MISTI May-nia giveaway & Reverse Confetti hop

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Hi there! Today I’m excited to be joining Reverse Confetti for their May release hop. The entire release is now available in the Reverse Confetti shop.
Reverse Confetti-Candles ‘Confetti, CelebrationsMy project features two of the new May release stamp sets: Candles ‘N Confetti & Celebrations.
Reverse Confetti-Candles ‘Confetti, CelebrationsHere is a video to show you how I made my card.
Here is the entire Reverse Confetti hop order:
Reverse Confetti Blog
Amy Kolling
‘Fetti Friend–Laura Bassen ←you are here!
Heather Pulvirenti
Diane Jaquay
‘Fetti Friend—Wanda Guess
Lisa Henke
Kay Miller
‘Fetti Friend—Thanh Vo
Amy Rohl
Amy Tsuruta
Audrey Tokach
Amy Sheffer
Sarah Gough
Leigh Penner
‘Fetti Friend—Candi Billman
Laurie Schmidlin
Susan Liles

 I’m also very excited to join My Sweet Petunia for their MISTI May-nia!
Iliana is so generously giving away a Mini MISTI everyday in May…woot, woot!

Here is a list of all the blogs so far that have offered a chance to win a free Mini MISTI.

May 01 – My Sweet Petunia
May 01 – Ilina Crouse
May 02 – Lydia Fiedler
May 02 – Virginia Lu
May 03 – Jana Millen
May 04 – Carissa Wiley
May 05 – Maureen Wong
May 05 – Simon Hurley
May 06 – Laurel Beard
May 06 – Catherine Pooler
May 07 – Laura Sterckx
May 07 – My Favorite Things
May 08 – Laura Bassen ←you are here!

Leave me a comment for your chance to win a Mini MISTI!
Before I go, one more thing…I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day♥

Shop the new release at Simon Says Stamp:

What I used:

908 thoughts on “MISTI May-nia giveaway & Reverse Confetti hop

  1. Getting a “good” image has been one of my biggest problems. Happy Mother’s Day to one of cardmaking’s most creative and sharing designers.

  2. Yet another cracking card. Happy Mother’s Day. Always strange that we have a totally different day here in the UK, ours is in March.

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  6. Great card…love the card design and looks like using the MISTI makes card making easier in stamping.

  7. You did a wonderful card and a great tutorial, thank you for sharing with us.
    At the same time I want to leave a message, I would be extremely happy if I had been drawn to the Mini-Misti. I know it’s impossible, but I have to give a chance 🙂

  8. I just love your work, and your videos are so fun! You are so “real” on your videos. I just love it!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to you, as well! And thanks for all your inspiration week after week!

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    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!
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  21. The smile you put on my face each time I click on your videos is in and of itself a reward. The fact that I learn a ton from you is just a bonus! 🙂 Thanks for the chance in the giveaway and Happy Mother’s day!

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  33. Another gorgeous card, Laura! Wonder what it would look like if you stamped the confetti using water. It should lift the ink…
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Marianne x

  34. A cutie patootie cake! I think I’ll do a little masking and ink blending on my next card…love how this turned out!

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    from a happy person in Denmark.

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  46. SUPER CUTE and TASTY card Laura!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your INKY INSPIRATION and tutorial
    … YOU always make me SMILE 🙂
    THANK YOU for the chance to win too!!!
    PS – I’m still very nervous about committing to “the flick”, I might need to try a smaller brush

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  63. What a beautiful (yummy) celebration card !! The stamps are great !
    Thank you for the colouring-tips and the clear video !
    I knitted a cardigan for my Mom, for mother’s day; would love to win a Mini-Misti for her; soon we start making cards to sell for a day-care-centre for disabled people. The Misti looks like it could help us a lot.
    Happy Mother’s day for all the mothers !
    Greetings from Belgium.

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  65. Laura, you are the BEST, how I love your videos! Thank you so much for all the hints you have shared these past years. I would LOVE to win a mini misti, I know it will be used daily, you make it look so easy!! Thank you for the opportunity! Dorothy

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    And thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

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  88. Love the cake card! You always come up with the greatest ideas! I’m one of those people that can never get a good stamped image the first time and then I can never line it back up straight to restamp it. Misti is an awesome tool for awesome for every stamper Thanks My Sweet Petunia!

  89. What a gorgeous card, I loved the color blending you did so I watched your video to see how you created it. I learned quite a bit from it and also about the MISTI, my heart sank a bit when you went to stamp your sentiment on your almost finished card. I can’t tell you how many projects I have messed up at the end because the sentiment didn’t stamp perfectly. I’m so impressed with the MISTI! Thanks so much for sharing how you created your beautiful card, so much inspiration! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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    Christine (Andypandy) x

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    I can’t think of a better person to be chosen for today’s MISTI giveaway but a Mom of 5! (So appropriate!) Love your videos and I hope today is an amazing day for you! Happy Mothers Day Laura!

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  141. Happy Mother’s Day! I sure hope to win a mini mist! My friend has one and it is awesome. She is also the one who introduced me to My Sweet Petunia, among others and got me started with the misti! It is awesome and so is my friend Shelley Lee! Gorgeous cards! Thanks for the opportunity.

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  145. Hi Laura! I’m so inspired by you, i just began my new hobby card making and have purchased a lot of items from your video’s. Have not got a misti yet and would love one. I follow you on instagram and YouTube etc. Please continue making your funny, inspiring video’s. Lost of love Kim from The Netherlands.

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  147. Two fun options combined into one post.
    the release from RC is wonderful.
    It’s thrilling to have the chance to win a Misti.
    Good things come in pairs.
    thanks for sharing
    Happy Mother’s Day

  148. Beautiful card! I really enjoyed your video and have never even thought about using the ink blending technique to color my die cut images, just did it for backgrounds. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  149. I have a similar set of die stamp and could not even come up with something so creative. Thank you.
    Lurdez Castello

  150. Laura, I always love your video’s. Thank you for sharing happily everything about yourself. AND thanks for sharing more info about the MISTI. Brenda West

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  154. I always enjoy your videos. My husband says you are funny. He doesn’t watch the videos, but hears them as I watch. Keep up the good work.

  155. A very delicious card ! And yes, Misti is addictive, I cannot play without it with I get my stamps out…

  156. Great video and super explination on how you used that MISTI for the lovely card , thank you for sharing.

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  161. love,love,love the cards. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well and hope you are enjoying the day.

  162. Your mother wil love your card!
    It is darling.
    Commit to the dots…very funny.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize.

  163. Happy to see that you are in the hop and a MISTI Believer (told you so..)! I am with you on coloring and this is how/why I love ink-blending and masking! You rock this, Laura!

  164. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well, Laura! I would love to win a mini MISTI…I’ve been eyeing them up for awhile now! 🙂

  165. Laura your cards are simply devine! Watching your videos is my favorite pasttime❤️👏🏽🤓

  166. I love the way you did the cakes. I have a wedding coming up that I need a card for and you have inspired me with this design! Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

  167. Happy New Year to you too! The cake card is very cute! Thanks for the demo showing how useful the MISTI can be.

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  171. Sweet card!! I don’t own many alcohol markers and, just like you, I’m not really handy with watercolor. Such a clever technique for ink blending images. Also, winning that misti would be like a dream come true. LOL!

  172. Simply adore your ink blending technique – it creates such wonderful colorful hues in next to no time. Great video as usual too, Laura. Thank for sharing:)

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    Love your card….but then again, all of your cards are very lovely. Thanks for providing an oppotunity to win a mini misti!

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    AND thanks for the chance to win a Mini Misti.
    Crafty hugs,

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