SSS-Better Together Release Hop

bettertogetherHello there! Today I’m very excited to be joining Simon Says Stamp for their Better Together Release hop. This release is chock full of “love” themed products that are perfect for creating valentines or even just to let someone know you care about them all year long.
SSS-Tiny Spaced Hearts StencilI used the Tiny Hearts stencil to create my colorful background.Β by mixingΒ some white embossing paste with Distress inks. Then I added a sentiment using the Sending word die and Sending and Wishing stamp set.
SSS-Tiny Spaced Hearts StencilHere’s a little video to show you how I created my card.

Simon Says Stamp is giving away a prize package on each stop of the hop, so leave a comment for your chance to win. Winners will be selected on January 23rd.
Your next stop on the hop is the very lovely and talentedΒ Nichol Magouirk.
Thanks so much for hopping by!

797 thoughts on “SSS-Better Together Release Hop

  1. I just love that tiny hearts stencil, but I especially love how it looks with the multi-colored embossing paste. Great way to show it off. And you are so right, even before I watched the video, I thought to myself that it looked like those candy dots. Great minds think alike!

  2. I adore those paper strips of rainbow-colored candy dots, and often used them as pills when I played doctor… yes, this card makes me happy like that… wait… did I say when I was a kid?
    =] =] Michele

  3. I love SSS Better Together Release! It’s a great “movement”, to remind everyone to just slow down, make a card and send it to someone. It’s much better to receive a humble card in the mail than bills! πŸ™‚

  4. Love the colours that you used with the embossing paste… Cool Idea. Great Card… Thank you for sharing the technique and also a chance to win some goodies… Wishing everyone a fantastic ‘Better Together’ Launch we are all in it together…

  5. Beautiful card Laura! I will try this πŸ™‚
    I loved your song reference and when you removed the stencil, I immediately thought of those candies on white paper too!

  6. OMG Laura OMG What a super cute card & Oh Yes my kids always loved those candy dots….and your super ideas with your paste is outstanding and so fun…..I was so enthralled watching your create your background and results is so stinkin’ cute and yep looks just candy OMG girl what the heck and your way of doing the colors is WOW…they turned out so pretty and then your silver thread was an awesome and beautiful idea…gosh so many fun and fabulous things going on with your card….I love it. Talk about a fun video WOW!!
    YOU so ROCK!!

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  8. I’m in love with those small hearts on the background. What a beautiful card. Just added that stamp set and dies to my checkout as well. Kristina’s handwriting is so pretty. Happy Day!

  9. what a great look… this silver thread… great.. It looks like a small wire. IΒ΄ve never seen it on a card..

  10. Cute and so creative, as usual! Love your use of the distress inks with your embossing paste. Will have to give that a go. Nice sentiment as well πŸ™‚

  11. I super love your creativity and this one in particular is awesome, using a lot of techniques and gorgeous colors! Amazing!

  12. love love love the little heart stencil and the build up in the middle πŸ˜‰ i can never make thread look anything else than used dental floss, i am in awe of those who can make it look pretty like you! well done

  13. Love your video as always. Thanks for the tip on mixing different colored paste. How quickly did you have to work? How long does it take for the background to dry before you can add the elements? What did you use to secure the beautiful silver thread?

  14. Laura, I thought the exact same thing – that your embossed hearts background looks like those candies on white paper (like a long store receipt!) we used to buy as kids. Beautiful card, I can’t wait to try the technique of using multiple colors of ink to make an embossed background. Brilliant!

  15. I am loving those little hearts background and the rainbow colors you used to create it. Just makes for such a bright and cheerful card.

  16. Such an awesome technique. Agreed, “frosting” looks good enough to eat! Your voiceover is super funny as well. Love it all!

  17. What a lovely card! Thanks so much for the video…not only are your instructions clear and helpful, they always make me smile!

  18. I just love your enthusiasm! And you make such beautiful cards! Can’t wait to try out the ‘hearts’ stencil & ‘sending’ die. Keep ’em comin’!

  19. Love it!!! I thought the same thing…the tiny hearts do remind me of the candy dots. And yes, I ate a lot of paper as well!!

  20. I wish you would make a video for each day. I love your work, and I love your spirit. “Colorful candy hearts on a cotton candy card base!” Who else would think of that?

  21. Laura -you are so fun, you make me smile. Love the the little elements of this card- the silver thread and the tiny paste hearts.

  22. I am in LOOOOOOVE with that background! SO gonna do it! And thank you for posting a video – I can’t get enough of card making videos!

  23. The background stenciling is so colourful – a perfect setting for those lovely heart diecuts & the sentiment die/panel.

  24. OH MY goodness what a beautiful card!!! I just adore that background and the soft beautiful colors. Just love it.

  25. This is a great card! You’re the master at stacked die-cuts — how do you get them to look so perfect? Thanks again for sharing and for your always fun video!

  26. Wow!!! Amazing card!!! I love the background!! I;ve done one color but going to have to try doing it with multicolors!!

  27. This is a stunning background of teeny colored hearts. Love how you did that. I always have to turn up the sound on your videos. You are so much fun and I don’t want to miss a thing! Great card.

  28. You had me giggling as you created this fantastic card. I love the tiny hearts background and the vellum hearts and everything about it. Because you mentioned candy a lot, it made me think it looked good enough to eat! πŸ™‚

  29. Such a sweet card. Love the colors for sure and I have to have the hearts and the “sending” die. My wish list is getting so long. Beautiful job! TFS

  30. I just received my tiny hearts stencil, the sending and wishing dies as well as the coordinating stamp sets. I can’t wait to try it out. I love the way you colored them. Really pretty, great job!

  31. I love this card. It’s just right for anyone – not just a husband or boyfriend. I am ordering this stuff and making it for nieces and nephews!

  32. Omgoodness I love you,you are so fun an talented.There’s a store here called the candy kitchen an yes they sell candy dots.DE’LISH CARD,I LOVE EMBOSSING PASTE.

  33. OMG Laura…you are hilarious! Apart from the fact you make gorgeous cards, I just love to watch your videos so I can have a laugh! And that’s with you not at you πŸ™‚ the heart background is so pretty and amazingly simple, yet looks complicated. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. wow… this is fab…. i really like this idea of using many colors with the paste. What a great way to use up my paste. I must admit. I get chintzy, with using my paste… but I agree, you just have to break it out and use it, after all, what am I saving it for? lol, thanks

  35. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! I have been loving the embossing paste lately but haven’t ventured to mixing colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. I love, love, love, love, love x 100000000000000000 the background. I love the colours, I love the video, and I love the singing.

    Did I mention I love the background?

  37. LOVE your multi-colored heart background!!! Your videos are too funny, I so enjoy your sense of humor. Awesomely designed card.

  38. You are so funny!! I really enjoyed your video. I love the card. I will HAVE to get me some embossing paste. I have yet to jump into that.

  39. Beautiful crd! Love the background tiny hearts, the touch of vellum and seeing how you used the Sending die. I’ve ordered mine and it should be in today’s mail when it arrives. Can’t wait to create with it.

  40. You make me laugh out loud!! I love your videos! I wish you had time to make one every single day! πŸ™‚ Wonderful card and yes, that background just makes me happy!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  41. Love the embossing paste hearts! It is so colorful and very pretty. Thanks for sharing and…. please don’t lick the spatcula! lol

  42. This turned out so pretty.. love it! Add me to wondering what they dry-time is (?). Thanks for the entertainment, as well πŸ™‚

  43. I remember those candy dots!! They never tasted like much, but I just loved them! Anyhow! LOVED the way that background turned out! SO pretty! Must try! Every time I see someone use that SENDING I just LOVE IT! I’m going to have to give in I guess!

  44. Laura the dimensions on this card is amazing along with the colors! I need to get me these tiny heart stencil.

  45. I absolutely love this card. I can’t wait to try out some embossing paste, your background looks amazing! The sentiment piece on top is beautiful, and I just love your personality in your videos, you are just too cute!

  46. Ooooh, this is fabulous! But rats! I’ve been trying to resist adding stencils to my stash but you’ve got me, lol! This is too cool to pass up so I’m getting a stencil…or two…or three… πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the how to video for your fab card.

  47. I love the background with the embossing in different colors! It reminds me of something from my childhood, I just can’t think of what it is right now (probably some fabric my mom used to make clothes for me or something). Anyway, beautiful card!

  48. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! You are too funny! loved the candy looking heart background! Turned out excellent going on the fly.

  49. I keep forgetting to use my stencils! Thanks for inspiring me again with this lovely card (and for making me hungry for frosting!).

  50. Loved your singing and “cute nonsense” almost as much as the card!! You are so adorable!! Now to the card …… just way to awesome!! Love the embossing paste… is so much fun to use!! Happy Valentines Day “funny lady”!!

  51. Definitely a ten. Great technique, dies and vellum. The perfect trifecta. Oh and silver string. Does that make it a quadfecta? Did I just create a new word?

  52. I always look forward to your videos, you have a great sense of humor and are so entertaining while showing a new technique.

  53. Wow…I absolutely LOVE that heart background w/the embossing paste and rainbow colors! Just fantastic. And the vellum clouds are a great idea, too; what a great card – LOVE IT!

  54. Yummy! Such a pretty card. Love all those candy colored hearts, and I agree about wanting to taste the colored paste…not much different from a kindegartener.

  55. Laura, you just made me giggle, love your video, love you wanna eat the colored paste and yeah, the card is gorgeous! Good luck on healthy eating, same stuff going on here.

  56. Love, love, love that multicolored background! It looks like it took forever…don’t you just love stencils?!? πŸ™‚

  57. Fabulous card!! Your right it does remind me of the candy dots. You are such a fun person, love your videos!

  58. LOVE that you colored the embossing paste in all those rainbow colors, perfect with the stencil! I love the vellum hearts for added interest and texture, fabulous card!

  59. “Colorful candy hearts on a cotton candy card base!”. I’m going to hear that in my sleep. Too funny. The card is gorgeous.

  60. The card is fabulous, and YOU are fabulous. I look forward to your videos every time! Those colored tiny hearts are gorgeous.

  61. Wow, i adore this card, you always make me laugh, with your singing and little jokes, one word for you awesome tfs

  62. Lovely card. I liked it so much I subscribed to you on YouTube! Keep up the great work. I’ve seen such talented people through this hop. Great job to everyone!

  63. I love love love the tiny hearts!! When you were mixing up the paste it made me think of frosting too! lol not good for my post christmas waist line!! Thank you so much for sharing. Your card is gorgeous xxx

  64. OMG LAURA! What an AWESOME Card! I love the tiny colorful hearts…great idea and yes, they do look like those candy dots …I remember! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day!

  65. Oo I love the background! I’ve never used more than 1 color when doing embossing paste before- I’ll have to try it! Ps- you are hilarious πŸ™‚

  66. I have just been trying out embossing paste for the first time. I am really enjoying it and I love the hearts that you did on the background.

  67. My favorite technique; stencils and texture paste. I love these two products together. The tiny hearts stencil is a favorite of mine from this release. Thanks for sharing your awesome card!

  68. Your card is amazing. The little hearts do look like candy making the card look yummy. I loved your little jingle about the colorful candy hearts.

  69. I love to use my distress refills with the paste, too. And I really like the colors you chose for the hearts! My mom said she ate those button candies as much as possible when she was little.

  70. You’ve COMPLETELY inspired me (to eat cotton candy)! Those hearts are SOOOOOO beautiful! I need to buy some stencils, or else I can’t really try this.. huh. :O πŸ˜€ Thank you for showing us this card! πŸ™‚

  71. You always make me smile, Laura! I was thinking of your “HOT LIPS” singing as you broke out in song on this video πŸ™‚

  72. Love the stencil and it turned out so well!! Even if I didn’t love your cards so much, you are so entertaining and so much fun!! Loved the video!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  73. Laura, you are a hoot! Even my mom was laughing at your side-commentary in your video just now. She remembers those candy dots, though I really don’t for some reason. Anyway, love your card, especially with all those colors of embossing paste you did. Thanks so much for sharing!

  74. I would totally watch your videos if you never made a card. You just crack me up! You are always so happy and cheerful when you’re crafting. Oh by the way, I LOVE your card.

  75. Your cards are stunning Laura! Just love the coloured embossed hearts. And your videos brighten up the most gloomiest of days. Still laughing at the tongue twister!!

  76. Love the multicolor embossing!!!! I am going to have to try that myself!! and the tiny hearts stencil is on my wishlist for sure!

  77. Ok so that background seriously makes me want to buy the stencil and embossing paste, and I have never used embossing paste!

  78. You my friend are a hoot and a half! Love your card thank you for teaching us! I need that stencil I’m off to shop!

  79. Your card is so, so pretty. I love the way you did the tiny heart background and they do remind me of that candy heart candy. Do they still make that? Thank you for sharing your love of card making. You are always so cheerful.

  80. Love everything about your card – the colored heart background, and I must have that sending and wishing set and die!!

  81. Loved your fun video. I do remember those candy dots! That brought back a memory. I love the stenciled hearts with the embossing paste. Your card is amazing!

  82. The card is so pretty. I love, love, love your videos. They always make me smile, especially when the kids are around.

  83. That is such an awesome background! You always have the coolest ideas but still so simple and unique. Thanks for a chance to win!

  84. Great techniques and colors in this fabulous Valentine, Laura! I think I “need” that Sending and Wishing set. Awesome hop!

  85. Wow… when I tried a similar card with the hearts stencil the results were very bland. Yours on the other hand is just perfection!

  86. This is so cool! I’ve never looked into embossing paste but it looks super fun and really different. Thank you for the inspiration!

  87. Stunning card! Love the background ( and yes I ate a lot of paper dots when I was young too) love the vellum hearts too so delicate

  88. LOL! I read the description for the card and didn’t realize you had the video til I had finished reading. I literally stopped myself from just commenting and thought, “She’s usually hilarious in her videos…even though I know how she did the card, I bet I’m gonna laugh with her!”…SURE ENOUGH! I was laughing! πŸ™‚

    Super cute card, too!

  89. I was a little bit nervous, when you started removing some of the paste and it was mixing together. LOL But it did turn out beautiful. Those little hearts are spaced out so perfectly.

  90. Your card is beautiful. I especially like the way you created the background with the heart stencil and texture paste…so bright and crisp. I think the script sentiment is lovely as well. Thanks, for sharing.

  91. Oh, the tiny little colored hearts are so darling. When I saw that sending die, wondered how well it would work on a card. Pairing it with the little banner was a great idea. Great video too. Well done.

  92. Oh my word! This card is so simple and beautiful! I was crossing my fingers that the colors would not mix as you were cleaning up that stencil!

  93. You crack me up. Good luck with your “no junk” resolution. Love your card. Very bold smearing all those colors of embossing paste. Never would have guessed.

  94. Love the way how you used the tiny heart stencil and gave them multi colors with the sending die word becoming the focus of the card

  95. You just make me smile with your commentaries! Haven’t tried embossing paste yet, but you’ve brought me one step closer! Thanks!

  96. OMG This is the most stunning card I have ever seen! I love all your creations, but this card is by far my favourite! Thank you for sharing!

  97. Love your card, Lauren. I look forwards to each day to see what clever design you come up with. Love the videos too. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us. This new release rocks!

  98. Ooohhh!!! Fabulous! Really lovely work! The stenciled background is stunning!
    All items in the SSS new release are adorable and so useful for any occasion, but I love expecially the Danish hearts! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize!!!

  99. What a great technique and such a great color combination. I really like this card.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  100. I was wondering how you were going to do the multi-colored embossing paste hearts and you did it! Maybe it was the nutty singing. You have opened up a new technique there girl!

  101. Fantastic card, I love your zest for life and humour! (it’s not a typo, we do spell it with a ‘u’ in Australia!). It’s such a pretty card.

  102. Laura, I think this is my favourite card so far! Love the colourful embossing. It is just too cute. Oh and I am a big fan of your videos πŸ™‚

  103. Love this stencil, gonna put it on my wishlist at SSS and how I love your cardmaking (and your comments in the video’s LOL) thanks for sharing, x ellen

  104. Love the technique that you used for the embossing paste. You crack me up! I get excited when I see a new video from you because I know I am going to laugh. Thanks for your great inspiration!

  105. At first I was not too sure about the paste colors but the result is gorgeous! I will have to give that a try. Thanks for your humor and wonderful inspiration.

  106. I LOVE how you used the colored embossing paste with the tiny heart stencil! The “Sending” pops right off the card! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! πŸ™‚

  107. Your card is soooooo beautiful and cute! I LOVE it!!! The technique you used for the background hearts is amazing! I’ll surely try it! Thank you for the inspiration and SSS for the awesome products release.

  108. SUPER CUTE card Laura!!!
    LOVE your stencilled hearts and LOVE your pretty layers under your sentiment too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and tutorial!!!
    PS – I promise not to skimp when using my inks & embossing paste … and to NOT go licking any pretty pink embossing paste either … not so sure what will happen if it looks like dark chocolate though πŸ™‚

  109. Oh this is so pretty. I loved candied dots. Im not a messy crafter but I sure do love the end result of the various colored hearts. Maybe Ill give this a try, its too pretty not to.

  110. I think this is my favorite of the whole hop! I really need to get some embossing paste and play. I also loved your voice-over on the video – made me laugh with you. πŸ™‚

  111. Wow! Love the textured hearts from the stencil. I would never have thought to just lay some embroidery thread down like you did. Now I glad I have saved orphan strands of threads. tfs your awesome video and card.

  112. A stunning card, Laura, in every way. Thank you, especially, for sending me a note expressing your sympathy for my dad’s passing. I can’t express how deeply touched I am that you found time in your busy schedule to share words of comfort; my mom and I are so grateful! You are a gem!
    ~c (Carol)

  113. Laura, I love your videos! It’s like hanging out with a friend while she’s creating. I’m going to have to try using multiple colors with a stencil. Your card is so pretty! (Yes, the pink looked like yummy pink frosting! And, they still make the dot candy!)

  114. Oh my, this is one of my new favorites! The embossed background is gorgeous. The colors you picked came together beautifully. Also got a kick out of your tongue twister. Haha!

  115. Truly one of the most beautiful valentines I have seen! The ink colors are so pretty too! What I like the most is your sense of humor! Thanks for a chance to win and for making me laugh!

  116. OMGsh, I love the colored little embossed hearts! When I first saw it I thought, oh my so complicated and time consuming and then through the magic of your video I realized this was something that I could probably do! Thanks for sharing!

  117. You are hilarious! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and chuckle. I was totally reminded of the paper candy before you mentioned it, which then brought up memories of ending up chewing a wad of paper when all was said and done! Too funny!

  118. Like all things heart shape. Like how you used the heart stencil w/ multi colors.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  119. I love your video – you are having sooo much FUN! I really like the colors in small doses on your card and the way you used the silver thread. Beautiful

  120. You make me happy all the time, when seeing your videos. I love it.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and your happy nature. Anja =)

  121. Ha ha, Laura!! You crack me up! This is a great card – love the tiny hearts stencil! You always make it look so easy!

  122. What a beautiful card…thanks for sharing the video too! I love all the colors you used on the hearts…first class!

  123. I LOVE this card! You always make such beautiful backgrounds with stencils and paste! Mine never come out this gorgeous!

  124. Oh wow, what a gorgeous card. All those yummy little hearts…….the the pink and vellum hearts with the sentiments……love it all. (I am crazy for hearts). Thank you for sharing this beauty and the fun video.

  125. This card was really nice, but also checked out a lot of your previous blog posts and love your clean simple designs and the great use of color.

  126. So pretty. Love all of the little hearts – coloring them in different colors really makes them pop. The twine around the pink heart and the sentiment is great.
    thanks for sharing a wonderful card

  127. I would have loved the video with no commentary at all just for that adorable background but add your funny voice over and man! Your inky chinziness and licking the embossing frosting! Thanks for the entertainment AND for the cute, cute card!

  128. Gorgeous card, Laura. Love the coloured hearts. I wanted to use the seedless preserves ink the other day and discovered it’s one of the few inks that I don’t have. Duh! Guess I will have to buy some minis then LOL.
    Marianne x

  129. Love this beautiful card, I’ve bought the heart stencil but never used it with colours like you have. It just pops at you πŸ™‚

  130. Love your card, so pretty! Love the colors and background! Thanks so much for the video, loved it as always!!

  131. LOVE THIS CARD…so elegant but easy enough even I can do it…and you are hilarious!!! What a nice first watch with you Ms. Laura! πŸ™‚

  132. Absolutely fabulous! I am definitely going to try the “glob” paste on one of my next cards! Thanks always for your cheery always make my day brighter! πŸ™‚

  133. At first glance I thought that there were too many steps to the project, but you made it look easy and fun. Made me wonder why so many colors are named after food…good luck with your effort to stop snacking.

  134. You hope I enjoyed this video…are you kidding me? Loved it. Thanks for sharing your creative talent along with your terrific sense of humor and mad entertainment skills.

  135. I love the tiny embossed hearts – they remind me of the old fashioned candy that came on a paper roll! Thanks for the memory.

  136. Fabulous background of tiny rainbow colored hearts is a great way to start! The Sending die cut is so utterly crazy gorgeous in that so hot hot pink, with the vellum puffy cloud of hearts with the pink one, then kissed with the silver threads! I am just crazy in love with it!
    PS LOVED your video and am so there with you about the sweets and dots paper candies!! But really gotta try this! So loving it and inspired to mix some paste! (I’ll try not to lick the spatula!!! LOL!)

  137. You are right it does remind me of that candy. I hated it, but I love your card (esp they way you used the paste). I am a first time visitor but your sense of humor has made me want to come back. Thanks for sharing.

  138. When I first saw your card, I just couldn’t figure out how you had made that fabulous background. And watching the video, I was laughing. Really enjoyed both the card & the video! Thanks for making my day!

  139. Oh Laura – I just love your videos! They always put a smile on my face. Love the “candy” heart background on your card. Your colour choices worked out perfectly.

  140. I LOVE this card! The little hearts and colors you chose remind me of a onsie my daughter wore when she was a newborn. Beautiful card Laura.

  141. WoW! What a fantastic card!! It reminds me of Care Bears and Rainbow Brite…which is right up my alley! Will be trying this for sure! Loved the singing too!! TFS!! Xo

  142. I LOVE your colorful stenciled hearts!! Very nice card! Thanks for sharing you video. I just happen to see the previous comment mentioning Care Bears and had to laugh!

  143. Love the card idea ,and very clever how you added the paste. The tiny heart stencil is on my list of must haves!

  144. It looks DELICIOUS! By the way, I think I got infected with the rainbow fever, and your inspirations are to blame πŸ˜› I just LOVE everything with rainbow colours!

  145. I love the way you’ve done the embossing paste with the distress inks on the background – I need to start saving so I can buy some more paste and inks to have a go at that – you’ve inspired me!

  146. I love this stencil and what you did.
    I do remember candy dots! You can still get them you know…just sayin’ lol And those candy necklaces that turned your neck all different colors from eating it all day!

  147. A lovely card Laura, especially the heart background! I used to love those candy dots! I still see them or a similar version in the stores. Some how it’s not as fun to eat them off the paper as an adult.

  148. Hi Laura!
    I recently found your youtube channel and was so excited to have your blog through this “hop”.
    I am new to card making here and love the multiple elements (and enthusiasm!) you bring to your cards!
    I really loved the stenciling with embossing paste.
    Best regards,

  149. You always crack me up when watching your videos!!! LOVE this card!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent (and humor) with us!!!

  150. Oh Laura! You always make me laugh with your humour πŸ™‚ do you ever take yourself seriously? Hope not πŸ™‚ Love the card and what a great idea for using colour with texture paste? Love how it turned out – amazing!!!!

  151. Oh how I love this card! I really must try this ~ Yep, looking at the pink paste did make me want to lick it! I noticed you sound like me when I’m trying to cut out sweets……….everything reminds me of something I want to

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  153. I agree with everyone else. Your card is fantastic! But, more importantly, YOU totally crack me up! Watching your videos and listening to you just make me smile. Thank you…..

  154. Love the “Chintzy is not the way to go in Life.” Best advice I’ve heard in a long time & your card is beautiful too.

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  157. I would never have thought of doing this with the embossing plate. You have really inspired me to use my plates in new and creative ways.

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