background stamp. I want it so much. I really love what you have done with these to cards. I really love the second one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  73. Love the cards and the color chart. I was just thinking that I need to make one for all my dye ink – so I can pick colors for multi-step stamping. You gave me the push I needed!

  74. Gorgeous creations and use of products. I love card #1 which is easy to reproduce. I also love your hysterical, cheery take on the world around you!

  75. Oh, I LOVE the chart! So handy for all the different inks! This release is awesome…such great new stuff! Your cards are beautiful! I love the two-toned wheat, gives such a nice depth. 🙂

  76. Pretty cards Laura! ‘Mom-nesia,’ LOL, that’s precious! Thanks for taking the time to create that chart for us too! It will come in handy (when I am able to purchase some SSS inks of course). 😉

  77. Love your cards, espcially the Thanksgiving themed. Thanks for sharing the SSS ink chart, and also to you “Happy STAMPtember”

  78. Great cards. Will have to try the rock & roll technique for sure. Love the honesty of your videos. Thanks for sharing the ink color chart.

  79. Great Thanksgiving Cards! Really like the blending you did on the second one. That green really complements the orange pumpkins! Thanks so much for the video explaining how you created your ink swatches and the download itself! Much appreciated!! I’m a fan of the way Tim Holtz does it so that all the colors are on one sheet! It’ll be a major bummer when new colors come out though!

  80. Your Thanksgiving cards are beautifully done. I love the new Leaf background stamp! Thanks for showing the new inks and your organization. Wow!

  81. Beautiful cards. I started charting some of my inks and watching your video reminded me I need to add new colors.

  82. Hi Laura!! I love your Fall cards in these beautiful colors. Thanks for showing me all of the SSS inks. I just got my first copics and I need to start on some different inks. I began with various pigments, then SU inks. Happy Stamptember!!

  83. I love both of these cards in there own way! The first one i like because it’s simple but still pretty. The second card i like because it has a lot more to it but yet not to much! I love both of the cards and the colors too!

  84. Thanks so much for the ink chart. Your cards are always amazing and clean (meaning not pasta sauce that I can see 🙂 )

  85. Love the cards, especially love the background and your videos are always so much fun to watch. What a great release this is. Many thanks.

  86. Can I say that you’re my favorite clean and simple paper artist? There, I just did! Two fantastic Thanksgiving cards that show off the new stamps beautifully. Thanks so much for the color chart. I see you’ve left room for additional colors. Woohoo!

  87. Love your cards! I don’t see Thanksgiving cards very often. Thanks for the inspiration! I might need to make them this year!

  88. Your Fall cards are just lovely, Laura. I especially like the card with the pumpkins. The background is so cool. Thanks for the ink chart too!

  89. Absolutely LOVE what you did with the leaf background stamp! Thanks for the printout, I’m off to do some stamping.

  90. I am printing out this new ink chart immediately! Loving the cards, and you always make me giggle with your funny comments in the voiceover 🙂

  91. Love the look of the card with the pumpkins. My husband grows pumpkins for all the neighbour children and our grandchildren – so I showed him your card and he thought it was great!

  92. totally love your cards! but I really like seeing all of your cards. I think my fav is the leaf background! That stamp is on my wish list!!
    and thanks for the ink template – it’s very helpful!

  93. Great cards Laura, and as always, I love your videos. You always make me laugh!! And thanks so much for sharing your color chart, I will definitely be making use of that!

  94. Both of your cards are so beautiful I love the Fall and your cards so depict the beauty for this time of year!! I’m referring to the changes of the leaves and pumpkin patch pickin’ you sure did one fab stamping job. Great ways you used all the goodies to create your cards.
    YOU so ROCK!!

  95. Like your sweet yet simple card. Love so many of these new sets! Think Trick or Treat, Sweet Things and the Snowflakes are my favorites so far. Adore the winter flurries too 😀

  96. Oh my i just love that background stamp! It’s so pretty embossed, and i love the new colors! Very excited! Thank you.

  97. With you on the mom-nesia bit! And despite it, your cards absolutely rock. Living the cute pumpkins, and the ombré background.

  98. I love the SSS inks I still need to get the last release too, maybe at Christmas 🙂
    I love your card with the leaf background, green is my favorite color

  99. Thanks for sharing the ink comparison chart!! It’s so helpful to be able to see them all together. Love the new inks!

  100. Always love your cards and projects, Laura!! The new release is great fun!! Fall is my favorite, so I am in 7th heaven!!

  101. The background stamp is so awesome on your card. Love the way you blended the colors and used the pumpkins. So simple and so gorgeous.

  102. Happy Stamptember Laura! Thank you for the PDF for SSS inks. I ordered the new inks and can’t wait to play. Your card is beautiful. Love the CAS look and colors you used.

  103. I wasn’t impressed with the new background stamp, BUT it is looking gorgeous on your card. I love your videos, too.