SSS-From All of Us Blog Hop

bloghopfromallHi there! Today I’m excited to be joining Simon Says Stamp for their “From All of Us” release blog hop. This fun little mini release is full of really unique products. I am showcasing the new Jingle Snowflakes dieSSS-Jingle SnowflakesI just adore this festive, musical die. I think it went so perfectly with the “Joy to the World” sentiment. Can you hear me belting it out right now, lol?
SSS-Jingle SnowflakesI did some fancy schmancy ink blending & splattering for my background and layered up the die cut for dimension.SSS-Jingle SnowflakesHere’s a video to show you how I made my card.Simon Says Stamp is giving away a prize package valued at approximately $50 on each stop of the hop. Leave me a comment for your chance to win!
Your next stop on the hop is the very talented Suzy Plantamura.
Here’s the full blog hop order:
Simon Says Stamp
Shari Carroll
Debby Hughes
Suzy Plantamura
Wanda Guess
Yana Smakula
Lucy Abrams
Nichol Magouirk
Thanks so much for stopping by!

what I used:

from all of us release:

573 thoughts on “SSS-From All of Us Blog Hop

  1. I absolutely love your sponged background – the transition between colours is seamless! What a perfect backdrop to showcase this new die.

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  3. No worries, the red splatters reminded me of Christmas lights, never occurred to me it looked like blood, lol! As always, great card.

  4. Red splatters = festive berries; real pretty card. I enjoy card making videos that I can actually make without having to run out and buy more supplies. Keep up the “easy peasy lemon squeezy”!

  5. The music die complements the sentiment wonderfully. Like the paint background.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  6. Just a beautiful card! I don’t know how you keep coming up with all the great stuff. Plus I always love your videos. Thanks so much.

  7. …now that’s one really fine card. Enjoyed the ‘how u did it’ video and I get such a kick out of how your personality comes shining thru to the card….it’s awesome!

  8. The red spatters remind me of (surprise, surprise) festive berries! Seriously beautiful card, Laura. I really, really want this die!

  9. Love the colors you used on this lovely card. I love your video and think the red splatters are perfect for Christmas cards. Reminds me of red berries.

  10. I thought the spatters just looked fun! I already ordered this die yesterday and I’m waiting anxiously for it to ship and arrive! Beautiful card, Laura!

  11. Love the beautiful card. The die cut is just gorgeous and you featured it perfectly. Splatters were the perfect touch!

  12. A video is truly worth a thousand words! Thank u! Loved the box and spray adhesive – never would’ve thought to duplicate a stamp to make it stand out more! Brilliant! Inspired! Can’t wait to get that die! Your a great teacher 😉

  13. Did NOT think of blood droplets! Honestly, never crossed my mind and didn’t stay in my mind after you mentioned it-I just laughed! But anyhow-LOVE this card! Such beautiful color blending! All the parts work so well together-beautiful! And thanks for the tips on the spray glue!

  14. So pretty, Laura! The red splatters just make it more festive! What a gorgeous die… so wonderful with ‘Joy to the World.’ Thanks for spreading such happiness with your videos! ♡

  15. Gorgeous!! I love that sponged background and the splattering. Your video helped tremendously because I have always struggled with blending Distress inks without the obvious circles. Thanks for putting together the video!

  16. Laura, you always bring joy with your fun, witty, light hearted videos 🙂 I loved all the splattering and then heard you talk about the “blood” splattering…LOL! No, it still looks like gorgeous splattering, but I loved your observation! Thank you!

  17. Awesome! Love it colors. Festive berries is a dark pink so blood never occurred to me until u mentioned it! Love this card.

  18. I was in the moment with you, Laura… I only saw festive splatters! Great entertainment and beautiful card. Thank you!

  19. Perfect blending, perfect splattering, perfect colors, perfect harmony. Loved it all and coming from you…Laura , I’d expect nothing less than perfection.

  20. I love this card! No worries about the splatters! They didn’t make me think of a crime scene at all! Ha! Your cards and videos always make me smile 🙂

  21. Thank you for showing the blending technique. Love the card and the red dots look lovely. Just beautiful red dots.

  22. I enjoyed the contrast between the tropical colors and the snowflakes die. I thought it made for a great card to send to those who celebrate Christmas in the summer. This card would stand out amongst a sea of more traditionally colored winter themed cards too. Just a great use of the die.

    I splatter blood on a fairly regular basis (checking blood sugars) and your red splatters look nothing like actual blood. It’s a fun card.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous! The splatter just made me think of little ornaments. Thanks for sharing this beautiful card!

  24. Lauara as usual I love your card. Always so bright and cheerful. Love the snowflakes die and also like the thank you die. Two of my favorites.

  25. Oh Laura, I didn’t think it looked like blood drops, but you made me laugh OUT LOUD!!! AND the card is absolutely GOR-GEOUS!

  26. Laura, This is the Prettiest Christmas card I think I have ever seen !! I just LOVE it, The colors are so pretty and the die came out so amazing. What a beautiful job, Thanks for sharing.

  27. The color blended background looks perfect with the die cut and your little creative touches were perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful blended background and fun video. Re: the splatters–I like plain water, perfect pearl mixed with water, or metallic splatters best, but I didn’t think crime scene, rest assured.

  29. Dear Laura, I want to express how greatful I am to you for sharing your use of the absorber cloth. I have had good results from using it too and little waste to the environment. Thank you for your on going creativity that enspires us.

  30. Hey Laura…never thought of blood droplets until you mentioned it! 🙂 Not to worry, it doesn’t remind me of that, just a very festive background. Love your card, the video and the beautiful die.

  31. Thank you so much for the video! And the great tip about how to effectively sponge starting in the middle of a piece. I now want the die – I NEED that die!!

  32. Happy Thanksgiving…thank you for a day filled with inspiration! Love your cards and listening to your videos! Ummm…truth be told…as an ER doctor…it does look like blood 😉

  33. I don’t think anyone blends bettah than you, Laura. You always make it look so easy. I am in love with that die. It’s a must have. Love your videos, always a treat. Thanks to SSS for the generous blog hop.

  34. Gorgeous, gorgeous card! Thanks for the tip about blending in the middle – I mess that up every time.
    And no, no thoughts of blood spatters (although that’s a great idea for Halloween!)

  35. Lol! You’re too funny! I didn’t think of blood but I sure laughed when you mentioned it! I just LOVE this die! It is a must have! Beautiful card Laura, thank you.

  36. Laura, my wish come true is to meet you. My crazy silly self is so much like you, we could do a comedy show!!! I love, adore, and covet the card!! You have such mad blending skills!!!! I didn’t think the splatters looked like blood until you said something and then I couldn’t get the blood thing out of my mind. But after looking at it for a few minutes, I realized that its to rosie to be blood, looks more like the juice from a cranberry….so thank goodness….. your safe!!!! One again, your work is stunning and I love it Please, come to Florida!!!!

  37. Oh my I love, love, love that! Such gorgeous inkyness is right up my street. The colours you’ve used are perfect and so lush, then the bright white die cut really pops and reminds me of Christmas Carols, a perfect sentiment and a little bling: an awesome Christmas card which I am in love with! Fabulous idea and inspiration, thanks for the hop and thank you for sharing beautiful art with us Karen x

  38. Your card is beautiful…and I’m thinking festive berries for those splatters! I really like the intricate die cut, too. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  39. Laura, I can’t get enough of your cards! The blending is so perfect! I am practicing but have a long way to go! Thank you for sharing and you make me laugh! So thankful for you!!!

  40. You’ve done it again, Laura!!! LOOOVE this card!!! The splashes of color & the die on top! SUPER JOB & SO INSPIRATIONAL! ( I know I’m not the only one, I bought a die from the last Diecember Release, because of you!) LOL

  41. Ok Seriously! I love your videos! It did NOT look like blood splatter! Lol The use of the spray adhesive solved my problems! I had not even thought of using that! I was struggling with liquid glues! Thanks You are the bomb diggety!

  42. I am still laughing over your comment of “my eyelashes melted off of my face”. Great card & thanks for the tip of ink blending when you start in the center….still working on basic ink blending, yours is so seamless.

  43. OMG Laura…you always crack me up! I love to watch you sponging your inks because you are always flawless and get such beautiful blending AND to be completely honest, “blood” did not come into my mind at all, but that’s probably because I’m a crafter LOL. Anyways Laura, as always thanks for sharing your talent and your humor with all of us….you rock girl!

  44. I love your sense of humor! The card is bloody awesome! Never would I have thought about the droplets being anything other than WOW! Great color choices! Joy to the World!

  45. I love your cards! Just when I was getting ready to make the watercolor envelope card with the distress ink I see this one and want to make it, too! Your work is exquisite!!!

  46. Such a wonderful way to breathe life into these new products! Gorgeous dies, beautiful blending and the splatters: little festive berries in my view! Your videos, as always, entertaining!

  47. Hi Laura …. you are always so special to watch and listen to!! To answer your questions about the “blood” …. NO! If you did not have the yellow …. then it would have looked like “blood” spots!! Just a great job on your card. Thank you for sharing!!

  48. Being a musician and ‘artsy’ person, I love this card! it is so very pretty! By the way I really like your sense of humor in your videos. We would make such good neighbors! ha.

  49. love the new products and thanks for the tip! my darn cards look a hot mess when i start from the middle. know i know why (annoyed emoji face inserted right here).

  50. Laura, you crack me up all the time. I love this card with all the ink blending and the ink splatters….and no it never looked to me like blood. It is a festive card.

  51. The Jingle Snowflakes die is so cute! I love how you paired it with the Joy to the World sentiment. It makes my carol singing heart happy!

  52. Oh you made me laugh with your blood splatters, I never thought that at all, not until you said it. . . Lol! I love the background, but was so grateful you did the video and showed the tip about using the die and also showed that wonderful adhesive spray so you could layer the die! I see people using them that way and always wondered with the intricate ones how they layers them, now I know! Thanks for the info and inspiration.

  53. I never even thought of blood until you mentioned it! I thought it looked more pink than red in the photo. I want this die now! My wish list grows again.

  54. Oh, wow!! Very cool background….awesome colors! Absolutely love the die and sentiment put together. Your card is beautifully done and very festive.

  55. I think by now you’ve got the message on the red splatters…..its a great touch and looks very festive. And I kept waiting for you to break out the rest of the “Joy to the World” anthem because you’ve got a great voice.

  56. You always inspire me, Laura, but at least for the moment this is my all-time favorite! Thank you for the video & the splatters definitely look festive, even in red! I’ve never gotten the water splatters to look right, but now I’m going to try again. That music die immediately caught my attention when the release was announced & now I “have” to have it!

  57. I was thinking tiny festive berries for your splatter, Laura … and I’m still thinking that!! This is my favourite item from the collection … and you’ve showcased it sooo beautifully! Thank you! Anita 🙂

  58. Gorgeous, Laura! I knew when I saw the sneak peeks that this color-blended card was yours. Joy to the World is right on!

  59. WhooHoooo! A video….I LOVE your videos. No, I didn’t think of blood splatters until you mentioned them! I just saw beautiful colors and ink blending by a pro and colorful ink splatters. Beautiful card!

  60. Love your card and the colors you used. I also love watching your videos as they make me laugh. I really like that die cut.

  61. Laura, I always learn something when watching your videos! The use of the SSS kit box for spray adhesive— genius! The splatters on your gorgeous card remind me of holly berries! Beautiful card! Thank you for sharing.

  62. No blood splatters – but good splatters on this wonderful blended background. This die is my favorite! It is a great (little) release. Thanks for showing

  63. I love your card Laura! And that die..gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance to win. Also, blood? Never even entered my mind until you said it. Sure made me laugh though!

  64. I’ve had the same thought about flicking red ink on to cards and it looking like blood. Too funny! Maybe I’ll try again because I think combined with the white spots it doesn’t look too weird.

  65. No blood was spilled during the construction of this card…of course, it doesn’t look like blood. But it is festive and beautifully blended. You must have amazing biceps. I’m, personally, am glad I’m not the only one who sings while making cards.

  66. Nope, doesn’t look like blood…although I have the sudden urge to see what colors would mix like that to make a great Halloween card! Seriously, not only do I always get to see some great project but your videos always make me smile. Isn’t that the point of a hobby? Love it all. Many thanks!

  67. Oh, Laura! Love the red flecks! Might be good for a Walking Dead card? JK!!! I think that is my favorite die in this release. It sings to me! And gorgeous colors, as always!

  68. Love the mini release by SSS. I really like your beautiful card….great design and lovely colors. Oh, btw your flecked red is really beautiful…nice festive background!

  69. Love this card!!!! And no, I would have never thought of blood with your red spatters if you had not mentioned it! 🙂 🙂 And thanks for the tip about using spray adhesive to layer the die cuts. That seems to be the best way to deal with the narrow parts of die cuts that I’ve ever seen. And best of all, I have some spray adhesive that I never use but now I WILL!!! 🙂

  70. Wow! This is a gorgeous card! I love the background! Such beautiful colors you chose!
    The die is a perfect compliment. You did a great job, Laura!

  71. I love your card! No thoughts of blood accidentally dripping on the card, but the red gave a bit of traditional Xmas color to your non-traditional color Xmas card. And if I was in the room with you doing the card, I would have gladly joined the singing “Joy to the world.”

  72. I was trying to figure out what I would do with that die and bingo!!! You have captured it’s use spot on. The ink blending is awesome too…I love that look and it’s one of my favorite techniques.

  73. Beautiful card. Love the shading on the background. the music with the snow flakes are wonderful. thanks for sharing a great card.

  74. Love your card, great festive splatters to finish it off. Will definitely be practicing your blending techniques to try to get the same effect. Thanks for your great videos.

  75. Laura you’re hilarious! What’s that song? Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer? I think you’re safe as you did stamp Joy To The World on the card. =). Really pretty card. No blood.

  76. Laura, this is the most beautiful and meaningful card!! I love it. The musical die is a must have! I love your background and the splatters too!

  77. I almost spat my cup of coffee out all over the computer when you asked did your red splatters look like blood 🙂 For me at least, that never even crossed my mind. Till you mentioned it of cause:) The card is lovely, and as always you are great. You always make me smile. Thank you.

  78. Colorful and festive and beautiful for sure. Blood is not such a pretty pink…I think. Really pretty card. Thank you for doing a video. Please consider doing a video of the gorgeous plaid pillow box.

  79. Oh my, that die is to die for. Love it so much. Your background is beautiful, too, and the unexpected colors really work.

  80. Love your ink blending, have learned a lot from you. Love all your videos, This card is just beautiful makes me want to buy it. Thank you for all you do to make me happy.

  81. I always love how you blend the colors. Don’t worry, it didn’t look blood to me at all. I would think, blood is darker than the tint of Festive Berries. I think I will try that spray adhesive since I do struggle with adhering stack die cuts. The glue seems to be all over the place.

  82. Wow! It only took 3 tries to get to see the video. But it was so worth the perseverance. You never fail to amaze me. I didn’t think I wanted either this die or the thanks die border, until I saw some finished product. Now I think I need them both! Thanks so much.

  83. Yes this card makes me want to sing. No the splatters do not look like blood. More like really small cranberries for some of the larger splatters.

  84. loved your card! Since you asked, yes you could’ve skipped the red splashes. A tad too much like blood! Loved layering the snowflakes scale, sentiment was perfect with it. Just a lovely card.

  85. Did you cut yourself? Ha ha joking!! No it didn’t make me think of blood Laura lol. Beautiful card and so simple really but packs an amazing punch. Inspires me to try out my dies laid over gorgeous blended backgrounds.

  86. Such a “blendy” fan here!!! “Noooobody dooooessss it bettter” as the song goes 🙂 Such a beautiful card and a great mini release…from all of us to you!

  87. Beautiful card!! Love the soft inked and splattered background. And you’re right–the sentiment goes perfectly with that gorgeous musical snowflake die!

  88. The flicks of color are definitely festive :-). Thank you for the hint for blending in the middle of the card.

  89. Not TMI! LOL! It’s a great card. I am a mystery lover (Murdoch Mysteries, Sherlock Holmes, etc) and it didn’t even occur to me until you asked the question.

  90. I love this card and that new die. This is a refreshing mini-release by SimonSaysStamp to say the least. I’m off to watch your video.

  91. Whoops, forgot to answer your question. “Blood Splatters”??? I don’t think so….have you been watching too many movies, or too much television lately??

  92. Love your card! I’m liking both the Thanks border die and the Jingle Snowflakes you used. I really enjoy your videos – you always sound like you have so much fun! It just makes me smile!

  93. No. No blood splatters here. Festive splatters only. Every time I try ink blending I think, “this time I’m going to be patient. This time I’m going to have a light hand.” And then I always get impatient and regret it. Someday, I hope to achieve the look 🙂

  94. New to card making-been a sewer for 45 years! Lots & lots to learn. Thank you for the lesson & the
    inspiration! Your cards are beautiful!

  95. Oh yes, I could hear you singing the second I saw the card, long before I clicked onto the video! Love how you always get such a seamless blend, it’s the starting so light and building I know, I’m to impatient! Liked the flicked ink, didn’t overdo it at all! I’m gonna practice I swear I am….can I be you when I grow up? LOL Wishing you and your a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  96. Aha! So that’s how you get the blending without the crescent shapes all over the place! I’m too heavy handed. Gorgeous card.

  97. NoNoNo! I did not think of blood. Good grief, we’ve had enough of that sadness. No, it is a truly beautiful, joyous, cheerful card, and I’m thankful I can find a bit of peaceful refuge on your blog. I could listen to you talk forever, you’re so sweet and your cards are always the tops. Just the right amount of creative zing.

  98. Oh my gosh, you always make me laugh out loud! I thought the red was festive. It wasn’t shaped right for blood unless it was an arterial spray and I think there is a lot more or it if that’s the case. Can you tell I’m a CSI/Criminal Minds junkie?? Anyway, I love the card…it’s exactly right.

  99. Love the colours and how you put them together!! I want to try this tech …. Oh and I never thought of the red as blood until u mentioned it but still I think it adds a nice touch!!

  100. Oh that is just one of my favoutite dies from the release. How so lovely you showcased it! Just love the background. Beautiful

  101. (I’m not trying to enter twice!) I did the blog hop earlier today and saved your video to enjoy this evening. I had commented on your beautiful card, but now I have to respond to your concern….I didn’t even think anything about the splatters until you mentioned it in your video. I think it works alright, because you have the water splashes, both red and yellow highlighted….and then the splatters in both yellow and red…..and then finally, the sequins. It’s all good….in fact it’s gorgeous.

  102. Love your bright, festive card. Great die. (I think you may have watched one too many zombie movies over Halloween, it’s just a pretty red).

  103. Beautiful card. Never even thought of blood with the red splatters. I always enjoy your play by play from your videos. Happy Thanksgiving.

  104. Laura you put a smile on my face with every video of yours, you are a HOOT to listen to and you are SO DARN CREATIVE. Your cards are always AWESOME.

  105. Gorgeous card. You crack me up. I did not think of blood at all, but I laughed when you said it, then I thought Yeah.. I could see how you get that.. hehe Thanks for the smiles. ♥

  106. The background is fabulous as always and no I didn’t think of blood! Lol I could not wait to order that die….love it! Thanks for sharing!

  107. blood! Morbid you are………no it did not make me think of blood……… but thank you for the image……..seriously nice card …….. thank you

  108. MAGICAL card and CHEERY video, especially with the blood splatters 🙂 Seriously though, blood didn’t even cross my mind.
    LOVE your ink blending and splatters … I struggle with leaving marks, so I need to take your advice, dab off and work harder with less ink, LOVE your ELEGANT design with the sentiment and music notes too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and TOP TIPS, I promise to practice my ink blending and will definitely look out for the spray adhesive 🙂
    … NOW I am ready to SING WITH YOU!!!

  109. You always manage to make me smile. LOVE your cards!!! And no, splatters did not remind me of blood….silly girl. lol

  110. Laura, what an awesome card!! Loved the video! And, No, I was not reminded of blood spatter in any way, it is just a gorgeous card!

  111. Laura, I love your color combination for this card, and no, it does not look like blood spatters, LOL. It actually looks like you spray painted the colors on instead of blending. I read your blog and saw pictures before I saw the video and that was my initial impression, because I know how hard it is to start blending from the middle. Now I know what to do to begin blending in the middle of cards. You did and great job, as always. Thanks for the video. Have a great day. 🙂

  112. Laura, I love the non traditional colors you used in your beautiful background to show off the beautiful die. I love your videos, you always give me a good giggle. Thanks for inspiring and the chance to win.

  113. Oh I just love this card and the die is outstanding and I think that I have to have it. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  114. I love your FESTIVE background and that die is stunning. As usual your videos are entertaining and you always make me laugh, thanks!

  115. The card is amazing! Love the bright, cheery colours and die cut! The card makes me want to sing. Thanks for your tips and tricks on the video!

  116. I absolutely love the card. When I first saw the die, I couldn’t get a good picture of how it would look. I love that you kept the die cut simple.

  117. Beautiful card and no I did not think blood droplets, I thought festive card. The Jingle Snowflake die is gorgeous. I love your style of video making. I feel like you want to be our crafting friend.

  118. What a terrific card- colorful, original and festive!! Thankful for sharing your creativity with us plus the great video. You definitely sold me on this fun die!

  119. I loved when you used the different color distess inks and blended them together. The whole card was very festive.
    TFS, Sharon

  120. Gorgeous card Laura. The splatters are confetti like, nothing like the results of the Texas chainsaw massacre. Love that die.

  121. Laura, such an exquisite card! Love the distress colors used along with the new die which is absolutely adorable! Love the techniques you use and teach. You are one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing with us!

  122. I am so glad I watched this video. I have been in awe of your ink blending for so long, so thanks for the tips. Beautiful card!

  123. Laura you are my all time favorite videographer!!! Your videos have very clear instructions and your presentation is always fun. I never thought of blood. Maybe cranberry juice. Love, love, love the happy card.

  124. This is a beautiful card! I usually prefer the more traditional Christmas colors, but I’m actually loving the colors for this card. They’re so cheery! Also I love this unique die!

  125. That’s WAY to pretty a shade of pink to look like blood. I love everything about this card! The only thing that MIGHT have been cool to add is some perfect pearls in the water flicks, but that might have been overkill (pun intended. LOL!). Hard to say without testing the theory. 😉 Beautiful!

  126. thank you, thank you, thank you for the VIDEO. I love your videos. The splatters do not look like blood. Thanks again

  127. If my Christmas cards didn’t have my grandchildren’s pictures on the front, I would so use this idea. My favorite Christmas card of all time!!!!

  128. This card is sooo pretty, I am amazed. Love the blending of the colors….the “blood” spatters are just pink enough to NOT remind me of blood spatters. Beautiful!

  129. I love everything about your cards and this one is no different! I love the techniques, the sentiments, the stories, and the singing! Wish I could meet you in person, I know you would make a great friend, always have a happy attitude!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  130. First, thanks for the video and inking tips. Beautiful background.
    Second, nope, it didn’t make me think of blood, this is a happy live color. I like splatters too and never thought of them that way.

  131. What a festive card! (And no, it did not make me think of blood spatter!) Love it. And thank you for the tips on the ink blending. Just trying to get the hang of it and I must say, it aint easy.

  132. Blood while your telling me but quickly
    forgot when the card was finished.
    I really like that die, how fun and festive.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  133. I really love your ink blended background. I know that distress inks can blend beautifully but not to this extent! I wish I can be half as good as you.

  134. Loved everything about your card! The background, the color combo, how you’ve positioned your die in the center of attention, but not outshining the sentiment – hats off to you 😀

  135. Laura, you are genious! I have had some spellbinders dies for quite some time and wasn’t able to do any die cutting. I watched your video i tried to change the position of the die – and guess what 🙂 it works! Thank you so much for sharing this tip, i was staying out of spellbinders dies just because of if. Thanks!!!

  136. Just wanted to let you know this is my all-time favorite card, ever! I enjoy your videos so much. Thanks for sharing!

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